Winter blues!

It’s been a week since I started feeling under the weather and I have battled on hoping that the last two paracetamol I took would be the ones to actually make a difference.  I have been using nasal sprays and lemsips to no avail. I am not winning the Flu Battle of 2015! Yesterday was the worst day so far, I felt super ill and really worn out and mentally I was incapable of doing anything! I messed up making tea! Somehow, I thought I had boiled the kettle but hadn’t and tried to make us a cuppa with cold water! I tired doing some crochet and made mistake after mistake. I tried to watch something grown up and sophisticated but instead I watched episode after episode of My Little Pony! I continued to watch them even when Willow was in school!

(eh, don’t judge me, if I had a mother I’d have phoned her to come smooth her hand over my head until I fell asleep too.) #bigkid

Day 10 of our advent of activities was a big fat fail. Willow and I ended up watching Ponies and movies. She played on the tablet for a little bit on and off and I just stayed on the sofa struggling to breathe.

When KaboodleDad got home he cooked us Bangers and Mash with gravy and afterwards we took Willow up to bed and then quickly tidied up and watched some SuperGirl (crap!) before putting on some Dr Who and going to bed. It was about 9.30!

I don’t normally go to bed at such an hour but once Dr Who was over I turned the TV off and went straight to sleep! Unbelievable!
I feel a bit better today, better than I have felt. Willow is fine but KaboodleDad has text me from work saying he’s feeling it coming on. I’ve told him to come home if he feels too bad, I know what he’s got and It’s not nice!

I’m kind of glad that this is happening now, I wouldn’t want any of us to be feeling this way over the Christmas holidays!

I’ve got something planned for Willow to do after school this afternoon but it yet again consists of minimal effort on my part. I might be feeling better but it’s going to be a couple of days until I’m 100% again!

Sorry it’s a bit of a lame one today folks! I’m off to make a HOT cup of tea and some breakfast for me and the whump and get back to watching My Little Pony again! (we’ve got 133 episode recorded, I think it’s time we caught up with some!)

As always, thanks for reading!





5 thoughts on “Winter blues!

  1. Catherine says:

    I’m pinging this. “Nasal sprays” reminded me of my use a long time ago. Anyway, I wish I could bring you some soup and a hot toddy. Hope you are feeling much better!

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