Nail polish recommendations!

nail polish recommendations


As most of you will know I am in training to become a Nail Technician. Nails are my passion. I love everything to do with nails, from shaping them, to painting them, to enhancing them with acrylics. Eventually I will learn even more than what I am in college. It’s my dream and my passion and I can’t wait to qualify!

Nail polish addiction is an actual thing. If you remember my first nail polish collection post, in order to imagine the size of it now, you need to multiply that by about 3 or 4.
I have a lot of polish. And a lot more other ‘stuff’ That I didn’t have before now that I am in college.

I used to change my nail polish daily. It’s just what I would do. I have so many beautiful colours to choose from, I was never content with having one colour for more than a day. There was always a polish that was calling me, either from my box, or from the shelf of a shop as a walked by….and promptly popped it into my basket.

I love nail designs, and some have featured on my instagram nail account. These days though, I don’t wear polish as much as I used to, and I really don’t change it as often as I would like. In college we are not allowed to wear nail polish so I tend to stay away from polish for the first three days of the week and paint them on a Wednesday evening. But even then I don’t change it as often as I used to, partly because when I do have time to apply a polish, it’s a treat, and partly because now I can make my manicure last MUCH longer. Before they would be chipped the day after applying it, now I can make MY mani’s last up to 4 days if I have college, and 10 days if I dont. But then I’ve only ever done that 3 times. As much as I love wearing my favourite polishes, I would rather wear 2 of my favourites for 5 days each, than one for 10, if you get the idea.

So for today’s post I thought I would share some polishes that I recommend. These are a fraction of my collection, but I love them all equally, well NOT EQUALLY because the red is just OMG and the blue is fucking beautiful, but I love them all. VERY MUCH.

All of these polishes can be bought from places that are affordable, I don’t buy expensive polish, not yet, mostly because my pockets aren’t deep enough, but watch this space! I’m gonna spend so much money on polish when I am working you have no idea…. HELLO Nail’s inc Unicorn colours….HELLO colour club…. HELLO fun laquer…..HELLO ETSY INDIE POLISH MAKERS HERS MY CARD SEND ME ALL THE THINGSSSSS

I have chosen 7 polishes today, 5 colours and 2 clears. I was initially going to call this post something along the lines of 5 fave polishes or whatever, but 2 of the 5 I originally chose were clear, and you can’t really see them on the nail so I figured I would share 7 recommendations with you instead, you lucky people, you!

nail polish recommendations

Let me start off my saying that KIKO nail polishes are my all time favourite nail polishes ever. They have a beautiful formula, they dry quickly, they marble well and the brush is spot on in terms of my preferences. These (pictured) bottles are the perfect size for holding when I am working on a client, they perfectly fit into a nail polish holder, they hold 11ml and cost only £2.50 each. Most shades are opaque in two coats and they have an extensive range of colours.

It’s no wonder then, that KIKO Nail Laquer number 240 is included on this list. It’s BEAUTIFUL, and if you look at this picture, you will see that it has POWER written all over it. When I wear this polish I feel like a badass! If you love red, even if you don’t love red. You need this polish.

Next up is the Vintage Pink 9 from poundland – I wrote about that one here. It’s beautiful, and I still wear it frequently.

Up next is the first of the two clears. This is a nail strengthener By Sally Hansen. It’s my go to hardener and when I’m looking to help strengthen my nails, I use this as a base coat )if I am wearing a coloured polish.) or I wear two coats of it for a week or so. I change it every other day so that it stays fresh. It’s shiny and really makes your nails look lovely when you’re wearing it by itself and it works well as a base coat too.
My nails frequently need some hardener because they go through so much, they get really weak. This one is about £5 from superdrug so it’s totally worth the money.

Given that KIKO polishes are my absolute fave, it should come as no surprise that I have a second polish to share (nail lacquer 530). This polish became my baby after I bought it. I love it so much, I hardly ever wear it because I don’t want it to run out! It’s almost holographic, as it shifts from a blue into a green shade. Here’s a picture, but nothing does this polish justice other than seeing it in real life.

Another firm favourite and something I wear frequently, or incorporate into some nail designs, is this grey polish from the Rimmel London Rita Ora collection, ‘806 Give it some welly’. I love this polish and wanted it for a long time after trying it in superdrug one day but not actually buying it. When I went back it was out of stock and stayed that way for a while lol! Luckily, I managed to find it in a different store. It dries quickly, the formula and consistency of the polish is lovely and the brush is really easy to use. for £3 odd, you can’t go wrong.

This silver glitter polish was £2 in ASDA and it’s lovely. It’s not really a one coat polish, but it is a two coat polish. I use it often when a silver sparkly accent nail is called for. It applies lovely with the brush, and even better with a sponge. It’s thick and can take a while to dry, but that’s where the next polish comes in.

This Barry M quick dry polish was a game changer for me. It’s less than a fiver and it really does work. The brush is quite wide so you can get great coverage with one dip into the bottle. It’s touch dry in 2-3 minutes and you’re handbag dry in 10 minutes. It’s so good, my first bottle got used up in about a week because I was using it on all of my clients in college. It’s the perfect addition to any nail polish collection purely because it dries so quickly. It’s also a fantastic top coat, sometimes a quick dry top coat can be dull in comparison to a high shine top coat but this does both and I love it.

Heres a Swatch of the colours, nail polish swatches

My nails aren’t in the best condition because of college but my current hand care routine should help towards getting them back into a better condition.

And there we have it, 7 polishes everyone should have, not just a nail polish addict! How about you, do you have any favourite polishes, or a brand?
What did you think of these polishes? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading!


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