Terms and Conditions

Kaboodlemum is a safe and welcoming place, I reserve the right to remove any comment left that I deem unnecessary or spam. Swear words are okay, we all swear from time to time, even me, you’ll notice that, just try not to be too explicit in the comment box, like I said, we all swear but were not all EMINEM. This is a personal blog and I will often write about my life and parenting choices please respect that every person is entitled to their own opinions, views and emotions, feel free to discuss anything with me in the comment section but be aware that if you are ever threatening, abusive or behave in any way like a bully, I reserve the right to remove your comments and report the comment.

All the views and opinions are mine and personal to me. I may or may not change my mind over time so please be aware that I may one day say one thing and a few months later say the opposite. I am super open-minded and sometimes I change my mind fast as lightning. Also, I might change these terms over time, I might find a new word and want to use it, like pro.cras.tin.ation, just sayin’.

Any user of Kaboodlemum is welcome to contact me using the contact from on the site. Know that any information supplied to me will not be stored and will be treated with confidentiality. You’re Welcome to contact me at anytime via email. I may not get back to you right away but I will get back to you when I can.


Thank You.

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