YMD; Hair Jazz Review.

Hey guys!

I have a review for you today. A Yummy Mummy Diaries review of a Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask Combo. hair

As you can see, the product is called Hair Jazz and a company called Harmonylife approached me to write the review.
Disclaimer; I was given the product for free in exchange for an honest review.


Normally, hair grows up to 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month. Active ingredients in HAIR JAZZ shampoo and conditioner helps to increase the rate of hair growth such that hair grows up to to 3-4.5 centimeters per month. You will see the first results after just two months

The quote above is taken directly from the Harmonylife description for Hair Jazz and I think it sums up what the product is intended for; Hair Growth.

Before committing to the review, I read up on the product. I initially felt like there wasn’t a reason for me to try this product since I don’t normally do reviews of beauty products, I hadn’t long shared my review for the BB Cream so I was only just treading the water of beauty products and I didn’t want to jump in both feet first, however, when I read the benefits of the product, I realised there was a reason to give it a go.


  1. HAIR JAZZ makes your hair stronger;
  2. Your hair will become softer and shinier;
  3. Proven efficiency on all hair types;
  4. A visible reduction in hair loss;
  5. Your hair will grow up to 3 times faster.

I specifically took an interest in the reduction of hair loss benefit. As most of you will know, I am a sufferer of PCOS and have recently given up on trying to conceive. Throughout my life, because of PCOS I have suffered with terrible hair loss, and over the years my hair has become very limp, lifeless and thin. I noticed that this increased while I was taking the clomid and I think that was a mixture of stress and hormonal changes.

So, with the idea that I could potentially reduce the amount of hair loss I was experiencing, I decided I would go ahead with the Product Review. After all, many of my followers are also Cysters and I thought, perhaps this might work and others could actually benefit from knowing.

My Initial impressions.

My first impressions were relatively negative, I was really shocked by the price, at full price this combo will cost £56. That’s a hell of a lot of money for Shampoo and Conditioner. Still, since I was getting the product for free I can’t really moan about that, can I?

I received the box through the post and I will say it was really well packaged, each item came wrapped in bubble wrap and they were stored in the box well.
My first impression of the scent wasn’t really all that good either, it’s not perfumed in a way that some S+C’s are, you know all flowery or whatever? This isn’t, its just has a smell of product, if that makes sense? I wondered how my hair would smell after using it.
I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the bottles, I was under the impression that I would receive a sample size but I didn’t, I did receive the full size bottles. There were two 250ml bottles (shampoo and conditioner) and a big tub of hair mask.

My first use

I was sceptical, I’ll be honest. The bottles have instructions written on them and it says that with the shampoo and conditioner, you only apply it to the roots and scalp. I just kept wondering how the rest of my hair would get clean so I actually washed my hair with my normal shampoo and then set about using this stuff.
You have to rub it over you’re head and wait 3-4 minutes. This BUGGED me, because the mask is the same too.  As a Mum, my showers have to be quick because there is no time to hang about, I normally do the whole in/wash/out 5 minute shower thing so going from that to a 20 minute shower really threw me off. There was a lot of waiting around. Once for the shampoo, then again for the conditioner and then AGAIN for the mask. I didn’t falter though, I wanted the full experience and so I did what was instructed.
After that first use, I was so surprised at how different my hair felt. Honestly, it felt so good! What surprised me mostly was how CLEAN it felt, I know this is ironic because I’ve been shampooing my hair all my life but this stuff makes your hair feel clean. I could tell just how much my normal shampoo coats the hair to make it shiny. My hair felt light, it felt good and I actually felt a little excited to style it.

Hair Styling.

It says on the Harmonylife website that, when used with the Shampoo and conditioner the mask makes your ‘hair softer, more supple and easier to manage’ – They weren’t fibbing.

My hair, the first time, felt totally different to the hair I have been used to. I even managed to straighten it! Seriously, it’s been months since I’ve been able to straighten my hair because it’s so thin, it just goes static when I straighten it! It was so nice to be able to have that smooth straightened feeling, it was lovely and I feet so good.

My overall experience and the results!

