Kaboodle Approved; Don’t Panic Annika!

Don't Panic, Annika! Book Review, Kaboodlemum and Miss Kaboodle approve this bedtime book for kids!

Today I’m sharing another miss Kaboodle approved bedtime book. This book is called Don’t Panic Annika and we haven’t had it long, however, miss Kaboodle has really fallen in love with this book and it’s read quite often.

Miss Kaboodle bought this book herself using her pocket money. Each week she receives a £1 coin from her grandparents and if she sees something while we’re shopping, we tell her she can use her pocket money. This book was found amongst the books in our nearest poundshop, and I have to be honest, I was really surprised (and super proud) that Willow picked a book to buy instead of any toys!

The book is based around a little girl called Annika who panics a lot. It’s written by Juliet Clare Bell and illustrated by Jennifer E Morris.

So what is Don’t Panic Annika all about?

Annika always panics. She panics when her coat zip gets stuck on the way to a party. She panics when she can’t find her favourite toy at bedtime. Her mum, dad and brother try to help her learn how to stay calm and think her way through a problem.

This story is about a little girl called Annika who panics a lot.
As we read through the book, Annika gets into a panicked state about dropping her teddy into a river, her dad helps her to calm down by taking a deep breath and she’s then able to rescue her teddy. She then gets panicked about not being able to do up her coat, her brother tells her to count to ten and then she is able to do up her coat. She’s also panicked when she can’t find her teddy, her mum then calms her buy telling her to imagine how good it will feel to be reunited with her teddy, which gives Annika the chance to calm down and remember where her teddy is.
Afterwards, she accidentally gets locked in her house alone, she almost panics but then she uses the calm down methods her family have taught her and she manages to find some keys for the front door. Her family are outside and they’re all panicking about trying to help Annika get out of the house. Then we see a role reversal where Annika helps to calm down those outside of the house using the same techniques she’s been given to calm down herself.

It’s a great story, and by the end we see that Annika doesn’t get so panicked anymore. In life, I have noticed how when I say to willow “don’t panic” she seems to calm down and talk about her don’t panic Annika book. She references the book quite often and I do like that, much Like most stories she has, she is able to pick up on the story and learn something from it which she can then use in her life.

What did I think?

As a parent, this book is easy to read, it’s a little rhymey so it rolls of the tongue a bit easier. I enjoy reading it to Willow and she’s very understanding of what is happening because it’s quite descriptive. I also like how we have managed to find another book that has helped Willow develop her coping skills. A quick reference to Annika and Willow seems to sit and think or talk about it, which in itself is a way to calm down.

So what are we talking price-wise?

As I said, we paid £1 for this and I love that it’s easy to find something so great in a poundshop. The quality is fab, it’s not a flimsy/cheap book, despite the price tag. It’s well made, the pages/paper are good quality and the print is colourful, clear and vibrant.
Looking online, it can be bought from Amazon for £4.99, so we had a great bargain.

Do I recommend this book and, more importantly, is this book Miss Kaboodle approved?

Yes, I recommend this book. As I said above, it’s a simple book to read which makes story telling at bedtime easier and more fun. It’s illustrated really well, the quality is fab and considering the price we paid, it’s 100% worth the money. This book has quickly become one of the favourites for Willow, I have had to make her choose other books in the weeks since having Don’t Panic, Annika! because Willow has wanted it 5 nights in a row! Willow has picked up on the lesson of the book really well, as I said, when she has a panicked moment I reference to the book and it helps her calm down. What I have also noticed too, is that Willow will now take deep breaths when it’s time to calm down. I’ve tried and tried to get her to take deep breaths over the years and she has always told me no, since the book, when she works herself up into a tizz, I say “take some deep breaths” and she tends to give them a go.
This is indeed, another Miss Kaboodle Approved bedtime book!

As always thanks for reading!
Do your little ones have a story before bed? What’s their favourite?


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