10 steps to longer, stronger, healthier hair

how to grow longer stronger healthier hair

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to share with you my top 10 tips on how I have managed to improve the quality, and quantity, of my hair over the last few months! And how you too can have longer, stronger, healthier hair!*

The added bonus to this is the fact that it also helps to grow your hair quicker AND reduce fall out!

How to have longer, stronger, healthier hair!

First of all, as most of you will know, I suffer from poly cystic ovaries – PCOS – and my PCOS has played a huge role in my life, and also in the quality of my hair! When we were on our trying to conceive journey, my hair was in terrible condition, it was limp, lifeless and full of static. I could barely put a brush through it without it looking like I had been holding onto one of those static orb things! After each time I brushed or styled my hair, I had to rub it all over with a dryer sheet to make the static go away! It was also falling out a lot. When I was given the hair jazz shampoo and conditioner to review, I found that the quality of my hair improved and my hair loss reduced.
I also noticed that my static went and hair thickened! I could brush it without worrying and I could even straighten it! Something that I hadn’t done for a very long time!

After the Hair Jazz shampoo and conditioner ran out, it wasn’t long before my hair started feeling, and looking, awful again. The static came back and the hair loss I was seeing before the Hair Jazz Shampoo and Conditioner review, was back! *big thumbs down*

After months of trial and error, I have now found the perfect way to keep my hair healthy, happy, fuller, longer, stronger, growing quicker, with reduced loss and no static!! It’s a lot, but I’ve been doing this for the last 10 months, and have been using this current routine for the last seven months, and my hair feels fantastic!

So enough chatter! Here’s what I do to have healthier and stronger hair! (Without having to take those little blue bear pills that you’re seeing all over Instagram!)

 1.Dye it less!

Okay, so this is obvious, for healthier hair you will need to reduce the amount of dyeing you do. But, with that said, we live in an age of creative freedom and unicorn hair so, if you’re not prepared to stop dying completely(which I am not!), then reduce the amount of dyeing you do. Only do you’re roots when they need touching up and use semi permanent or wash in/wash out colours if and when possible. This will help with fragile hair and breakages. For my own personal Unicorn hair, I use Colour Freedom hair dyes. These arent wash in/wash out but they’re not semi permanent either. They’re made with lots of lovely hair friendly ingredients and always make my hair feel fab!

2.Cut it!

Personally, I am trying to grow my hair. What would be the point in learning how to have longer, stronger, healthier hair if you’re just gonna keep cutting it? But, with that said, you do need to keep on top of those dead ends, hun! I prefer to have what is called a MICRO TRIM. Basically, you get DUST trimmed off your hair, but you go frequently. Personally, I micro trim my own hair at home once a month, but I am not recommending you do that. Speak to your hair stylist before you go ahead with anything to do with cutting your hair. Most salons offer a cheap trim if you have a dry cut, or alternatively, they will charge you less if you arrive with wet hair and leave with wet hair… It’s not for everyone, but its something I do when I go to my favourite salon.

3.Get some keratin!

Hair is made up of many things, I’m not going to pretend I know exactly what but, I do know that we have keratin in our hair. Buy a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated with keratin. They’re easy to come across and you don’t have to pay a lot of money. The shampoo and conditioner I have been using to get these results have cost me £1.98 for the two of them. They’re 99p each from Home Bargains and they’re brilliant.

4.Condition first, shampoo second!

What?! I hear you telepathically screaming at me! What on earth is this crazy woman saying?
Well, let me explain!
When you’re washing your hair, let’s say you’re in the shower to do this… Get in the shower and rinse your hair, don’t just wet it, clean it with the water in the same way you would if you were rubbing shampoo into it. Scrunch it, squeeze it and give your scalp a scrub with your hands. Once you’ve done that, apply the conditioner. Leave the conditioner in your hair while you wash your body, shave, and clean your face. Then, get your shampoo – don’t rinse the conditioner out! I repeat! DO NOT RINSE OUT THE CONDITIONER! You need to use the shampoo to wash out the conditioner. Yep, wash out the conditioner with the shampoo. Now, heade my warning, at this point you hair will feel awful! It will feel dry and hard to manipulate but leave it! Don’t put conditioner on it or anything, you will be pleasantly surprised when it’s dry at just how touchably soft is it and how shiny and clean it will be!

5.Get some serum!

After you’ve showered and are out, like I said your hair will feel a bit horrible. Buy a quality hair serum and rub it into your hair while it’s still wet.
I am using the vo5 smoothly does it and it’s wonderful, it smells gorgeous and really helps with frizz. Give it a brush, you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

 6.Go natural!

