A Look Back and A Look Ahead!

Happy New year

Another year has come and gone! A whole YEAR…

I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels like today isn’t really New Years Eve? That today isn’t the end of the year? That’s today is actually just another Thursday, like any other Thursday before it? It’s much like the lead up to Christmas actually, the lack of festive feeling was prominent all over, so many people felt the same. I don’t know what it is that’s making it feel so UN-festive, or not ‘New Yearsy’, or whatever, but it’s kind of nice.

I’m not one for parties, or drinking, or wearing anything other than pyjamas really, so I don’t feel like there’s a pressure, like I have to go out, or do something, just because it’s NYE. I bathed at midday today, Willow and I shared a bath with a lush Bath Bomb and after it, I put clean pyjamas on and that’s what I’ve been wearing since. That is, in fact, what I will fall into bed wearing after having a hard night in, in front of the TV playing Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 on the PlayStation…(again)

You think I’m joking?


I digress, as much as I am dying to get off the laptop and onto the PlayStation, I still have a few things to get done here and there before I do, so before the Battle of Hogwarts commences…

Lets take a look back!

WordPress sent out the annual reports earlier this week, I loved receiving mine, it’s a huge difference on the 2014 one and I’m super proud of that!

Check it out if you like > Annual Report, KaboodleMum.

The report says that the top post of 2015 was the Drawstring Bag pattern I posted. In second place, Play Doh sold me a penis. I’m really surprised that the bag got the most attention, I’m not a pattern designer, I just whipped up a bag and shared the pattern, I am proud though! I’m kind of loving the fact that the Play Doh/penis thing made it into the top 5, I mean the title is just. so. perfect (and immensely funny to write!)

There’s others included on the report that deserve their places, but what about my personal favourites?

Throughout the year, I have changed the theme around so many times, I’ve changed the fonts, I’ve adapted my theme to suit myself. I’ve created copious amounts of headers and logos, only to go back to what was there to begin with.  I’ve added in new things, stopped including others. I’ve made new catergories and menus and tinkered away at everything, so, Thanks for sticking with me throughout the changes!

A few other (awesome) changes that I didn’t expect, have happened too!

My blog has grown so much, I’ve now got over 550 combined followers (HEYY!!), I’ve had over 10,000 views from over 4,200 people from all over the world! It’s so amazing! I’ve also broken the 100-views-in-a-single-day barrier, it might sound mediocre to some but to me, it’s a big achievement. I feel immensealy proud of this little space here on the interent and I am so happy that the people who choose to follow along and interact with me, do.
So thanks to you, for being YOU!

It’s been an up and down year, operations, illnesses, tablets, more tablets, scans, car crashes, failed attempts at making a baby, anxiety…. It’s been a bit tough at times but there’s been plenty of good to outweight the bad…

We had our holiday, we celebrated being together for four years, we celebrated out daughters 3rd birthday. We watched her start school, sing in her first (proper) Christmas concert.
We’ve gone for walks and played so many games. We’ve grown as a family, adding three hens to the herd. We have learned and taught and after all that, it’s hard to dwell on the bad.

I hope 2016 brings me just as much joy as 2015! So now…

Lets take a look forward!

It wouldn’t be much of a feature if I didn’t do a Monthly Look Ahead on the very last day of the year, would it?

Well, I say monthly look ahead, to be honest guys, I’m still enjoying the holidays at the moment so I haven’t ‘looked ahead’ and figured out what I want to include on the blog in the next month. It’s okay though, because I do know what I want to continue doing in the new year!

First of all, I don’t really want to change much, I am happy with how things are. I am going to drop one of my affiliates, they’re just not quite what I expected and I am hoping to work a little closer with the other.

I plan on sharing more videos over on YouTube, I need to invest a little money into a new camera but for now, what I have will do. Willow has lots of ideas when it comes to doing a ‘hello everybody’ video, I’d like to explore those ideas with her by giving them a try. I will also continue sharing crafts if and when I can. I have quite a few ideas for videos, but some of it will need a new camera, like I said, all in good time though, eh!

