Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover: Review

Cillit Bang Black Mould RemoverBeing a stay at home mum most often means that I’m in charge of making sure the house is nice and clean and tidy.

I love my job, I love making the house clean and tidy and raising Miss Kaboodle and I really love being a stay at home mum. Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m a 50’s housewife deicated to making sure KaboodleDad is well fed and looked after, we have a mutual relationship and I love being at home, he likes being out and working. It’s a winning combination for us.

Anyways, like I said, part of my job is to keep the house as ship shaped as possible and to be honest, I’m quite house proud – a good day for me is when I manage to wash 4 loads of laundry, mow the lawn, cook lunch and hoover…. I love having a neat and tidy home. I’ll be honest though, my least favourite room to clean is the bathroom! It’s a farce, if anything, having to battle my way through hoards of toys and bottles full of liquids I will never ever use, but keep ‘just in case’. I’m notorious for leaving my used razors on the little shower shelf until they rust beyond recognition, I malt like a Dog loosing it’s winter coat so the plug is almost always full of my disgusting hair, I use an array of hair dyes which have left multi-coloured stains all over the place and seriously, I cant even see the ring around the bath without my glasses and well, who the fuck wears glasses in the bath?

So yeah, admittedly, my bathroom is disgusting, I haven’t even mentioned the excessive toothpaste splatters from miss K. She’s determined to spit like an adult but we’re lucky if a tiny bit hits the sink and not the wall! I do like to wipe up as often as I can but honestly, I hate cleaning the Bathroom with a passion so I often just wipe over things, chuck all the toys in a corner, check it over glasses-free and convince myself it’s clean.

Another thing I never do, is wipe around the bath after we’re done. I mean, who actually does that anyway? But, because I’m such a prolific avoider, we ended up with a disgusting looking bath covered in black mould. We had planned to peel it all away and replace it, but when I came across this cillit bang black mould remover, I thanked my lucky stars such a thing existed.

I cannot honestly tell you, without sounds like a weirdo,
how excited this product made me feel.rainbow eyes meme
I mean, it literally says on the bottle,

I just had to buy it!

It was offer at the time too, reduced to £2, I think it was, at ASDA. So I bought it and took it home hoping to release its turbo foam onto my bathroom.

It took me a while to motivate myself enough (READ: I was really pissed off one day and cleaning calms me) to actually use it, despite the excitement, it’s still bathroom cleaning, something I would consider taking a Pro-Plus just to tackle. Here’s the before:

before using cillit bang black mould remover

Disgusting. I know.

Using the Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover, I sprayed around the entire bath and some of the tiles further up which also had black mould on them. Listening to the ‘no need to scrub’ and ‘visible results in seconds’ I sat back (with glasses on!) and waited. The bottle says to never leave a product on a surface for more than 5 minutes and it also says to test on an inconspicuous area because ‘some surfaces cannot handle the power!’ – I didn’t listen, I figured if anything went wrong, KaboodleDad could just re-silicone everything and no one would be any wiser. So yeah, like I said, I waited for these incredible results to appear before my eyes, I saw nothing happening.

I figured it could probably use a little help, I mean it’s really mucky around the bath, so I gave it a little nudge in the right direction with the green part of a household sponge. I waited then until the 5 minutes were up and rinsed it away.

Nothing could prepare me for the results! I was shocked, awed and amazed that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAD CHANGED.

That’s right my friends, nothing. Well I lie, it did wash off the soap marks but I’m sorry, a wet wipe could clean the soap off. It was the most anti-climatic experience of my life.
However, me, being me, I thought I had done something wrong. So I gave it another go, only this time, instead of using the backside of a sponge, I went in with a toothbrush!

Considering this product was bought on the premise that NO SRUBBING was needed, I scrubbed harder and with more force than a mother frantically trying to remove Nutella from her child’s cheeks 3 seconds before dropping them off at school! I scrubbed, I sprayed on more and scrubbed again with the toothbrush and then rinsed off what was there because IT TOOK ME MORE THAN 5 MINUTES! stood back and to my amusement, it had worked, kind of.


after using cillit bang black mould remover

Here’s a before and after together so you can see what I mean a bit better.

Before and After Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover

After I applied it three times AND attacked it with a toothbrush, there is a difference. It’s  not what I was expecting since there are still stains clearly visible around the bath. If I’m honest though, I feel like I probably would have achieved the same thing with a bit of washing up liquid. There’s no denying that what was there was disgusting and clearly should have been cleaned much sooner my bad but I don’t feel that the results, or lack of them, justify what I paid for the product even when it was on offer.

I have to say, it’s very strong smelling, it stinks of bleach and I guess that’s why I’m as disappointed as I am, because it’s literally glorified bleach in a fancy bottle.  I could have bought a bottle of bleach at a quarter of the price and had the same results. At least, that’s what I think anyway.

I have since used it another three times, because I figured a few applications might make a difference but really, it just cleans away the fresh dirt without touching the mould. My bathroom is much cleaner and I have noticed that after I did that deep clean, it’s much easier to stay on top of the bathroom cleaning. I guess you could say something good did come out of this bottle, but it wasn’t the product, it was me realising that I need to stop taking my glasses off before I go into the bathroom and actually clean it properly!

Would I recommend it? No I wouldn’t, save yourself a small fortune and just buy some bleach.

Have you had a similar disappointment with a product?
Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading!
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8 thoughts on “Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover: Review

  1. Bruce says:

    Wish I had seen this thread before; same experience as you, used lots of elbow grease and still no real difference. How do Cillit Bang still get away with it!

  2. Catherine says:

    My bathroom cleaning methods were incredibly dangerous. But worked. I did the big taboo of cleaning products. I mixed ammonia and bleach together. Yes…I made sure that the windows were wide open–even in the most freezing wintery conditions. But my bathrooms were sterile and spotless. I learned this trick from my OCD mother.

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Wow, that’s mad!
      To be fair, I’m much better now, the bathroom is much cleaner, I was really shocked when I moved all the bottles and toys at how bad it truly was, it disgusted me so now I do it every couple of days and it’s not so bad lol

  3. cupcakemumma says:

    Ah I’m gutted! I just bleach it all don’t buy anything else but I always think about trying them, disappointing it didn’t work!

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      It was! It annoyed me no end, I’ve still got over half a bottle left. I’ve just been squirting it around the pan of the toilet instead of buying another bleach lol! Waste not want not, eh!

  4. Jonathan says:

    None of those products ever work. They were all on watchdog a while back. We have marks in our shower that only a wrecking ball would fix…

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