Kaboodle Approved : The Magical world of Fingley.

The Magical World Of Fingley book review


It’s time to share another Miss Kaboodle Approved Bedtime book!

Hey guys! Today’s post is another book review from us. It’s been a while since we posted a Kaboodle Approved book review and we have something pretty awesome to share. Today we are doing something a little different to what we usually do, today we are sharing a review of 4 books! Each story is different, but they all take us on an adventure to The Magical World of Fingley.

The Magical world of Fingley By Daisa Morgan.


The stories are based around the World of Fingley, and feature magical beings and animals that make the story come to life. There’s a mixture of bears, fairies, mermaids, a pegacorn, and pixies. There’s also real life animals like dolphins, owls, blue birds, badgers and bubblebees, to name a few.

Fingley is an Eco World, where all the inhabitants work together, growing their own foods, building homes and buildings from eco-friendly materials which highlights how lovely is it to surround yourself with nature and care for it as much as you can.

All of the books feature different characters, where each of them are taken to Fingely by a magical bear called Dodl. He reaches them though their dreams and helps them travel to Fingely in different, curious ways. Each story has a focus, a message if you will. A way to remind you about the certain aspect that is being featured in the book, like being true to yourself, or being friendly. Each book covers something different, and often starts off with the main character feeling doubt, or sadness, or something that’s a real reason for Dodl to visit them and help them feel better about their situation, or at least learn a valuable lesson that will help them deal with it.

Book 1 – Tom’s Time Tunnel Adventure.

The first book in the series features a boy called Tom who is afraid to tell his Dad how he feels about certain things. Tom’s Mum has passed away so he only has his Dad, which makes him feel the pressure of ‘being the best son’ in the way he thinks his Dad would want. Tom is an emotional child and spends a lot of his time thinking to himself. He gets stressed in situations he finds uncomfortable. His Fingley adventure helps him to realise that it is okay to feel certain ways, and that he should embrace his feelings and that part of him. He journeys to his future on the back of a Pegacorn Called Aura, and a bear called Orb guides him there. Overall the message of this story is to accept yourself for who you are and I think that’s a great lesson for young children to learn.

Throughout the books, you meet new characters who then feature again and again in the books. You learn more about Fingley, and visit different places in Fingley as you read through the books.

At the beginning of each book is a map of Fingley and Willow has refered to it as we have read though the books. The map gives the names of all the places in Fingely, and it really helps to imagine the world as you read through the books.

Book 2 – Lucy’s Fingely Discovery.

Lucy’s Fingley adventure sees a 10-year-old girl called Lucy travel to Fingley after spending the day avoiding her chores and instead going out to play with her friend. Lucy has a hamster, and the beginning of the book focuses on her messy room and dirty hamster cage. Her adventure starts off when Dodl collects her, but shrinks her to a tiny size and takes her into her hamsters cage before whisking her off to Fingely. We are lead to believe the hamster has died as she travels though Fingley and Lucy herself fears that too. throughout her adventure though Fingely, Lucy is shown how helping others doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s a great message, and as a parent, I think it’s good to have something positive to show how important something like tidying up, or cleaning is. It teaches that people help others through love and compassion instead of obligation. It’s a kind way to tell kids the importance of cleaning up after themselves, helping others, and being less selfish.

In these books, the characters are depicted really well, and emphasis is put onto the magical-ness of them. Describing the characters so well that you can form a clear image in your head, which I think is hugely beneficial to children and their imagination. The world of Fingley is equally as well depicted and having such clear descriptions of the places you visit, along with the map at the start of the book, as a reader, you can really envisage Fingley and it’s inhabitants.

Book 3 – Sam’s Future awaits.

Sam’s future awaits is different from the first two books because it features Sam’s parents as well as Sam himself. Personally, this was my favourite book. Sam’s parents work a lot, and the story starts off with Sam feeling disappointed becuase his parents cancel plans to go away for the weekend due to work commitments. Dodl briefly interacts with Sam, whose passion is football, by taking him into his future where he’s grown up, and a professional football player. The majority of the book then focuses on Sam’s parents being taken on a journey with Dodl and Orb which shows them the importance of having fun with their kids and how their kids need them to have more fun, and be more engaged, in order for thier futures to come to life. The way the book is written, and how much it focuses on the parents, made it much more enjoyable for me to read. I think the message to have more fun is easily forgotten by us parents and for me, it was a really heart warming and eye-opening story.

In each of the books, there’s a few pages at the back where the book becomes more fun. These pages include a glossary, which, along with the map and clear descriptions of Fingley, gives an even clearer idea of all of the places in Fingley. There’s then a newspaper-esque page called The Fingely Bugle where you see little advertisements by the inhabitants of Fingely and a little write-up which is always fun to read. There’s also a word search, a questionnaire and some pages that invite you to sign up to a newsletter or send in a colouring your child has done featuring the characters of Fingely. These are fun, and Willow enjoyed answering some of the questions after finishing the books.

