About KaboodleMum


H E L L O!

I’m Faye!


I’m a stay at home parent and student. I am currently splitting my time between home and college where I am studying to become a nail technician.

If I were a fairy, I’d be a Tinker Fairy!
(shame I’m actually a unicorn!)
(just kidding, I only wish that were true!)

I have a mixture of interests which includes, but *really* isn’t limited to; Crafting, Crocheting, Gaming, Reading, Writing, Hair and Beauty, Nails and watching TV.

I won’t lie, there’s a reason I call myself KaboodleMum, and that’s because I am insterested in a whole Kit and Kaboodle of things!

I write freely, in an open and honest way about life as a stay at home mother and a whole plethora of other hobbies and interests that I may have!

I am not a blogger with a niche, I am a woman with an interest in many things that decided it would be a good thing to write about it all online.

The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 has seen me grow as a person. Because of this, I have given Kaboodlemum an overhaul that I hope will reflect my new postive outlook on  life!

Please join me here for laughes, motherhood fails and wins, life in general and all those hobbies and interests I mentioned above!

You can also join me on twitter, Instagram and YouTube!


I really hope you enjoy it here at KaboodleMum.
Please feel free to take full advantage of the comment section and introduce yourself!
I’m Looking forward to getting to know you!

I’m off now, the kettle just finished boiling and this Mamma needs her Tea fix!

Thanks for stopping by!



26 thoughts on “About KaboodleMum

  1. Stephanie Tania says:

    Hi Faye,

    Willow is so adorable, and I love reading about your dialogues with her. I am by no means a parent, but I spent quite a lot of time with my nephews, so I do my fair share of bribing them, which usually involves visiting the bake shop for various sweets and desserts. I look forward to reading more of your adventures with Willow!

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