From the mouth of Willow – the revival!

From The Mouth of Willow.

Hello everyone!

It’s been a little while since I posted a From the mouth of Willow post. For those of you who have been around long enough to know what from the mouth of willow is, will remember that in these posts, I share things that my beautiful girl has said.

It started off when she was really small, and talking was still a massive learning curve for her, some of the best things she has ever said have been eternally recorded here on Kaboodlemum. When I started writing this post, I took a little trip down memory lane and read though the last time I posted a From the Mouth of Willow post. I’m actually shocked that I haven’t written another one until now. It has been almost a year. That makes me sad. But, I still have all the other little gems that she has said before this last year saved, so there is something special in that.

It’s not because it’s been a year that I am reviving From the Mouth of Willow, it’s just because I really want to start making a more conscious effort to record the everyday. And moving forward, I want to start sharing a bit more of her ideas and use of language more often so that in the future, I can look back and see just how far She has come, and how she has grown.

For that reason, I will do my best to keep recording the random stuff she says, but I also want to ask her questions and see how she answers them. I think in years to come, it will be fun looking back and seeing how she choses to answer questions and also, it really gives me a chance as a mother, to talk WITH her, rather than AT her.
Which is something that I am very guilty of at the moment.

So, lets crackΒ  on with the questions.

1 – What is your favourite thing to do at the moment?

Play hungry hippos

2 – What have you done lately that you have enjoyed?

Doing vlogs.

3 – What are you looking forward to at the moment?

My birthday.

4 – What game do you like to play the most at the moment?


5 – If you could have any wish right now, what would you wish for?

I wished my tooth could fall out.

6 – What does Mummy do that makes you feel cross?


7 – What would you do to get some pocket money?

Get some off Nonnie and Taid. (her grandparents)

8 – What does daddy do that makes you feel cross?

Shouting at me too.

9 – What does mummy do that makes you feel happy?

Help me to make my easter bonnet.

10 – What does daddy do that makes you feel happy?

Go to the Red Park.

11 – What’s your favourite colour?

Pink and purple.

12 – Whats your favourite song?


13 – What do you wish you could do more of with Mummy and Daddy?

Do a challenge with a donut chocolate challenge without liking your lips.

14 – What do you want to be when you grow up?

Play games.

15 – What is your favourite thing about school?


16 – Where would you like to go?

To the bouncy castle.

17 – What do you do that makes mummy cross?

because I don’t listen to you.

18 – What is Mummy’s favourite thing about you?



** I was initially only going to ask Willow about 5 or 6 questions but she asked me when we got through them for more questions so I made the rest up on the spot and asked her.

This was fun, not only because I think her answers are funny, but because its interesting to see how she answered them.

I’m looking forward now to making more posts similar to the original FTMOW’s but also, coming up with more questions to ask her.


What about you? Have you ever sat and asked you little ones questions? How did they respond? If you have any ideas for questions that I could ask willow in the next FTMOW, let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading!


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