Staying and Playing at home!


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Staying at home on the weekend has always been something I have adored, but, with having a little child and a working partner, the weekends have always been our family time and we have used them as a way to do things together.

Before Meirion was out of work, we would try our best to get some sort of activity done, maybe a trip somewhere or a visit to the beach, a walk with the dog. Whatever is was, we tried to make sure that what free time we had as a family, was spent doing something as a family.

These past few weeks we haven’t had the money to go out and about, we’ve been dong a lot of staying at home. Now, I’m not complaining, I’m quite happy to stay in my pyjamas all day and mooch about the house, Miss Kaboodle is content with playing indoors or outdoors so she’s easy to please and as much as KaboodleDad is itching to get back into work, he has also admitted that he has found it nice to have some time to get stuff done and just be around us, after all, there were times where he would be out of the house before Willow and I even got up and he sometimes didn’t get home until late evening too.

Despite not being able to afford to go anywhere, we have still managed to stay happy and fill each day with laughs. And more importantly, the time we’re spending together, is still as a family, in the same way we would have even if we were out and about.

We’ve not done anything glam, we’ve done a lot of movie watching and playing games, we invented the Pom-Pom games to keep us entertained and the other day we made a ‘basketball’ game.
It was willows idea, she announced that she wanted us to play basketball and that if we were the winner then we could have a surprise. She had some of her little collectables to hand ready for the Winner. She asked me to blow up a little beach ball for her and she fetched a little washing basket and created this game using her own ideas and initiative.
KaboodleDad being the DIY-er that he is, decided to up the anti and attach the basket to the door with a picture hook. I must say, it made the game super fun!

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It was difficult to take good pictures while we played because Miss Kaboodle is such a bouncy child!

Still, it was a lot of fun and we have been very entertained by Willow who loves being the prize-giver for anyone who gets the ball inside the basket.

She likes arcade kind of games, we’ve done plenty like this before like I previously wrote about with the pom-pom games and that time we used a pipe and turned our living room into an arcade.

I’m repeating myself when I say that sometimes, even the most simplest of things can bring so much joy. Who would have thought that a blow up ball and a washing basket could make for hours of entertainment?  And that using little collectables that are battered and broken from being over used could legitimately be a prize in the eyes of a child?

Similarly, I have things that I have stored for a while because I like to take advantage of bargains but I don’t like to over do it when it comes to giving Willow new toys. The other day, Willow was a bit bored and suggested we do a ‘hello everybody’ video (that’s Willow-ish for YouTube video) and because I have stuff stored, I was able to do that with her. We ended up doing a surprise egg video which turned out to be really rewarding because Willow loved opening them and doing the video but once the camera was turned off, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing games with the empty eggs and the figures. I honestly couldn’t count how many times it has been my birthday this weekend but I’ve loved receiving my ‘gifts’. Those gifts being the figures we opened for the video.

What I love most about that is the fact that even though those figures were new to her collection, she still went to every effort to share them with Meirion and I, she placed them back in the eggs and she gifted them to us, she helped us open them again and again and never tired of her gift-giving. Willow made sure that we had as much fun with her new toys as she was having and what’s even better again, is knowing that her favourite thing to do with her toys is creating ways in which she can share them.

Having no option other than to stay at home or close to home at the moment initially made me a bit worried, I was unsure how we would fill our time or how we would all stay sane, it turns out, you don’t need much to be happy at home, just a few battered kinder egg toys and a little bit of imagination.

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As always, thanks for reading!



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