Looking back at June 2016!

looking back at June 2016

June has ended already? You’re honestly telling me that It’s July? I swear time is just flying by! I really don’t know where this month has gone so I think this post will be shorter than others. I just can’t even believe that another month has gone by!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that, am I?


This month I haven’t really been reading much literature, of course there the regular blogs that I follow and a few new ones too, but in general no new books or stories! Willow was given a book from her aunty to borrow which she has fallen in love with, It’s an another version of Alice In Wonderland but this book is full of little interactive parts like having to ‘pull here’ and ‘lift this’ it’s superb, and beautifully illustrated. Willow has cuddled it a few times and said “I just want to keep it forever!” haha! She’s adorable.


Despite having the feel for crochet, I haven’t actually managed much. I have started a new project that I am slowly working on though, it’s bunting and I’m hoping it will match the decor we chose for our room, when we eventually get it done! We have been doing some great crafting in general though, we made our butterflies and we also made some pasta necklaces which will be featured on the blog soon. We have also spent hours upon hours playing with LEGO, I’m sure if any of you follow us on instagram, you would have seen the onslaught of LEGO creations being shared on there!


Movies are our go-to thing, Willow and I tend to have at least one movie on a day. This months favourites have been Gnomeo and Juliet, another movie that I have had recorded on the Tivo for ages! I got fed up of watching the same films so I decided I would just casually put something new on while she wasn’t looking and she has fallen in love with it! it’s been watched about 25 times lol! The usual suspects have been enjoyed too, Zootopia, Hotel Transylvania, wreck it ralph and the bee movie. We had also watched Cars and Lilo and Sitch, We’ve seen those before but we havent watched them in a while, I forget how good they are!


Okay, so I’ve been watching more supernatural. I managed to win an eBay auction for seasons 1 to 7 for just £30 and it was the best day ever! So I watched a couple of episodes. Willow is of course still watching a lot of cartoons and Meirion has been watching the Euros. What can I say? That’s life when you live with a football addict!


Again, a bit slow on the gaming front. At least for family gaming. Mei has worked late a lot this month and Willow keeps asking to go to bed a bit earlier than she normally would so time hasn’t really been our friend. Willow has been enjoying her new DS games and Mei plays his football game in the evenings, personally I’ve been using more of apps than anything.


Kids YouTube – We’ve had this app for a while but Willow loves it.
Village Life – I’m still playing this one but it’s starting to bug me a bit, there’s so much In-Game purchases now it really takes the fun away from playing. I’m hooked and love to play but the time it takes to do things sometimes really annoys me.
ColorStory – This is a photo editing app that I have had for months and I love it, this month though, I’ve been using it a lot more for pictures I hope to use for blogging. I very rarely edit photos I share on Instagram and when I do I try to keep it minimal, so exploring this app further has been fun and I’m hoping the photos that I have been working on will look nice on here.

What I Was Pinning..

I’ve added a few pins to my All about KaboodleMum A.K.A Faye board.
Crochet is always being pinned!
Funny pictures – I just love funny memes, who doesn’t?
The Love nest – Pictures of stuff I’m liking the look of for our bedroom.


June has disappeared. It’s gone so quickly, I can’t actually believe that I am already writing another look back post. I’ve not done much blogging, mostly because I am still getting back into the habit of getting stuff planned and ready to go out. I’ve also wanted to tie up loose ends and catch up with what I left unfinished when I decided to take a break. I’ve suffered a lot with anxiety too, which has been a bit of a downer for me, I feel so tired all the time that it’s really starting to bug me. I am trying to keep positive because my CBT will start on Monday and I’m really looking forward to that. I feel like it’s a new beginning or the start of a new chapter. I have been messing with my nails, my college application is really starting to bug me now, I still haven’t got a confirmed answer from them about whether or not I have a position, I will write about that more in-depth in the next week or so. Obviously coming back to blogging after taking a break happened this month and I’m really glad I did decided to take a step back, I hadn’t been blogging properly for a while and spent the majority of my time feeling guilty about that, taking the break was just what I needed to get my head clear and re-evaluate why I blog and what I want to do with my blogging “career”. I did discover overnight oats and they’re just the best! I’ve been trying to experiment with them but honestly, they’re so good with a dollop of Nutella that everything else tastes a bit mediocre. I have tried them with strawberries and yoghurt but I wasn’t a fan of the consistency! I’ll stick with it though because I love it!


We finally, finally, FINALLY got around to buying new furniture for our room! I am so incredibly pleased about this, you have no idea! We have wanted and needed new furniture for ages! We were so short of space when it came to storage for clothes that most of Meirions clothes were just piled up on top of the dogs cage. It is absolutely the most pleasing thing to have somewhere for everything to live and actually being able to put everything away when I’m sorting through the washing, hah! I probably sound mad banging on about how much new bedroom furniture means to me but I don’t care, I feel so pleased that we have them lol!
We also bought a new dining table, that has equally pleased me as much as the new bedroom furniture lol!
Obviously my previously mentioned supernatural bargain!
I found a couple of Barry M nail polishes in Poundland too, that was fun!

Together we have…

At the start of the month we were lucky enough to be able to get out the back garden and really tidy it up, after the house was finished we just couldn’t wait to get our there and really sort it out. Mei had some time off at the very beginning of June so we did a couple of trips to the tip to get rid of most of the junk that was out the garden. We strimmed and mowed all the grass and seeded it where the chickens had ruined it. We bought new plants and spent an afternoon planting them all and putting new hanging baskets up. It’s been amazing having the garden back!
We did get to have some more fun in the pool before the weather gave up and it started behaving like winter again (seriously! so cold!) and Willows butterflies have really brought us together. They started to hatch on the 13th of June and within 24 hours we had 5 butterflies to look at and admire. Feeding them was fun and watching them flutter around was brill. We set them free together and that was lovely too.

Things to be proud of;

I’m proud about realising that I don’t have to focus to much of my time on the blog and also for realising that I needed to take a break. Willow has come on leaps and bounds at school and despite a rocky start with some super tantrums, she seems to have calmed down and settled back into her old routine. I’m also proud of her for being so interested in the development of her butterflies, she really went all in and asked to check on them all the time, promising to keep her bedroom door closed so that the cats couldn’t get to them (they did a couple of times because she forgot, but the thought was there!)
I’m so incredibly proud of Meirion, he hasn’t done a specific thing but he works so hard to provide for us and never complains about the early starts or late finishes, he’s always so loving and caring, even when he could fall asleep on his nose ( which is more than what I can say about me because I’m horrible when I’m tired) and he’s always looking out for me and Willow. He just makes me really proud of who he is and the father that he is.
Getting my vlogging mo-jo back! This is really fun, I’ve finally started recording again and I spent a whole day last week filming a ‘Day In The Life Of KabodleMum’ video that I just can’t wait to share. It’s been loads of fun getting back into filming and I’m having a ball getting ideas onto paper and planning for future videos! I just need to work on a proper posting schedule now and things will be great!
Willows chalkboard drawings absolutely made my heart swell with pride!


This month hasn’t really been super busy, or at least not in the same way May was. It’s been nice, not too busy, not to slow (well I say that but I still can’t actually believe that its F’in July!) we’ve managed to tick a few things off our to-do list and we have our garden back, all we need now is for the warm weather to come back so we can really get out there and enjoy it!

I think it’s safe to say that  I REALLY CAN’T QUITE BELIEVE IT’S JULY!! hah!

As always, thanks for reading!

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