Looking back at May 2016.

looking back on may 2016Taking a look back through May 2016.


May was crazy, I’m not even joking. It flew by at light-speed and before I knew it, we were officially another month closer to Christmas.
There were a few up’s and downs, truthfully, with me feeling overwhelmed and some family issues, it seemed like things were tough. But, May is also a month for celebrating, and despite the issues we had here and there, on the whole, it was actually a really good month.

So what’s been going on in KaboodleVille?

First up, I think I should mention the thing’s we had to celebrate this month!


  • Mine and Meirions 5th anniversary! Woohoo!
  • KaboodleMum Turned two! Woohoo!!
  • Willow turned 4!! Whooooohoooooooo!!!

So much celebrating!!


This month, we introduced Willow to the wonders of the bookmark. We did continue reading her normal stories most days, but on the odd occasion, we did read books that were longer and needed to be broken down over a day or two. Being the ever under-prepared mother that I am, we didn’t have an actual bookmark to hand so instead, Willow announced she knew what to use and went and fetched an old nail file from my bedroom drawer. I know that sounds utterly gross, but actually its not a file in the conventional file kind of way, its a nail cleaner kind of thing that makes nails shiny and it hasn’t been used so, yeah, not gross but, you know, not a bookmark either. There we go though, can’t fault the kid for being resourceful #ProudMum.
We read the story of Hansel and Gretel,  The Jungle Book and an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.


I have my cro-jo back, kind of. I feel the need to crochet but I don’t have a project and I’m super fed up of starting things on a whim and never finishing. However, a friend of mine did ask me to make her a baby gift set for a friend of hers who is having a baby boy soon and I immediately set my mind in action. I made a blanket, hat and booties set which, if I’m totally honest, I am really proud of! I also made a little hanging heart but I’m not keen on my colour choices so I want to re-do it.


Willow and I did some crafts from her Rainy Day box and her and KaboodleDad did some together. I made a wind chime with her and she loved it, we don’t have anywhere to hang it outdoors but it’s yellow and fits in lush with our dining room colours so I have it hung up on the dining room wall. I also did the beginning of her grass head with her, it’s where you put grass seeds and mud into a tight and watch the grass grow as if it were hair. Her and Mei made a bug hotel and finished off the grass head by decorating it with stick on bits and googly eyes… it was epic!


Willow and I also did some painting with straws which was loads of fun. And we made a little town out of toilet paper rolls which was a challenge because it wasn’t super-duper kid friendly and I had to do a lot of the things. She did have fun though which is what’s most important.


Willow has this strange obsession with The Bee Movie. We’ve had it saved on our tivo for ages and it’s something she always asks to watch, so that’s been watched a couple of times this month. She’s also Wreck It Ralph MAD so we’ve seen our fair share of that too. We did however get her to watch Toy Story 1 and 2, which she enjoyed. We also tried to watch Cinderella, but that was switched off in minutes, she was not a fan. I don’t know why, but Willow had absolutely NO INTEREST in the movie.

KaboodleDad and I fancied a Marvel catch up so we went and bought ourselves Ant Man and Age Of Ultron.
While we were looking at them at the shop, we noticed that they were on offer on Blu-ray and DVD ‘Buy 2 marvel Blu-ray movies for £15 or 2 Marvel DVD’s for £13’ – we wanted the BluRay (ones priced at £13 each!) so we thought what a bargain but when we looked, we found that they only actually stocked 1 marvel movie in each category. I wasn’t having none of that so I went and fetched a store assistant, explained the situation, and he said we could get the both of them for £13! Awesome! however, I was REALLY disappointed with the quality of DVD’s now! I will never buy another DVD again ! I probably will lol.  But seriously though, DVD’s look so bad now!

We thoroughly enjoyed both of them, well, WE enjoyed Ant Man… WE enjoyed the first half of Age of Ultron too, but only I enjoyed the second half of AOU because Mei fell asleep! He Does that.


During May the final couple of episodes of Supernatural were ready for the watching, they were awesome! AWESOME! I can’t wait to watch them again.
I’ve also started watching Modern Family on monday nights, it’s not something I’ve ever really followed but I love it when it’s on and find myself watching it more and more often.
Willow has been watching a new cartoon called the P J Masks. She loves them, in general though, she loves Fireman Sam and Bing Bunny.
Mei watches a lot of football so we don’t often watch telly together, he watches the matches in the dining room while I watch the TV in the living room. He did watch some of the supernatural episodes with me though and we watch a lot of family guy at bedtime haha!


This month we havent had much time for gaming, we did play dominoes once or twice. Willow is still really enjoying her puzzles and she has started to use my DS a little more often, we managed to find a Fireman Sam DS game which she really likes, it was 99p in a charity shop! Bargain!


