How Can Universities Be More Parent-Friendly?

A great post by fellow Blogger Maddy over on The Speed Bump Blog. I’ve often felt that the lack of information, financial guidance and childcare options have prevented me from actually returning to college to better myself. I know I wouldn’t end up going to a university but I think the same thing can be said about higher education in general. Well said Maddy!

The Speed Bump


In a time when more and more parents are becoming students – and indeed, more and more students are becoming parents – I think it’s time for a run-down of what universities can and should be doing, to become more parent-friendly.

My experience at Glyndwr University couldn’t have been more positive, so it was easy for me to fall into the trap of believing that every university does a great job of supporting student parents. Unfortunately, that’s not true, and plenty of people have found themselves facing a serious lack of support from their university or college.

In light of that, I’ve put together a list of what universities can do to be more parent-friendly.

  1. Don’t treat student parents as a “problem”. This is arguably the most important point on the list. Most student parents already feel the pressure of trying to balance parenthood with studying. They don’t need the…

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