Kids Craft: Valentines Day Card!

handmade valentines day card idea for kids to make

Hello all!

We’ve got a Little Valentines Day Card idea to share with you today! Miss Kaboodle and I made it together as a little gift for KaboodleDad.  This craft is ideal for little ones who like to get creative using lots of different materials. I personally believe it suitable for children of the ages 2 and over. The younger your child is, the more you will have to do. Miss Kaboodle is 3 and was able to help with the cutting and sticking.

I personally loved this craft because it gave Miss Kaboodle the chance to use lots of creative activities for kids, homemade cards and card making.different materials while also letting her be as free and  creative as she liked using the supplies available.

So here’s what you’re going to need;

  • 2 sheets of thick card – the colour choice is yours but we went with white.
  • A glue stick
  • Sheets of paper in lots of different colours.
  • Scissors
  • A mixture of crafty bits and bobs – We used sequins, scrap yarn, stickers, jewels, glitter and feathers.
  • Felt tip pen in colour of your choice.
  • Pencil (and a rubber in case of mistakes!)

Here’s what you need to do;

Get your different coloured paper out and cut an inch wide strip off one of the shortercreative activities for kids - cutting shapes sides – cut this into rough shapes. Repeat with all the different colours you want until you have a pile of mismatched shapes to work with. Because Willow has worked on her cutting skills, she was able use a pair of scissors and cut some shapes out herself.

Next you will need to take one of the card sheets and the glue stick. Using the glue, the pieces of paper you cut out, and the other craft materials you have, cover the centre of the card. I chose not to restrict Willow to a certain shape. I thought it would be more fun for her if she were able to create what she liked, how she liked. Creative activities for kids - sticking and gluing

Once Willow had finished placing everything on the card how she liked, it was time to add the the glitter. 

Willow loved sprinkling the glitter over the card!

Once your card is fully decorated to how you like it, put it somewhere to dry.

The next step is to then take the second piece of card and fold it in half.


Using the pencil, draw a half-heart coming off the side of the fold, cut along the line so that when the card is opened back up, you have a whole heart shape missing from the middle of the sheet. handmade valentines day card craft for kids

Take your dried sheet that has been decorated and fold that in half too, then, cover the card with the heart cut out of with glue and line the crease up with the crease in the card you have decorated. Fold them both together at the same time and smooth them down to stick them together. Put to one side to dry. valentines day card kids craft idea

Once the glue has dried, approximately 10 minutes for a glue stick, go around the edges of the card and cut off any overlaps that might have happened.

Following that, Using the felt tip, carefully draw a line around the shape of the heart and write ‘Happy Valentines day’ inside the card. On the front write ‘I love you to pieces’ and then let your little one decorate around the writing.

Once everything is dried, your card is ready to be filled in and gifted!

handmade valentines day card kids craft idea

This project was so much fun. I loved the freedom Miss Kaboodle had to be as creative as she liked using lots of different craft supplies. I liked how it helped her explore colours, shapes and textures, as well as allowing her to improve her cutting skills, hand to eye coordination, decision making and patience.  It’s the perfect way to help kids develop and learn and there’s no better craft than one that can educate as much as it can entertain. We may not have another Valentines Day for another year but I know I will use the same method of cutting and gluing and using lots of different materials again. Willow was very entertained by the craft and she is also over the moon with the finished project – “I cant Wait to give it to Daddy, Mum!”

I hope this gives you a little crafty idea – even if you don’t make a Valentines Day Card and only use the mixed materials – you’re in for a treat with your crafty little ones!

As always, Thanks for reading!

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