Angry Birds Pop, it’s like the old bubble pop games except its angry birds themed. I’ve completed about 120 levels so far, it’s fun to play in the evenings before I settle down and watch TV or crochet.
Village Life, this is one of those build-the-houses-get-the-people kind of game, which is my favourite type of game to play. This one is good, I’m still getting used to it at the moment though.
8 Ball Pool, Mei and I used to play this a lot a year or so ago but like many other games and apps, the fun soon wears off. I play the odd game now and then on a tablet when I’m bored which has made Mei download it again so we’ve been playing that now and then again.
Shpock. I tried it but I thought it was awful so I deleted it again within an hour or so.
Willow hasn’t had any new apps this month but she has started using one of her older apps a little more, it’s called Tric and Chlic, it’s a Welsh language learning game. It has a lot of helpful songs to learn the alphabet and it’s really visual, engaging and encouraging. Willow sits and plays for a little bit now and then and she is always repeating the words back to the screen, it’s brilliant, because she’s picking up new Welsh and is really pleased with herself because of it.

What I Was Pinning..

Crochet Patterns



Birthday party ideas


Well, I cut off the majority of my hair for a start. I got so fed up with my long hair after dying it back to the brown I decided to go for a short asymmetrical cut, longer than a pixie cut, shorter than a bob. I love it. I actually really F’in love it so much. I used to hate having short hair but this time around I am so pleased that I had it done.
Another big thing I did in May was attended my college interview. It went really well (still waiting to hear back though!) I am hoping that I get in!
Remember when I said I had bought a new shaver? Well it has given me a new love for my legs, I bought myself a dress! and wore it!! OUT!! not out-out (I don’t do that!) but out in public, instead of buying it in the hope that one day I would wear it out! YEAH!! (this is kind of a huge deal because there was a time when I never thought I’d be able to wear a dress again!)
I also bought another dress, because I saw it in a charity shop for £2 and I couldn’t leave it there!
I also spent some time this month doing my nails. It’s been a pleasure, I love doing my nails and now that they’re feeling healthy again, It’s been lovely getting back into doing them again.


With having a new hair cut, I’ve been trying out new hair styles, well I say that, it’s not necessarily new hair styles because there’s not a lot of hair to play with but I do like to curl the one side and I’ve been trying new ways to get the curls in. I even bought myself a new curing wand as a gift for KaboodleMum turning two!


We’ve bought a couple of bits and bobs this month, a few I mentioned above, here’s a few others… Cactuses… Willow LOVES cacti, she’s fascinated by them and has been asking for some for a while, when I saw our local Poundland had them in stock, we bought 6 of them. We also bought the soil, stones and bowls too (not from poundland.)
I picked up a new set of nail art brushes and another set of dotting tools for my nails. Mine were looking a bit shabby and worn out, these too came from poundland. I also picked up a couple of hair care products shortly after having my hair cut too.

This month, we also bought Willows birthday presents, her main gift was a big Dolls house, it’s beautiful and I have a video of its construction to share with you soon. We also bought her a couple of Equestria Girls dolls, some clothes, some surprise eggs, some ugly’s pet shop play sets, a veterinary play set and a paw patrol themed frustration. There were some shopkins and other little bits and bobs like balloons, decorations, cakes and stuff we had to buy too. We bought a super cool cake topper off ebay for £3, which was a bargain! I didn’t want to go over the top this year and hand craft everything myself, I just wanted to enjoy it and the cake topper meant I saved a huge amount of time and money and Willow had the birthday cake she wanted!

Pools, my god, we have bought 2 pools. We had some beautiful weather which was warm enough for water play, so we bought a tiny little pool for willow to play in, then I remembered that I bought a pool in the end of summer sale last year for £1 at ASDA and dug that out of the cupboard, it was a bit bigger and meant there was more room for Willow to play. In the end, we bought a bigger one, because Mei and I wanted in on the pool fun too! £7 from Home Bargains and it was big enough for the three of us to have a splash around together.

Together we have…

Well, celebrating our anniversary wasnt all that romantic, which is fine, it was a work day, Mei was still working nights at the time and if im honest, we didn’t want to spend any money on our anniversary knowing we had Willows birthday coming up. We just spent the afternoon together chilling around the house which, to be perfectly honest with you, is what I love to do anyway so I’m not complaining.

We went for a meal at the start of the month, nothing spesh, just Me Mei and Willow together, it was really nice.

We discovered Geocaching… now this is my favourite thing. If you don’t know what geocaching is, it’s basically a big treasure hunt that’s worldwide and you have to find little things called caches. It’s so much fun, you should check it out, here’s a link to the geocache website, I would get into it in a bit more detail but I want to write a proper post on it soon, keep your eyes peeled 🙂

The change in weather and the heat wave meant we spent our spare time in the garden, amongst all the mess and the scaffolding we still managed to have our first BBQ of the year! Mei made homemade burgers and put them in bagels and honestly, they were the best! I wouldn’t normally eat food off a BBQ but Mei twisted my arm and convinced me to eat the bagel burger and I’m so super glad that I did!


