HAMA bead Coasters!


HAMA Bead Coasters. Handmade coasters using HAMA beads. Kaboodlemum.

Hello everyone, today I have a fun adult craft to share with you!

HAMA Bead Coasters!

As I mentioned in my Looking back at June post, we bought ourselves a brand new dinning table. It wasn’t super expensive, it’s an IKEA table and chairs set but its wooden and its the first time we’ve bought our own dinning table! All of our other ones have been second-hand or borrowed. Our previous one was extendable and I loved it, full on expensive solid wood that we had bought from a charity shop back last year BUT it was old and didn’t take much to break it, one of the sides decided to break one afternoon after being leaned on a little to heavily and that was that. We needed a new one and while we were at IKEA looking at bedroom furniture, we saw the one we bought. It was £80 for a table and 4 chairs! You can’t go wrong at that price and what made it even more ideal is the fact that it is slightly shorter than the one we had before so Willow has been able to sit at the table without being propped up by pillows or having to kneel up to be able to reach her food. Perfect.
Since we’ve never really had a ‘brand new’ table, we’ve never really bought any coasters or place mats but I wanted to get some for the new table to keep it looking great. we havent found any coasters or place-mats that we like just yet, and I was getting really fed up of using sheets of card from our craft supplies to put our mugs and plates on.

I really wanted a quick fix to see us through for now and fancied being a bit creative with it so I decided to make some coasters using Hama Beads.

Well, I didn’t use ACTUAL HAMA BEADS, I used the ones from IKEA! I’ve had them for ages and Love making things with them, but if I said to you I made some PYSSLA bead coasters, you’s all look at me like I’m barmy!

These beads are just as good as the branded ones but a fraction of the price. For £5 you get a huge tub full of beads in a whole rainbow of colours that you can then use to make whatever you like, also, IKEA sell a complimentary pack of boards to go with the beads, which gives you four different shapes and it’s only £1.50 for the set. I used both the beads and the round board from IKEA to make these coasters. You might already have actual HAMA beads and a suitable board at home which will do exactly the same thing so you don’t have to rush out and get the IKEA beads to make these. Obviously, if you wanted to make them and didn’t have either, I give my full recommendation to the IKEA ones, you get loads for your money and have just as much fun!

So, onto the coasters;

HAMA Bead coasters, handmade coaster idea. Kaboodlemum

It’s a pretty self explanatory craft so I wont include any instructions apart from that working with these beads is always much easier if you use a pair of tweezers and separate a bunch of beads you will need to use away from the bigger tub, it saves you fishing around in the tub looking for the colours you need whilst you’re in the middle of making them. Also, I ironed these on both sides (don’t forget to use the paper! and if you don’t have any, greaseproof paper works in the same way!) to iron both sides, you will need to first iron one side to make them all stick together, let it cool a little before handling it and then remove it from the tray and flip it over to iron on the reverse side – this is totally up to you though, you don’t have to do that.
You can use the image above to help guide you as to where you need to place your beads and below you will find how many beads you will need for each design.


  • 12 black beads
  • 48 green beads
  • 42 white beads
  • 115 pink beads

Orange and lemon

  • 138 orange or yellow beads
  • 70 white beads


  • 12 white beads
  • 139 green beads
  • 48 brown beads
  • 18 black beads

The blue circle shaped board is from the IKEA set – if you’re using a different board your circle will need to have 48 pegs around for the largest circle – so the brown on the Kiwi, the green on the watermelon and the orange/yellow row of beads on the outside of the orange and lemon have 48 beads. This is the perfect shape and size for your average household mug (Hubby’s SPORTS DIRECT mug will not fit on these coasters lol!) of course, these can also be used to place your cups and glasses too!

I’ll be honest, I love these and I made them while willow was in school one afternoon, they’re not the prettiest because you can see holes here and there but they’ve proven very useful and invaluable in keeping those ring stains off the table from the bottom of our mugs! Messing about with Hama beads is more often associated with kids but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with them too! I love playing around with these beads and I have a whole board on my pinterest full of other designs that are suitable for kids and adults! As much as I have said this is an adult craft, doesn’t mean that it can’t be one for the kids too. Willow is too young for these at the moment but if you have older children and fancy giving these a go, get the kids involved and have them help, or even better, have them design their own! You don’t even have to have fruit themed ones, you could try making something completely different! The possibilities are endless.

If you do this, or take inspiration from this post to try something completely different, find me on instagram or twitter and tag me in a photo, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see your creations!

You can also Pin this craft on your pinterest using the pinterest button at the bottom of this post! Or check out my Pinterest for this and other craft ideas!

As always, thanks for reading!

Kaboodlemum Motherhood and lifestyle blog.

P.S – here’s a Link to the IKEA PYSSLA Beads,
and here’s another one for the peg boards.
I’m not affiliated or anything with IKEA, I just thought it would help if you wanted to find them 🙂 xx




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