Free Crochet Pattern; A Hat.

That’s probably one of the vaguest post titles I’ve ever used! There’s nothing much else I could have called it LOL!

Let’s move on shall we? A few weeks ago I shared a free pattern for an infinity Scarf, Continue reading

Crochet With Kaboodlemum! Flat Circle and Magic Cricle!

Hey guys, here’s two new videos to help you along with your crochet!

Hope you enjoy them, if you do, don’t forget to thumbs up!

Thanks for watching and keep your eyes out for the free pattern coming up soon! Continue reading

Crochet with KaboodleMum! Half Double Crochet and Double Crochet.

Hello Everyone!

This weeks learn to crochet video is here to teach you how to do the half double crochet and the double crochet stitches! A quick reminder that the terminology that I am using is American. If you want to learn the UK terminology let me know in the comment section and I will post a conversion chart. Otherwise, just google it there’s a wealth of information out there!
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