Obviously, we celebrated the birth of our daughter together! We spent the few days before it prepping things and then the night before we wrapped everything and on the day itself we spent as much time together as we could. Mei was working and Willow had School but I sent her in with cake for all her friends and teachers and she had a fab day.

The following week leading up to the end of the month was half term and Mei took a week off too so the final days of May were spent at home making the most of our time together.
The workers finally took down the scaffolding on the 31st of May! The last day of the month, I was so happy to see it go! I will share an update of the progress soon, it looks amazing!
On that day, because the builders were around and the weather was gorgeous, we decided to go out and come back a couple of hours later when they would be finished, only, the car decided it didn’t want to start so we phoned Meirions dad who came around and helped him get it started with some jump leads and we got it going, but it died again. We’d stopped for fuel at a nearby garage and it decided it didnt want to start-up again. Mei asked the guy next to us if he had a set of jump leads, luckily he did and he got the car going again but it did mean we had to get the car to a garage without stopping the engine again. Mei dropped us off in our local town and took the car to the garage. Me and Willow walked to the town centre and found that there was a safety day going on with ambulances and police cars and a fire engine. Willow was in her element and couldn’t wait to get into the fire truck, which she actually did too! I was so surprised because she would normally shy away from men! Mei walked to town from the garage and met us and we went shopping and grabbed some food. We took willow to the park in the town and ate our food on the grass and waited to be called to pick up the car. It was lovely spending time in the park sat on the grass together. The car ended up needing a new battery so we weren’t waiting long before we had the call and Mei head off to grab it. Willow and I walked down town stopping in a few shops here and there before meeting Mei with the car and going home. It was amazing coming home to a house with no scaffolding! We just kept looking at it and saying how lovely it looked.

Things to be proud of

Willow came home from school with a good friend sticker, she got it for sharing and we were so proud of her!

Looking back and seeing how far we have come in 5 years. I forget sometimes just how much we’ve been through, homelessness, pregnancy, becoming parents, moving around so many times, a miscarriage, unsuccessful attempts at becoming parents again… we’ve been through so much in such a short time. It’s such a cliché but I honestly mean it when I say I feel like we’ve been together forever.

KaboodleMum’s 2nd Blogiversary.

Celebrating Willows 4th birthday and seeing how much she has grown!

I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without Meirion and Willow, I’m so proud of how much we have accomplished together as a couple but I’m also super proud of how much we have achieved as parents too. I’m just proud of us and how far we have come. Proud of Willow and how amazing she is and I’m proud because we have helped her to become the amazing little person that she is, together.

Proud, Proud, Proud 🙂

May really was mad, and busy, and up and down and quick but it was also fun, and sunny and full of love and celebrations and moments of pride!

I know I spent a little part of May feeling down and there were a few creases that needed to be ironed out, but that’s the joy of looking back, I can see that despite having a few down moments, they were far outweighed with good things.

As always, thanks for reading!

Kaboodlemum Motherhood and lifestyle blog.


11 thoughts on “Looking back at May 2016.

  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Woooah, busy month! Sounds like Willow had a super birthday… although since I had to Google what Shopkins are, I suppose I’m now officially OLD! Your new haircut really suits you, too – I’m so tempted to lop all mine off at the minute 😆 Hope you hear something about your college application soon – what are you hoping to study?

    • KaboodleMum says:

      Haha! Not at all, it just means your little ones haven’t discovered them yet 😋 it was a lovely day, but she was asking us for about 2 weeks after if it was still her birthday lol!

      I agonised over the hair cut, and honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made this year! I absolutely love it, Deffo recommend a good chop to anyone, even if you didn’t want it too short, just have a “big trim” and see how you feel haha!

      Not heated much of college, but I going to write about it details soon so keep your eyes open lol! I’m hoping if all goes well that I will learn how to be a nail technician so I can do manicures and pedicures and apply false nails, that’s sort of stuff 😊

      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Ah, a big trim might be just what I need… although after re-watching last summer’s Mad Max movie last week, I was sorely tempted to go for the full head-shaved look! Charlize Theron makes it look so easy! I’ll look out for your college update, good luck with it 😀

      • KaboodleMum says:

        Thanks! She rocks it doesn’t she!? Amazing!
        Yeas ago I watched the cat woman movie with Halle berry and she does this *snip snip* and gives herself a pixie cut and two days later I had a pixie cut lol

      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Hahaha! Good inspiration – and well done for not being tempted to take scissors into your own hands! I’m definitely a fan of the sudden drastic haircut, although asking a hairdresser to lop off about a foot of hair in one go really seems to unsettle them!

      • KaboodleMum says:

        Oh my god! I know! When I went in to have all mine cut off the hairdresser was a mess! She done a fab job but she kept asking questions about it and all I could say was “I don’t know, you’re the hairdresser.” Lol!

  2. Amy M. says:

    Sometimes busy is good! Sounds like things are going well with all of you. I’m glad you like your new hair so much, and I really hope that you get good news from the college soon. I’m glad you’re writing again!

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