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Good Morning All!

Today I am sharing the second featured blog for the Blog Love posts. In this series, I will be sharing a couple of blogs that I really enjoy reading for various different reasons. I have sent each blogger that I hope to feature a questionnaire asking them about their blogs and what they love about blogging!

Today’s featured blog is Written by Kate and her Husband Nath, their blog is called; It’s a Bugs Life.

Its a bugs life is a lovely blog written by UK parents, sharing their lifestyle and memories with us.
Let’s see what Kate has to say!  

Tell us a little about your blog.

Its A Bug’s Life is a bit of a muddle of parenting and lifestyle posts, which focus on how we balance a busy full-time working life, with trying to be the best parents we can to our beautiful 19 month old Bug, Darcey. We are a very outdoorsy family, because of our seven year old Golden Retriever, Lily, and lots of our posts tell of our adventures with Lily and Darcey and how we fill our busy weekends to ensure they are jam-packed. Nath and I share the blogging, with me doing about 70% of posts and Nath doing around 30%. We write quite differently, so it’s easy to tell who is writing!

What made you decide to start blogging?

My husband, Nath, and I decided that we wanted to document life from the time I was pregnant with Darcey so that she had it as an online scrapbook of her earliest days when she was older. We initially started this by setting up an email address for her which we wrote (and still write) to whilst I was pregnant. We didn’t know whether she was a boy or a girl and used to call her Blueberry! After watching my brilliant friend Sarah, from ForgetMeKnit, storytelling her life as a new parent with Ted, I thought to myself what a lovely record it was to look back on, and we started writing in October 2015.

What do you love about blogging?

I find blogging really cathartic and a lovely way to empty a very busy mind, but the thing I love most about it is imagining sitting with Darcey when she’s older and talking through all of these memories that we might otherwise forget. It’s the best way of finding something special in what could otherwise be mundane and it’s also a way to spend time with Darcey, even when she’s sleeping! It means that all of our family time is spent on our family; either doing something or reflecting on it.

What type of post do you love to write most and why?

My favourite posts to write are about being outside and on adventures. It means we are always looking for places to explore or adventures to be had, and we’re constantly on the lookout for little hidden gems in both our home town of Bristol and our future home of Cornwall, where we spend a lot of time on holiday.

What would you love to achieve through blogging?

The only blogging goal I have is to continue writing in some format so that we can share these little memories with Darcey when she’s older. This isn’t a typical blog in the sense of necessarily looking for more followers or trying to make money out of it, but if people are interested in our life with Darcey then we’re enjoying sharing it.

What Kind of things do you love to see happening in the blogging community?

I enjoy participating in blogger chats on Twitter – my particular favourite that I’ve learned a lot from in a very short space is the #pbloggers chat at 9pm on a Sunday. I’ve found that bloggers are generally a really friendly bunch who are all too happy to help out if someone has a question. (Even to a relative newcomer like me!).

Are there and tools or resources you use and love that you feel are invaluable when it comes to blogging? 

My invaluable resource, so far, has been my good friend Sarah. When I’ve had questions that sound ridiculous to me, as a newcomer, I’ve been able to drop her a message and she almost always has the answer or can direct me to someone who has. Other groups on Twitter and Facebook have also helped to develop friendly networks of people who are happy to help out too.

Bloggers love blogging, we know it, but what advice would you give to a beginner blogger to help them love blogging too?

When you get an answer to this question, let me know because we still very much count ourselves as beginners! The best thing I did was getting involved in the Twitter chats, and following lesser known bloggers who have more time to spend in conversation with newbie bloggers. I’ve had invaluable advice from many of these people and made some great blogging friendships as a result.

Is there anything at all you would like to add about blogging, the blog-community, or blog life in general? 

I still feel very conscious about people thinking we’re being a little narcissistic by blogging but I think the best thing I could say is that I treat blogging like an online diary. Just as you are choosing to write it, others have the choice of whether or not to read it, so if you feel like blogging, I’d say go for it.

Lastly, share a post from your archives that you love and tell us why you love it!

Nath recently wrote this short and sweet post on a lovely evening he had with Darcey whilst I was out. He wants to teach Darcey how men should treat a lady and he’s going to do this by taking her on little dates; just the two of them. He is an incredible husband and a wonderful Daddy to Darcey and this is a beautiful post that had me smiling for days: Daddy Darcey Date. 
It's a bugs life blog
Thank you Kate, for taking the time to participate in this Blog Love feature. I really enjoyed your answers, they reminded me of how and why I started blogging!
If you enjoyed Kate’s answers, why not check out It’s a bugs life Blog?
you can also find them on Twitter and Instagram!
As always, Thanks for reading!
Kaboodlemum Motherhood and lifestyle blog.

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