Photo Editing.

As you know I love to take photographs. I share a handful here and often get some lovely compliments.

I love photography, I wouldn’t say I am a Photographer, I am not. I just really enjoy capturing images in different ways. Mostly I enjoy taking images very close up with a focus foreground and an out of focused background, I find it visually stunning when an image contains so much detail. I do enjoy angled images too, capturing something from a different perspective is just one of the thing I like to explore.

The thing I love doing most though, aside from actually taking the photos, is editing them. I love playing about with photo editing programmes and changing my images into something different. I want to share some of my photo edits with you! so here goes…

One of the main things I like to so is play about with Threshold, this makes my images become something completely different and I get to choose the colour. I love this effect and it works for lots of different styles of photography too,

Another way I like to edit photos is with filters and vignetting,

I just love how the black outline looks.

This is what I do when I have spare time, I have hundreds of images on my computer edited in similar ways.

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed me showing you how I edit my images.






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