Monthly look ahead: March 2016


Is it that time of the month already? AND I’ve had an extra day?

This February has flown by in a haze of Job searches, courses and staying at home doing what we can to entertain ourselves. I am optimistic for March though, I’m hoping it will bring us a change of luck.

What am I looking forward to?

  • Seeing Willow in her first ever Welsh Lady outfit tomorrow.
  • Mother’s Day.
  • Building work starting on the house.
  • Warmer weather (finger crossed)
  • Flowers coming into bloom.
  • Getting ready for Easter.
  • the beginning of my journey as being a volunteer!

I am super excited to start volunteering, it should probably be on top of the list instead of the bottom! I am also looking forward to having the work on the house being – We’ve been put on the list to have some exterior insulation all over the outside of the house, it comes with a whole re-skip and paint job too. I’m really looking forward to benefiting from the insulation and also having a pretty house!

So, What’s coming up on the blog?

  • Yummy mummy diaries: Nail Rehab!
  • Product review : Household cleaning product
  • Adult craft: Super quick and easy canvas
  • Kids crafts: Easter themed
  • Parenting: Potty training, what worked for us.
  • Kaboodle Life : Catching up with us.
  • Kaboodle Approved : Miss Kaboodle bedtime book of choice.
  • Crochet catch up: WIPs and FO’s.
  • A new video: Not entirely sure which just yet, but I’m hoping to share a new crochet stitch tutorial with you.
  • Another new video : Not sure whether we will do a box opening and play video or a family video, it all depends on what gets captured!

I’ve been feeling a little lost these past few weeks but I am hoping that having a sturdy plan (and new stationary) will help me out of my funk.

Here’s to a Marvellous March, let’s hope it brings the start of spring, beautiful flowers and lots of bird song in the mornings!

As always, thanks for reading!

What are you looking forward to in March?

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