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Good Morning All!

This morning I am sharing with you the first of my Blog Love posts. In this series, I will be sharing a couple of blogs that I really enjoy reading for various different reasons. I have sent each blogger that I hope to feature a questionnaire asking them about their blogs and what they love about blogging!

The theme for February is LOVE after all!

Today’s featured blog is Written by Missy and her blog is Called Hey Little Sweet Thing.

Hey Little Sweet thing is a baking, family and motherhood blog which features some of the scummiest recipes I have seen, but enough about what I think…. Here’s Missy to tell you all about it!

Tell us a little about your blog.

Hey Little Sweet Thing originally started it off as a baking blog but Miss I came along and turned into my little sweet (sometimes not so sweet) thing instead. Its all really just a jumble of food, baking and life with my 2.5 year old!

What made you decide to start blogging?

I started blogging about 4 years ago before Miss I was born. I LOVE baking and have done ever since I was a kid. I was bored at home and running our wee business while the hubby was at work so I thought I would start sharing things I made. We got pregnant and my blogging took a bit of a nosedive due to some pregnancy complications so now, 2.5 years later, I am finally getting back into it!

What do you love about blogging?

For me, its cheap therapy- I am a creative person but I am also a rather anxious person so I get to kill two birds with one stone! I also love all the people I have met! Since I started to properly focus on blogging, I have met so many amazing people (such as yourself) that I have formed friendships with. I will forever be thankful for that.

What type of post do you love to write most and why?

Thats so hard because I love writing in general! Having to pick, I would say that the baking ones are my favourite. I love anything to do with baking as it calms me down so baking and then being able to write about it makes for a super mellow me haha.

What would you love to achieve through blogging?

I would love to make some more friendships! As I said above, I have been so lucky to meet some amazing people, so a few more in my life would be great! I have no “big picture” goals for my wee blog, I probably should but its my wee slice of calm so I am just going wherever it does.

What Kind of things do you love to see happening in the blogging community?

Its great to see that people are getting their blog sponsors or “making it big” with their blog BUT the main thing I love to see happening within the blogging community is support. We live in a world where everyone spends so much time tearing each other down (this happens in blog world too) so its amazing to see all of the support people offer up when you or someone else needs it!

Are there and tools or resources you use and love that you feel are invaluable when it comes to blogging? 

I’m just getting back into the swing of things and everything has changed since 4 years ago so I don’t have that much advice to offer up but my main tool is my planner. I plan everything from when I am writing a draft post to when I’m baking/making and taking the pictures. For me, it has to be done this way otherwise I will never get things done! I have also found that having a good Facebook support group is pretty invaluable. Sometimes you get a little stuck or need some motivation and wonderful people are there for ya! The group that you set up is amazing!

Bloggers love blogging, we know it, but what advice would you give to a beginner blogger to help them love blogging too?

Don’t worry about anyone or anything and don’t compare yourself to others. Find what you love to write about and just for it. I really need to take my own advice!

Is there anything at all you would like to add about blogging, the blog-community, or blog life in general? The blogging community can be amazing so if you are having a bad day, come find us and we will cheer you right up!

Lastly, share a post from your archives that you love and tell us why you love it!

My lemon, blueberry and polenta cake has to be hands down, my most favourite cake I have ever made. Its has a weird yummy texture with a mix of sweet and tart! 
hey little sweet thing, blueberry and lemon polena cake
If you enjoyed Missy’s answers, why not check out her blog by clicking on the links above? Also, Missy and Hey Little Sweet Thing can also be found on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


As always, Thanks for reading!

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