Let your hair dry naturally. I only ever blow dry my hair if I have showered or bathed in the morning and I  am going somewhere, otherwise, I always (always!) let my hair dry naturally. This means I have gone from blow drying my hair 5-6 times a week, to once or twice at a push!

 7.Protect yourself!

The serum I use has heat defence and since it’s a part of my daily hair care, I know my hair

is always protected from the heat of the blow dryer, straightener or curlers. If you don’t use heat defence, it’s worth investing in some. It can really help to keep your hair healthy!

 8.Cool down and go thinner!

These days, we think the best results from our hair styling products come with having them at their highest temperature – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t guilty of using all of my heated hair appliances at their maximum temperature in the past but, you don’t have to

have them so hot! Reduce the heat and use thinner sections of hair, the thinner the amount of hair, the less heat it will need to be affective. For the best results, section your hair with clips and straighten or curl in layers working from the bottom to the top. Remember to keep the layers thinner and you can reduce the heat by up to 30 degrees and get the same results. ALSO, this is quite a good thing to remember when using heated appliances to style your hair. STOP going over the same area twice or three times. Use thinner sections of hair and take your time when going over an area with the straightener. Move down the hair at a slower pace and the section will be done in one go. If you’re using curling tongs/wands/whatevs then hold it in the hair for longer! You can do this, because it will be cooler. As in, COOL-er… a colder temperature, not COOL, as in KOOL KID LOL!

Don’t run your fingers through the hair once it’s been done, leave it to cool to avoid losing the shape.

 9.Get yourself a lovely bunch of coconuts!

Coconut oil is my friend, I love coconut oil. I use coconut oil at least once a week. I tend to

do it on a sunday morning when I know we are having a pretty chilled out day. I get up, I put it on my hair, I leave it in for about 3-4 hours and then I wash it out. I have read online about people having trouble washing out coconut oil. I’ve never personally had any issues. I do my usual, conditioner first shampoo second and turn up the heat of the water a little to rinse it out. My hair always feels super-duper soft! Like seriously, soft! It’s shiny and easier to manage, and also, believe me if you will or won’t, but hand on heart, my roots are always longer when I wash it off than what they were before I put them on. (it’s a tiny difference, but I notice it!)

 10.Brush, brush, clean, brush, brush your do!

Brush yo hair! Seriously, I am guilty of not doing this myself, being a mother I am always trying to save time when it comes to getting up and out of the house on time but girls, we gotta lock down those locks! And I mean it when I say, keeping your hair brushed is going to help with fall out so! so! MUCH! Brush before you shower or bath, this is something that we tend to forget, but it is such an important step. Use a tangle taming brush too, because

they tend to be gentle. I use my daughters tangle taming flower shaped hair brush… it helps with my hair so much and there less pulling and breaking. Brush before bed, brush when you get up, brush before styling…Brush brush brush LOL! Also, wearing your hair down more often can really help to reduce breakages and damage. So try letting your hair down once in a while.

So to recap!

1) Reduce the amount of dye you put on your hair, use semi permanent and wash in/wash outs where you can!
2) Keep it trimmed!
3) Use keratin enriched shampoos and conditioners!
4) Condition your hair first, wash out the conditioner with the shampoo!
5) Get some serum to help protect and smooth your hair.
6) Let your hair dry naturally as often as you can!
7) Use heat defence products!
8) Use a lower heat setting when styling with heated appliances.
9) Reduce the amount of hair you’re applying heat too.
10) Don’t go over the same area of hair more than you need too!
11) Brush your hair more often!
12) Wear your hair down as often as you can!

My hair now feels fuller, cleaner, lighter and healthier than it ever has before despite the fact that I still dye it. Once clean and dry, it’s silky soft to the touch, easy to style, and looks great. My fall out is massively reduced which is both good for my appearance and good for my stomach because I don’t have to deal with big hairy plug slugs as often. Naturally, you lose hair, so dont expect to not loose your hair at all, that’s unrealistic. But I can honestly say that using all of the tips and tricks that I’ve written about today, I have seen a massive improvement with my hair and I am more in love with my hair right now in life, than I ever have been.

It might have something to do with the unicorn hair, but I do love how I can continue to have unicorn hair knowing that I am not over-damaging my hair to maintain it.

As always, thanks for reading!


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*Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, I am not a hairdresser, I am not in any way qualified to know whether or not these things are good for your personal hair type. I have simply shared what I have found affective on my own hair, and what steps I took to achieve the current state of my hair. Use this information at your own discretion.


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