A Catch up with the Kaboodles.

Happy Monday all.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and I tried to spend as much of my time as possible away from the internet. In fact, I hardly had my phone around me at all most of the day, I think I used it about 3 times altogether, my favourite reason being to take photos of KaboodleDad and Miss Kaboodle when they were doing a funny dance in the car!

The Dad Dance. Kaboodlemum
They make me laugh!

I had an up and down day, I woke up a feeling a bit grumpy, I think it was a mixture of feeling over tired and wanting to sleep and being awake at 6:30am with no chance of getting back to sleep.
I felt better as the day went on, though, which was nice.
I did have a lovely card and miss Kaboodle had chosen a pretty basket plant as a gift for me. It’s beautiful but the cats are already trying to kill it, I will need to find a spot high up away from them so I can keep it.
Mother's Day cards and bouquet. Kaboodlemum

What else have we been up to?

Well, I’ve started attending a First Aid course,  I’m really enjoying it. Last week was the first week and we found out that we would be able to put this on our CV because it’s a recognised qualification, that’s so awesome! Not only that but it was really interesting too, I found out things I didn’t know and learnt how to do CPR.

As it goes, I have been looking for jobs but also kind of not, too, which is bad but I do have 2 good reasons.
Initially I wanted to focus on the volunteering, I got accepted to start work in a local shop and because it’s such a great opportunity, I wanted to focus on preparing myself for that, instead of anything else.
The second reason is even better though, Kaboodle Dad is back in work! I’m so happy for him, he starts back this morning and he was out the door by 7am!

Now that he’s back in work, I am no longer going to be looking for a job. I can go back to being a Stay At Home Mum and I couldn’t be happier. Even though I was still at home while Mei was off work, now he’s back in work I can focus on the Willow and the house.
Fingers crossed we can slip back into our old routine and I wont feel so lazy and lethargic all the time! YAYAs I said, I started volunteering on Saturday and now that Mei is back in work, I am going to stop job hunting but I am going to carry on volunteering.
There’s a couple of reasons I’m making that decision. I had a great day on Saturday, I loved being around the people and helping around the shop, I helped organise and tag up the clothing, I sorted out some donations and put them out and I just generally had a lovely day, it gave me a bit of independence, something I love. The second reason is because Willow and Meirion can continue having alone time.

As these last few months have gone by, they have had the chance to spend so much more time together and they’ve both benefitted from it massively. Although he’ll now be working all week and I do like the weekends to be for us, I still want to volunteer which means I’ll be out the house early on and they can spend the morning together doing whatever.

It’s good, it gives me something to tell them and talk about and it also gives them the same thing, they can tell me about their morning and what they did and it all makes for conversation.

Mei picked me up after I had finished at the shop this Saturday and we all went home for lunch. After lunch we headed to the beach, I was freezing and didn’t really want to go but once I had adjusted to the cold, I had a lovely time. I even managed to take some photos which is something I haven’t done for a while!

family beach walks. Kaboodlemum
beach walk 2


It was lovely, even if I was cold to the bone by the time we left!

I have a whole bunch of crochet to tell you about and I’ve been doing a little crafting which is also something I can’t wait to share, I’ll write those out as posts individually though.

We also started sending Willow to bed without a nappy this weekend and I cant wait to tell you about that a little better. I’m going to leave it a couple of days since she’s only been doing if for just two nights so far but all is good and I’m super proud of her.

We started watching making a murderer, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. We’re wnjoying it, 4 episodes in at the moment. I’m not sure just yet, I think he’s innocent but I don’t know just yet. KaboodleDad is in enjoying it too, I think he thinks he’s innocent too, were watching an epeiode a night at the moment so we will see when we get to the end.
Have you seen it? What do you think?

Now that KD is back in work, I have some paperwork and phone calls to make. I have to tell various places he’s back in work, I also have to phone the benefit office and tell them I’m no longer looking for a job so I need to ‘sign off’. That’s the plan for today, I need to organise my paperwork and numbers, fill out forms, write letters and phone around. I’m planning to do that this morning.

Fingers crossed, if all goes to plan, Me and Miss K will be able to do something nice together this afternoon too!

I suppose I should shut up now!
I’ve waffled on long enough about me! How’s things with you?
As always, thanks for reading!
Kaboodlemum Motherhood and lifestyle blog.

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