It says on the bottle to use it 3 times a week. So I did, I used it three times a week, sometimes four, for a month. I wont lie, my hair felt fantastic when I used it, I cannot stress enough how NICE my hair felt and I’ll be honest, when it came to using my regular shampoo and conditioner, I really noticed how difficult, wayward and horrible it made my hair feel. In the end though, what I noticed was continued use of Hair Jazz made my hair and scalp cleaner so I didn’t need to wash as often. Normally, I would have greasy hair after a day so I was shampooing every day to make sure my hair always felt clean, after 5 washes, I only needed to use the Hair jazz  three or four times a week as opposed to washing every day with my normal stuff. That was nice because it meant I didn’t have to have a shower once a day, freeing up some time for me. My hair, although I had reservations about it to begin with, smelt nice, actually. It wasn’t nice like my normal stuff but it wasn’t offensive and I have grown fond of the smell, it’s fresh, if anything. I also loved having the ability to straighten my hair, it consistently left my hair feeling great and it really did make it more manageable and easier to style.
A few things I have an issue with; the bottles come with a screw cap and they go into a point, they cant be stood any way other than on the lid and I noticed that the shampoo leaked into the lid a lot, even if I made sure it was tightly screwed shut. This also hinders the use too, because you have to apply it to the top of the hair only, I found that I had to pick up the bottle and put it down a few times because it was easier to apply it little by little to make sure I was getting my whole head covered. When the bottle was new and full, it would leak if I laid it down so I had to keep putting the lid on and off again. These bottles could really do with a flip top or pump action lid. Especially when I realised there was a lot of shampoo escaping even when the cap was screwed on tight.
The conditioner doesn’t spread very well so the age old thing has happened, the conditioner has run out but there’s still some shampoo left.
I also had an issue with the tub of mask, don’t get me wrong it’s delightful and it smells better than the shampoo and conditioner but it’s really wide and when you’re wet, it’s hard to hold and it gets very slippery because the product is slippery. It just really, really bugged me and at one point it even fell out of my hands but luckily, I’d already put the lid on.
The final thing I will say is that I really did get fed up of all the waiting around. Like I said, I’m a mum, I’m busy 99% of the time, long showers are more often than not a luxury and I’ve had to be very careful in deciding when to take a shower while using this product because it really does mean you’re in there for a while. I kind of got to a point where I dreaded doing it because I was pushed for time, and often I would have to wait to have a shower when Willow was in school or bed.
I’m not putting it all down though. It really did make a difference to my hair loss and that’s something I think that outweighs AND merits the wait time,
It may not seem very obvious to you just from a photo but the hair I collected in the first photo was from the first wash with Hair Jazz and the second photo is the hair I collected when I washed my hair exactly 1 month from the first use. I would say that my hair loss has halved in a month and that’s something that I am super, super pleased with.

As for the growth, well, its not too bad,
BeforeAndAfterIt doesn’t look like there is much growth when you compare the length of my hair, it actually looks shorter in the after photo but, if you look by my left eye in both photos, you can see that my hair has grown (you can see where my dark hair goes into my light hair) by about an inch, I would say. I think it looks shorter because, if you can see, there is more lift and life in my hair in the after photo. You can see it is thicker too.
Both photos were taken after blow drying and straightening straight after using Hair Jazz in the shower.

Would I recommend it? If you’re able to afford it then Yes, I would. Especially if you suffer from hair loss.

Would I buy it? No, I really wouldn’t, I think they’re overpriced.

And there you have it. My review of the Hair Jazz shampoo, conditioner and hair mask Combo.
I would like to thank Harmonylife for giving me the opportunity to try it.

As always, thank you for reading!

Kaboodlemum Motherhood and lifestyle blog.

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10 thoughts on “YMD; Hair Jazz Review.

  1. Di Anna says:

    The after picture the hair looks not as silky as the before picture. The reason the hair looks grown out by the natural hair growth at the top the hair is parted further up the head in the after picture. The before picture it is parted further down whiChat will give a different growth coverage look. I know because I dye my hair from dark to blond. So when I part my hair and pull it over in different areas it looks different. Until I see more reviews on this I will not spend the money on it. Especially when the website caters in a different language other than the language they are trying to sell it to. you cant read anything but the name.

    • KaboodleMum says:

      HI! thanks for your comment. You are right, my parting is in a different place I wish i could go back and rectify that because it does make it look a little bit deceiving! Sorry about that. I’m not sure why you can’t rrad their website though, i did double check just now and it showed all in english for me. We’re you hoping to read it in a different language perhaps?
      I agree, it is very expensive. Did you by any chance check out the post on how i achieve the same, if not better, results using much cheaper products? I can send you a link if you like? x

  2. Lo says:

    Hi! 🙂
    Yeah, Sorry i can’t see the growth… you have a different hairline on the second picture. On the right side of your face is the dark hair at the same place.. (even higher). But, it looks healthier! Thanks for your review.

  3. hills newby says:

    Yes i would like to try it as i have lupus and fibomyalgia so hair loss and condtion are a big problum .but the price puts me of as i carnt work any more .but i would pay that price if i could buy a trial size of each 1st then i would pay if it suits my hair .i have spent alot of money over time on products that dont work .but i have a good feeling about this one .thankyou for your honesty on your review .
    Thankyou hills

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Thanks. I do recommended it but the price tag is very high. It may be worth considering it though, if you’ve tried others and they’ve not worked. I’m fairly sure you would see a difference.

    • caroline catmur says:

      I did buy trial sizes but made my hair so dry that’s it’s been breaking off I reverted back to Lee Staffords hair growth collection from boots. at least hair doesn’t feel like straw now

      • caroline catmur says:

        I’ve gone back to Lee Stafford range see if I can sort it out. tried hair jazz because of all the fuss. for me it didn’t work made my hair dryer and brittle. try lee Stafford it’s a really good collection my hair grew loads with this but is now broken off again due to jazz

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