Book 4 – Aziza’s Bubble Adventure.

Aziza’s bubble adventure features a young girl called Aziza who’s not long moved from her home country of India, to England. The start of the book shows her writing into her diary about feeling a little lonely, unhappy and afraid that people are staring at her, or laughing at her. It highlights how she feels about making new friends, or rather, how she feels she wont be able to make new friends. Her adventure to Fingley see her floating around in giant bubbles and parachuting which fills her with joy. She also meets and makes new friends who feature in all of the fun. The message behind this book, and the main reason Aziza visits Fingley, is to highlight that you won’t make friends if you aren’t friendly to others, and allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone so that you can reach out to new people to make new friends. This book features other children, who are in Aziza’s new school, the idea being that once she wakes from her dream and goes to school, she will have made real life friends on her visit to Fingley. It’s a sweet story, and one I think many people can relate too. I think the message is as equally important in this book as the others, and although Willow couldnt relate to Aziza, I could, and I think children of older ages could too.

All of the books have chapters, which makes them perfect stories for bedtime reading. Whether as a parent reading to their child or as a child who reads before bed, a chapter is long enough to keep us entertained, but short enough for us to enjoy a part of the story without feeling overwhelmed or over tired.

As I have already said, the books are full of messages, lessons, things to learn, and remember. Although primarily they are stories and fictional, the ideas behind them, the messages themselves, are things that happen in day-to-day life. Things that prehaps we can all forget, or prehaps, from the perspective of a child, may not have ever realised. By including these messages in such a wonderfully magical story, it almost romanticises it, which I don’t think is a bad thing, because it makes them overall more inviting, which I think children would really benefit from.

So, what are we talking about price-wise?

We were fortunate enough to receive these books for free in exchange for this review. But they can be bought directly from The Magical World of Fingely website for £7.99 each, or for £29.95 for the 4 book set.

Do I recommend these books, and more importantly, are they Miss Kaboodle Approved?

fingley books

I absolutely, without a doubt, recommend these books! And, yes, they 100% come with the Miss Kaboodle seal of approval. I’ve enjoyed reading these books to willow before bed, and Willow found them exciting, even more so when the fairy called Willow featured in the book!

In full honesty, I feel like a lot of the marketing for the book heavily focuses on Dodl, the bear who collects the children in their dreams and takes them to Fingley. When I first looked into the books, I thought that Dodl was going to feature in the books more than he actually did. This doesn’t change my opinion of the books, but upon first read, I was a bit confused as to why I see a lot about Dodl on the website and social media, when I feel like some characters are featured a lot as well as Dodl. Mostly Orb, Amber and Aura. That’s not to say that Dodl doesnt play a huge part in the stories, but he doesnt feature MORE than any other characters, if not he’s features as much as some of them, it would be nice to see more about the other characters on the website and social media but that’s pretty much my only gripe, and that’s only because I expected Dodl to feature more than he did.

Each book didn’t play out the way I expected, they all went in different ways to what I imagined, which was refreshing, because as a reader, I often find myself seeing the plot unfold before I’ve even read it. So for a children’s book to keep me engaged and guessing, I was really happy. It made reading these books at bedtime more enjoyable than some books I have read to Willow in the past.

I would go as far as to say that these books are a little bit grown up for Willow, there are some words in the book that I would say are ‘grown up’ words, words that would normally appear in books aimed at children much older than willow, but I also think that’s a really good thing, because it can open up a child’s vocabulary and I can’t see that ever being an issue. Willow loved them and she’s nearly 5, I imagine though, that Willow will love them even more when she is about 7 or 8, when she can identify more with the characters and understand a little better the concepts and the messages in the books. But that’s awesome, because it means we will be able to read these books again and again as she grows up.

My final thoughts pretty much sum up everything I have written above; the other characters feature as much as the ‘main’ character, and this should be made known to people considering buying the books, in my opinion. The stories are great for kids of all ages, but would suit those older than Willow. They’re each full of great messages, and friendly reminders that kids and adults can equally benefit from knowing. They’re easily read (with the exception of a word or two), full of magic, adventure and all other imagination feeding things, which makes them the perfect choice for bedtime. Or anytime really. A great series of books, and if a 5th – 6th – 7th book came out, I would buy them in a heartbeat.


What about you and your little ones?
Have you read these books?
Do you have any book recommendations to share?

Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading!


As previously stated, we recieved these books free in exchange for a review. The logo included was taken from The Magical World of Fingely website and all credit goes to the creator/illustrator of that image.


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