What It’s Really Like as a Stay At Home Mum.

Life as a stay at home mum.

Life as a stay at home Mum.


Have you ever woken up on a work morning and thought I just really need the day off? And then you reach for your phone, check the time and realise that you have an hour or so before you can ring into work and pull the sicky you so desperately need. Continue reading

Dry at night.


Learning how to be dry at night.

We have reached a new milestone here at the Kaboodle house; Miss Kaboodle is now going to bed without nappies at night!

A few weeks back, she started getting annoyed when we told her it was time for her nappy. She would start to cry and tell us that she didn’t want to wear it anymore. Since it was such an out-of-the-blue moment, we were unprepared, we didn’t have any waterproof sheets and would need to buy them.
KaboodleDad was still off work at the time so we knew we would have to wait until we had money to buy some. Continue reading

My poorly baby.

The last few days have been a bit tough, Miss Kaboodle has been poorly. She has a really bad cough and it’s made her very tired, worn out and fed up. The last two nights she has woken up crying after having a nightmare, and as soon as she is awake, she’s awake. Continue reading