Pasta Accessories!

Hey guys!

Today’s post is another crafty little idea for the little ones!

Pasta Accessories!

Here’s the Video!
Scroll down to find out how to dye your own pasta at home!

How to Dye Pasta

What you will need

  • Pasta – use the ‘white’ pasta.
  • Food colouring
  • White vinegar
  • Food bags (optional, you could use a bowl or something.)
  • A cup or jug for mixing the liquid.
  • A place to dry the pasta – read below to find out what we did to get ours to dry.

What you need to do!

First you need to pour 2 table spoons of white vinegar into the cup or jug, then add your food colouring. It’s good to add a fair few drops of colouring to make sure that you get a more vibrant colour onto the pasta. – We used food colouring gels and mixed them into the white vinegar with a cocktail stick but I imagine any food colouring would work just as well.

Take 2-3 handfuls of pasta and put them into the food bags.

Pour the vinegar and food colouring mixture into the food bags and onto the pasta. To get all the pasta covered, give the bag a good old shake to get the liquid spread out well and cover all of the pasta in the bag.

Next you will need to place the pasta somewhere to dry. Drying can take a good few hours. Personally we left ours overnight.

What we did to help ours dry was to take some baking trays and cover them in tin foil, I then emptied the pasta out onto the foil covered trays and spread them out so that they could dry out without being stuck together.


This ‘method’ – if you want to call it that lol – was really effective and the pasta peeled off completely the following morning. I did however shake the pasta around a bit throughout the time it was drying so that parts touching the bottom of the tray were exposed to air. I think I did that about 3 times over the 14-15 hours that I left it drying for (it was dry before that! but I was being lazy and leaving them lol!)

This craft was amazing fun. Willow did get a bit fussy after a while but in comparison to other crafts that we have done, she lasted pretty long with this one which is always a bonus when it comes to entertaining kids!
I loved my necklaces, honestly, I really really loved them. They were colourful, light and fun to wear and I wore them on the school run that afternoon. In fact, I wore them up until bedtime lol!


I totally recommend getting crafty with the little ones with some pasta, its great fun and full of laughs, it helps them develop their motor skills and creativity! An all round favourite for us here at the KaboodleHouse!

What about you, do you ever get crafty with pasta at home?

As always, thanks for reading and watching!

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