Rainbow Dash. Crochet Graphgan Pattern.

rainbow dash corner to corner c2c crochet graphgan pattern

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would share a new crochet pattern with you all 🙂 a lot of people have asked me to share it so I thought, why not? It’d be rude not to! So I’m going to share this Rainbow Dash Graphgan pattern with you!

Before we get stuck into the pattern, I just wanted to share a little with you about what a graphgan is and how I managed to create the Rainbow Dash graphgan square.

For those who aren’t sure what a Graphgan is, it’s a mash up of the words Graph and Afghan. The reason being Graphgan’s are often pieces of crochet that have been created following a graph, much like a cross stich pattern, and well, most of the time, they end up being big enough to be called an afghan so, yeah, a Graphgan.
It doesn’t mean that everything made using this method is a big blanket, but the method used is still ‘graphgan’ – If that makes sense! HAHA!

A graphgan can be made using lots of different methods from rows of Single Crochet to Tunisian, granny squares or corner to corner. The method used for this pattern is Corner to Corner, also referred to as a C2C.

I am also not taking sole credit for this pattern.

rainbow dash crochet corner to corner c2c crochet graphgan

The Original Design.

The original design was an image I found on Pinterest that I felt would look great as a c2c and also, not too hard for a first time try at making a graphgan.
The original designer is a Deviant Art user called CraftinNerdy and I give her or him full credit for the original perler bead design which I then adapted to make a crochet graphgan with.



My Process.

It all started when I wanted to try a graphgan for myself and I wanted to make something that I knew I would enjoy the finished product of.
First up, I copied out the pattern using felts onto squared paper. Rainbow Dash Crochet Corner to Corner C2C graphgan pattern

Once I had drawn out the design, I filled in the spaces around it to have equal background colour all around the pattern.

Following that, I then went through each line writing out what colours were needed to complete the row. Corner to Corner patterns are worked diagonally. Each row is worked in the same direction so the pattern has to be written out from left to right and then from right to left (diagonally) , in order for the pattern to come out  in the correct order whilst being crocheted.

IMG_1584After that I worked out where the increase rows changed to decrease rows.

I then marked that on the pattern and rewrote the entire thing neater whilst also double checking that I had written each row out correctly.

After that then it was a simple case of hitting my yarn stash and collecting all the colours I needed.


The Patternrainbow dash corner to corner c2c graphgan pattern

Method: Corner to Corner
Hook: 5mm
Yarn: A variety of DK (Double Knitting) weight yarns.

Please refer to the colour chart opposite for colours used.
You can choose any yarns or background colour you prefer.

Throughout the pattern all the colours have been abbreviated as follows;

  • BC = Background Colour
  • DB = Dark Blue
  • LB = Light Blue
  • P = Pink
  • R = Red
  • Or = Orange
  • Y = Yellow
  • B = Black
  • W = White

This pattern is written and works from left to right, beginning in the bottom right hand corner.

For your reference the pattern is written like this;

  • (example) R10 – 3BC, 4DB, 2LB, 2DB, 4BC

This Translates to;

  • (example) Row 10 – 3 Background colour, 4 dark blue, 2 light blue, 2 dark blue, 4 background colour

Please note that the numbers mean each cluster so if you have 3DB then that would mean you have three clusters of Dark Blue to create. Each cluster represents one square of the pattern. Please feel free to copy and paste this pattern to print or write it out for yourself.  Please feel free to Share it with others but don’t sell it.

Lets begin!

R1 – 1BC

R2 – 2BC

R3 – 3BC

R4 – 4BC

R5 – 5BC

R6 – 6BC

R7 – 7BC

R8 – 2BC, 1DB, 5BC

R9 – 5BC, 2DB, 2BC

R10 – 2BC, 1DB, 1Or, 3DB, 3BC

R11 – 2BC, 2DB, 2LB, 1DB, 1R, 3BC

R12 – 3BC, 1DB, 1Or, 1W, 3LB, 1DB, 2BC

R13 – 2BC, 1DB, 3LB, 1P, 1DB, 1R, 1DB, 3BC

R14 – 2BC, 2DB, 1R, 1Or, 2B, 3LB, 3BC

R15 – 3BC, 1DB, 3LB, 1B, 1DB, 1Or, 3DB, 2BC

R16 – 2BC, 3DB, 1R, 1Y, 1B, 4LB, 1DB, 3BC

R17 – 4BC, 5LB, 1DB, 1Or, 1R, 1DB, 1LB, 1DB, 2BC

R18 – 2BC, 1DB, 2LB, 1DB, 1Or, 1Y, 3LB, 1B, 1LB, 1DB, 4BC

R19 – 5BC, 1LB, 1P, 1B, 1LB, 2DB, 1Or, 1R, 1DB, 2LB, 3BC


R20 – 2BC, 1DB, 1LB, 1DB, 1R, 1Or, 2Y, 1LB, 2B, 1W, 1DB, 4BC

R21- 4BC, 1W, 2P, 1LB, 1DB, 1Y, 1Or, 1R, 3DB, 2BC

R22 – 4BC, 1R, 2Or, 1Y, 1DB, 1B, 2W, 1DB, 3BC,

R23 – 3BC, 1DB, 2B, 1LB, 1Y, 2Or, 1R, 1DB, 3BC,

R24 – 3BC, 1DB, 1R, 1Or, 1Y, 1DB, 2LB, 1DB, 3BC

R25 – 3BC, 1DB, 2LB, 1Y, 1Or, 1R, 1DB, 3BC

R26 – 3B, 1DB, 1R, 1Or, 1DB, 1LB, 1DB, 3BC

R27 – 3BC, 1DB, 1R, 3DB, 3BC

R28 – 3BC, 5DB, 2BC,

R29 – 2BC, 1DB, 2LB, 1DB, 3BC

R30 – 3BC, 2LB, 1DB, 2BC

R31 – 2BC, 1DB, 1LB, 1DB, 2BC

R32 – 2BC, 2DB, 2BC

R33 – 5BC

R34 – 4BC

R35 – 3BC

R36 – 2BC

R37, 1BC


Finished square measures appx:  13 X 13 inches.

My personal progress shots:

Rainbow Dash Graphgan corner to corner crochet c2c


I hope that this pattern is as enjoyable for you as it was for me. I personally recommend you check out the original pattern and save it to a Pinterest board of your own so that you can refer to it while you crochet.

As always! Thanks for reading!
Happy Crocheting!





11 thoughts on “Rainbow Dash. Crochet Graphgan Pattern.

    • KaboodleMum says:

      Hi! You would decrease on both sides on each row. You need to decrease the same way you increase (but in reverse) so that you end up with a square. Hope that helps 🙂

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