Our New Year!

We didn’t have much planned for New Years Eve, as I mentioned in my previous post, but we did have a plan for New Years Day; My family were coming over for a home-cooked roast.

My Grandma, my sister, her boyfriend and my youngest brother all came over to have lunch with us, it was awesome when they arrived, but that only lasted a mere 3 minutes before disaster struck.

The Big Headed Lump of a dog we call Lola-Rose decided she wanted to give my Grandma all of her love and Gran wanted to love her back but between them, they managed to Brake Grans Finger! I’m not even joking! Gran reached down as Lola reached up and CRACK! Broken Finger.

We grabbed Gran a cold compress and offered to take her to the hospital but she said no. We offered, and asked over and over but she kept telling us no. So, seeing as I was on gravy duty, I set about making that delicious sauce and I went and accidentally poured in too much flour! I tried to rescue it, I tried to make it better, but it would not work. I had to salvage what I could from the mess that I had made and whip up a new batch of gravy. I made a mess, I normally stay away from the kitchen for that particular reason but I wanted to show off my gravy making skills to the Matriarch! and I went and fluffed it up.

What I managed was just as good though, so nothing was lost! Dinner was fabulous again and everyone complemented the Chef and the gravy so all was well!
We all had a chocolate éclair and some chocolate sponge cake for dessert and then it was time for everyone to go. We offered again to take Grandma to the hospital but she just said no and that she would go the following day. KaboodleDad took them all home and the rest of the day was spent on the sofa, chilling out watching movies and I was doing some crochet!

I made a start on some Hexagons! I’ve wanted to make some Hexies for a while and the new year got my fingers itchy for some Crochet.

I love the colour combo and I have started stitching it together already, I think I am going to go with a Sew-As-I-Go approach, crochet 12 at a time and then Sew them on…. Make another 12 and sew them on… until I feel it’s finished. I want it to become a blanket but I also want to make them into little pillows for my bed. I guess time will tell when it comes to deciding!
The decorations got taken down yesterday. A feat in itself. It’s all fun and games getting it out and putting it up but getting in all back in, along with all the new bits we picked up over the season, was a nightmare. Still, I took my time while doing it, procrastinating by dancing around the living room with the dog, playing touch with Miss Kaboodle and generally just molly coddling along all day long. I packed away the boxes later in the afternoon and then went back to the crochet hexies!

So, Normality is now less than 12 hours away. This time tomorrow I will have already collected Willow from school and be going about the usual day-t0-day Motherhood Madness. It’s been wonderful sharing the days with my two faves and just hanging around the house in my PJ’s all day! Christmas was amazing and New Years Day was beautiful (minus the broken finger, of course!) but I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I have a plan for January, and the plan is ORGANISE, I want to get organised over this next month so that I can then focus on learning something new or attending some classes or something.

Who knows? Hopefully though, it’ll be good, whatever I do!

As Always, thanks for reading!

How’s your New Year been so far?





4 thoughts on “Our New Year!

  1. Amy M. says:

    Love the hexagons! I took all of our inside decorations down, but haven’t gotten around to the outside stuff yet. Really I just don’t want to get the ladder out to take the lights down! I think I will need another storage container as well. Should get done this weekend though!

      • Amy M. says:

        I don’t seem to get much energy until afternoon or evening, and by then it’s dark here. Once I have my retrieval I should be feeling more energetic!

      • Faye Elizabeth says:

        Yeah that’ll be good! It’s not very motivating when you have to wait around for things! I’m a bit of a night owl so I know what you’re getting at, like I could be tired all day and then an hour before ‘bedtime’ I get an idea and have to do it haha!

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