Miss Kaboodle’s Top 10 Books!

Miss Kaboodle's top 10 books 2016

KaboodleMum has always been a space I’ve tried to fill with memories.
Somewhere willow can come as she grows older and look back at how we were as a family and the experiences we had together while she was young.

I figured, with it being World Book Day today, I would share the top 10 books 3 year old Willow loves!

As most of you will know, I’m a huge fan of books, I don’t have much time to read for myself these days, but we do read with Willow before bed most nights, I feel it’s important to read books to children not just because it can help with their development but because reading is awesome, and if there is one thing I would like my little one to continue doing as she gets older, it’s reading.

Let’s look at Willows top 10 books!

World book day 2016. Miss Kaboodle's top 10 favourite books at three years old

  • There’s an ouch in my pouch.

We just call this book ouch in the pouch. It’s a story about a little wallaby called Willaby Wallaby, who has feels an ouch in his mums pouch. He leaves the pouch and goes on to visit other pouches belonging to other animals and ends up in danger. It’s a bit of a tounge twister and I hated it to begin with, but, now that I know the words and how the book flows, it’ a great read and one of Willow’s regular choices.

Off Bounces Willaby, bibblily, bobbily, boingy, boing, boing, to the blue billabong.”

  • Room on the broom

Room of the broom is another story written by our favourite author, Julia Donaldson. It’s one of my favourite books and I love reading it when Willow choses it, I often try to sway her decision when it comes to reading at bedtime because I love it so much!

“The Witch had and cat, and a very tall hat, and long ginger hair which she wore in a plait”

  • Bing Bunny – Bedtime

We’ve written about this book once already, it’s still a firm favourite here at the Kaboodle house and always goes down well.

“Time to sit on the potty and try, nothing? Okay, try again later.”

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

What Favourite Books list belonging to a three year old doesn’t have this book on it?
It’s pretty self explanatory really, it’s just fab!

“In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf”

  • Invisible Isabel

Willow received this story for Christmas and we have read it a couple of times, she likes it and enjoys looking at the pictures. It tells a story of a little panda called Isabel who feels invisible, her friends don’t notice her, her baby sister gets all the attention at home… she feels a little ignored and does something naughty. She’s told by her gran that her sister is always watching so she should set a good example for her sister. It’s lovely.

“ever since her little sister Amy was born, Isabel felt invisible.”

  • Stick Man

Another story by Donaldson and another one that regularly gets read here. We also watch it too, it was turned into an animated short film on the BBC at Christmas and we saved it and have watched it quite a few times.
It’s a lovely story about a stick Man who accidentally gets lost, away from home, following a series of events.

“I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, That’s me!  And I long to be back in the family tree.”

  • The Jungle Book

The story version of the Disney Movie is a great read and Willow loves it. It’s also much longer than all of her other stories so where we would normally read a book from start to finish, we read this over two nights. I love that it sort of introduces Willow to Cliff-hangers and ‘chapters’. The book doesn’t have any chapters but I like to break it up because it’s a longer story.

“Deep in the jungle, Bagheera the panther was out hunting, Suddenly, he heard a strange crying sound coming from the river.”

  • Kippers Birthday

Kipper the dog is always a favourite with Kids and although it’s been around since I was little, probably even before that, it’s still well loved. Willow likes reading about kipper and his birthday, she always laughs when Kipper eats all his cake and then dreams about it. Kipper makes the mistake of  handing out his invitations a day late, meaning his friends think their being invited to his party tomorrow…but it should be today!

“Plees come to my birthday party tomoro at 12 o cloc don’t be lat”

  • Tiddler the story telling fish

Another story by Donaldson and another favourite of Willow’s. I wrote about it recently as part of the Miss Kaboodle Approved Bedtime Books! We really do enjoy this book a lot.

“9 O’clock on Wednesday, Tiddler was dawdling, dreaming up a story, his tallest story yet.”

  • The Blue Balloon

Kipper reappears on the list in the magical story of the blue balloon. I really love this book and have fond memories of it from when I was little and having my mum read it to me, The pages open up and fold in various different way as we find out what the magical blue balloon can do. Unfortunately, our story is old and broken now, but it’s something that we still manage to enjoy from time to time.

“I think that my balloon has Strange and Wonderful powers! The other day, it disappeared completely… and when it came back it was square!”


I haven’t numbered these books because there’s no competition as to which book is best, they’re all fantastic. Willow loves books and often sit and flicks through her collection whilst sitting quietly. We spend time together huddled around a book as a family and it’s always a laugh when Kaboodle Dad asks who’s reading the story and she says that I have too. Even when Mei wants to read, she tells him he cant!

I hope you enjoyed this list!
What about you or your little ones? Any firm favourites?

As always, thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Miss Kaboodle’s Top 10 Books!

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      The cartoon is awesome. I love the book though, it’s really fun to read 🙂
      Have you checked Amazon? I saw they stocked them on there, not sure whether they sell where you are but it might be worth checking out 🙂

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