Christmas 2015

Christmas is far from over. There is still family to see and food left to eat, there are still a few gifts that need to be given and lots of gifts that need to be played with, but, Christmas Day came and went… And it was lovely.

Here at the kaboodlehouse, we let Miss Kaboodle have a late one on Chriatmas eve. Before bed she received some new pajamas and she helped put out a mince pie and a drink of milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf. She went to bed and KaboodleDad and I planned to get the last gifts wrapped and then place everything under the tree. That was the plan, however, when we came down after putting willow to bed, Madagascar was playing on the TV, I sat and watched it while I waited for KD to finish what he needed to do before he could help me carry everything down the stairs. We’d had a long day, we’d been out early that morning for the family breakfast get together.


Miss Kaboodle and her cousin Shae.

After which, Willow went off the spend some time with her cousin and her grandparents while kaboodleDad and I went home to tidy up in prep for the big day ahead.

We spent the time cleaning and clearing and hoovering and dusting before jumping in the car and heading to collect a bunch of flowers for my Grandmother. Then we collected willow and headed to my grandmas house. There we exchanged gifts and had a catch up. I had gotten upset because some of the family I was expecting to see weren’t there.

When we got home, we had some lunch and waited for more family to visit. They were late so we didn’t get much done.

When family had been and gone, we settled down and watched the gruffalo, before doing the Santa plate and new pajamas! We each had some new bedding, which I had been holding onto especially for Christmas after receiving one from elinens. I also bought us a new one from there too so we could all enjoy new bedding!


So there I was, waiting for kaboodledad while I watched some Madagascar. It was so nice to finally sit down for five. KaboodleDad finished what he had to and came to sit by me. Before we knew it, we were watching the film. We watched it all and then we set about getting everything done.

We grabbed the bags, the crackers, the placemats…. We got it all out, wrapped up some last bits that needed wrapping and put everything under the tree!

We had another tidy up and then stuffed all the stockings before making things extra magical for Willow….


glitter everywhere!

We locked up, grabbed the stockings and made our way to bed.   KaboodleDad set an alarm for 5am so he could place Willows stocking ready for her to find in the morning and the day was done.

I heard his alarm sound, I listened to him getting up and putting the stocking by Willows door, I listened while he jumped back into bed and I thanked him before nodding back off again.
Willow woke us, not by running into our room excitedly, but by calling us from her room. It was about 7am so I got up, ran into her saying “he’s been! He’s been!” And we all got our stockings and sat on our bed to find out what we had!

The rest of the morning flew by in a flurry of wrapping paper and high pitched screams!

The turkey got cooked and the table was set, then we sat down to eat our first family Christmas dinner!

Dinner was superb.

We sat down after lunch with unbuttoned jeans and a sleepy look on our faces. Willow played with her toys and then we built a den.

An hour or so later, miss Kaboodle was in the bath, I’d had a tidy up and put my pajamas on, KaboodleDad was playing his game, everyone was content and happy. Bedtime was upon us and so we kissed our daughter good night and then parked ourselves in front of the TV.

It wasn’t long before KD gave in…

Mr sleepy head! Who can blame him after cooking such a wonderful meal?

We made our way to bed shortly after and I think I fell asleep in about 3 seconds.

My gifts were awesome, my food was heavenly, the day was great (even if there were a few tears and strops at times) and everything was over. I’m not sad to see it go, I need the storage space haha!

Now I’m looking forward to seeing in the new year with my two favourite people!

Guys, I hope your Christmas Day was amazing! I hope it was all you wanted it to be and more!

As always, Thanks for reading

With love, The Kaboodles! Xx



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