Sassy Kids Box Review!

sassy kids box subscription box review

Sassy Kids box Box Opening and Review!

Today I have a review for you! We were kindly given the Sassy kids box to review for Sassy Bloom, an online company that specialises in subscription boxes for pregnant women, mothers of newborns and more recently a craft box for children aged 3-8.

We also have a video to share at the bottom of this post showing Willow and I opening the box and finding out what’s inside and us having some fun as a family.

So onto the review.

Opening the box was a bit of fun, but willow lost interest very quickly. The reason she lost interest is because there’s not really and out-of-box activity to do. The box comes with a colouring sheet and a fold out instruction booklet. In the booklet there’s an alphabet activity, the box asked us to try to name food starting with each letter of the alphabet.
While this can be a great activity, I don’t think it’s really suitable for children of Willows age. Willow doesn’t quite grasp the concept of finding things that start with certain letter and due to her going to a Welsh school, we’re not supposed to be teaching her the English alphabet yet, so she doesn’t have a proper understanding of the alphabet. This activity quickly turned to tears because Willow was frustrated and disappointed that she didn’t have anything to do from her box. We received a little colouring sheet and some glue but we didn’t get anything to colour with, which in my experience of sub-boxes, is something that would have really come in handy due to the lack of out-of-box playtime.

The main activity for the box was The Popcorn Olympics. In the box, we received a bag of popcorn to pop, some straws, cocktail sticks and a golden medal. The booklet included all the instructions for all of the games and told us how pop the popcorn. We had to wait a few days until we could play the games because Mei has been working a lot lately.

Also in the box were some vouchers, pictures and some informational leaflets and a good deed challenge card and some chocolates.

We also received a piece of black card and a second set of instructions for a secondary craft. To make a sheep picture with the popcorn leftover from the popcorn games, we also received some scissors.

If I’m honest, I was really disappointed with what this box had to offer, our opening experience resulted in a massive meltdown from Willow and about an hours worth of tears all because she was really gutted that we couldn’t do any of the activities right away.

In my opinion, the sassy kids box has some room for improvement. While there was something to colour and the alphabet game, neither of those entertained Willow. If the box had come with a small set of crayons or something, I’d have been able to keep Willow occupied with those and the colouring sheet rather than having to spend forty minutes explaining to her why we couldn’t play the popcorn games and then listening to her cry for another 20 minutes.

Eventually we managed to play the popcorn games and it was a LOT of fun, and even though I was really disappointed with the box, the popcorn games redeemed it for me. It was a great family experience and we really did enjoy ourselves and had a great laugh.

Would I recommend the Sassy Kids box?

Initially I’d have said no, since we have tried quite a few boxes now and have never felt disappointed upon opening. After playing the games though, I think these boxes are worth having a go of. However, I would say to subscribe monthly, rather than doing a block of boxes at one time, only because, if you are dissapointed then you can cancel your subscription and won’t be out-of-pocket.

I know Willow enjoyed playing the games, but she wasn’t a big fan initially. We didn’t make the sheep, purely because I feel the glue stick is the wrong kind of glue to stick down popcorn, it should have been a PVA glue (the glue is super cheap too) and also, because our popcorn got battered while we were playing and there was no way I was going to filter through a bowl full of popcorn looking for bits to stick on card. It would have been an okay activity to do, but again, a little bit of thought when it came to the glue would have been good.

We won’t be using the voucher included, I don’t think it’s worth it and if I’m honest, an unnecessary thing to include in the box. The box should come with stuff for kids, if you’re going to include a voucher in a box aimed for children, in my opinion everything inside should be geared for kids, a voucher that they can use, something that they can get excited about. While I think the chocolates were a lovely little extra, I also think they weren’t all that kid-friendly. While I LOVE Lindt chocolate and don’t deny Willow any, I also like to limit her intake of chocolate and Lindt, in my opinion, isn’t really a child’s chocolate.

On the whole, willow and I were both disappointed with the box but all three of us were really thrilled with the activity. So I would say to give it a go and see what you think, after all each monthly box is different and if we had another box, we might not feel the same dissatisfaction when opening it.

Here’s a video of us opening the box and having some playtime!

What about you, have you tried the sassy kids box? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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As always, thanks for reading and watching!

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