I will be keeping the monthly look ahead feature, as well as picking up where we left off with Kaboodle Approved Bedtime Books.
Of course, I will continue to write my Kaboodle Ramblings along with anything I can think of when it comes to parenting. I am going to try to work out a better posting schedule, I want to maybe go from posting daily to posting 3-4 times a week.
The reason I want to reduce the amount of days I write is because I want to work towards getting a job so I am hoping to do courses if and when I can. I will start looking for a job in the summer since Willow will be going to school Full Time as of september.
Anything I can do in the meantime can only help. I have considered going back to college, if I’m honest, but I find that a bit scary and it’s a big financial commitment so I have to really sit down and figure that out and think it all through properly. Yummy Mummy Diaries will also start appearing more too!
Throughout the year I will post more From the Mouth of Willow, photography, Word Crush Wednesdays and maybe even more, you probably know by now, I love adding new stuff!

I want to work on getting more stuff up on my Etsy shop and I am really tempted to get out all the stuff from my old business and kick start that again, along side the new stuff I have planned for Etsy. That’s in the long run, but it’s a thought and something I want to follow through with.

I am planning on having a behind the scenes clear out too, getting rid of old posts, reorganising the categories, stuff that wont really make any difference, but will satisfy my OCD and generally, I just want to continue heading down the path I am already on.

I am so lucky to have such great followers, the commenters, the likers, the frequent visitors who take their time to intereact with me in the comment section or via email. You’re all awesome and I am thankful that you’re here, reading along and interacting with me. THANKS!

Last year I made a wish. I wished that our Trying to Conceive journey would end with a positive result. I wished that we would become parents again and that wish never came true, so this year, I’m not making any wishes or resolutions. I am simply going to see out one year, and see in another while wearing my jim-jams, playing games and smiling. That’s how I want 2016 to be, so that’s how I’ll start it! (obviously I’ll get dressed at some point, haha!)

Tomorrow, I have four family members visiting for a new years day lunch! KaboodleDad is cooking and one of the Family members is my Grandma, The Matriarch, Wish Us Luck!

As always, Thanks for reading!
I wish you all a very happy, healthy and an utterly awesome New year, and whole rest of the year too!

Oodles and Kaboodles of love,




8 thoughts on “A Look Back and A Look Ahead!

  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Happy new year, Kaboodle family! 2015 sounds like it was a big year for you all, I’m glad I was able to join you for a bit of the journey! All the best for 2016… Which I would have started in my PJs too if I hadn’t been in work 😆

  2. Amy M. says:

    Happy new year!! Hey did you finish all of the emotions from the movie that you were crocheting for Willow? (The name of the movie escapes my brain right now, sorry!) I thought the disgust doll was cute, then I never saw anything else on them. Just curious!

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Happy new year to you too Amy!
      I didn’t! I meant to but I had so many other gifts to crochet that I put them to the side 😕 I did get Joy out yesterday and continued with her though! I might make the others but I’m not sure yet haha
      the movie was called Inside out xx

  3. Catherine says:

    Great end-of-year post. It’s funny. I feel the same way you do about this NYE. I”m still in my pajamas, no makeup. Hair in a messy bun. I’ll put on a facial mask in a while and get a nice dinner prepared for Bonaparte and me. The kids have left. Roman is working the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve on TV this evening. Jake is under the weather and just relaxing in his apartment. Oona is celebrating with friends in NYC then she returns to Arkansas. Tomorrow is the day of erasing all the decorations and just washing the slate clean andmoving on to a new year. I wish the best and full success for you in life and blog for 2016. But..But what I want to know. Why would you get rid of old blog posts? XOXOXO!!

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Sounds awesome 🙂
      Thank you – good luck to you in the new year too!
      It’s just something I do occasionally, clear out any unseen posts, drafts, anything that might’ve been written in the heat of the moment that is irrelevant now/just doesn’t fit in… Just a clean up really 🙂 xxx

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