From the mouth of Willow!

From the Mouth of Willow, Kids say the funniest Things.

Kids Really do say the funniest things!

In the conversations, my words appear in italic, Willows words appear in normal text.

Firm Favourites!

“You big boov butt”


“Good morning mummy, did you have a good sleep?”


“I love you 20 pounds.”


“You silly Munka” – I despise this one!


Her Random Randomness…

The other day we were getting ready to go out, I was in the middle of putting on Willows coat and doing it up…

“Mum, I really, really, like your boobs.”


After not having an ironing board for a long time we finally bought one…

“Mum, I love your science!”
“My science?”
“Yeah, your hot science”
“My… Science? But I’m not doing any science.”
“You do, with the clothes, hot science”
“Do you mean this?” *Showing her the iron*
“No, this mummy, the science” *Shows me the ironing board*
“Oh! you mean the ironing board?”
“Yeah, your sciencing board”
“Ironing board.”
“Yes, hot iron board”
“Ironing. Board.”
“Sciencing board”
“ Say iron”
“Say ing”
“Say ironing”
“Say board”
“Say ironing board”
“Ironing board.”
“Well done! Ironing board”
“Ironing board, where you do the science?”
“Where I do the ironing.”
“Oooohhhh! You’re funny mummy!”


Bathing together…

“How’s your boobs?”
“Fine thanks?”
“Is your tummy okay?”
“Yes, thank you why?”
“It’s wobbling.”
“That’s okay, water makes things wobble.”
“Water makes me wobble!”
*wriggles body vigorously*


“Come on, let’s brush your hair.”


“Can I look at your teeth?”


“come on, it’s time to tidy..”
“AWWHHH I can’t do it! It’s too much!”


“Is it Friday today?”


Willow – 3 years 11 months, obsessed with boobs and Fridays.


As always, thanks for reading!
What funny things do your kids say?

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7 thoughts on “From the mouth of Willow!

  1. Jonathan says:

    I love this post. Our kids come out with similar stuff, and we always say “we should write this stuff down”, but of course we never do.

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      In all honesty, there’s probably about 45 other things that she has said to me over the past month that’s made me laugh but I nearly always forget to write them down! Kids are so funny though!

  2. ramblingsofagerman says:

    This isn’t exctly funny, but shows you the way children think – or at least the way I think. When I was 5 years old (my brother was 4) the Berlin Wall fell. Being German, of course we all watched it on TV (this probably isn’t the same night as that was late in the evening we were likely asleep but some other day).
    My brother asked my mother what that meant and she said: Well, there isn’t going to be a war now, we’ll have peace.
    My brother asked: But what about the tanks, what will they do with them?
    My mother: they’ll melt them down and make something else from them.
    My brother: And what about the soldiers, what will happen to them?
    Me (and can I say, I was five): They’ll become humans again.

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