Advent of Activities; a weekend to remember!

Guys, is it Wednesday? It feels like a Wednesday!
I can’t believe its only Monday!

We have been so busy here. Honestly, we haven’t stopped since Friday and that’s the reason why I haven’t been here doing our Advent of Activities updates !

I guess I could say that we kind of rolled the whole weekend into lots of small activities. Friday Willow was shattered after school, her concert was only the night before and it made for a late night. She was super busy around the house Friday morning so once school was done, she wasn’t interested in getting the crafts out… she said “mummy, I just want to play on the hudl.” I didn’t really feel all that good anyway so I suggested we sit and look at it together, which we did, but I got bored when she started watching a video of someone opening up a whole bunch of Kinder Eggs. I did manage to finish off some crochet though, which was both an achievement and a relief because it meant I could cross another gift of my list! KaboodleDad had an early finish so instead of doing the usual, we decided to have an early tea and treat ourselves to a McDonald’s. That was nice and we sat around the living room eating our food and talking about the show from the night before.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it was an activity but it turned out to be the perfect family Friday, so, I can’t complain.

Saturday was a whole ‘nother ball game. We’d been planning for a few weeks to go to the City and do a big Christmas shop for us all, we all need new clothes and stuff so we finally got around to doing that on Saturday. We woke up and lined our tummies with some Pancakes and bacon with a nice cup of tea and then we all got ready and made our way to the train station. Willow loves travelling by train and she absolutely loves going into the city centre so, her little squeals of delight when the train pulled into the station was enough to make my heart melt.

She was still excited when we got onto the train!


We were all excited, KaboodleDad and I haven’t had a chance to get to the city together for quite some time and it’s always nice going out for the day as a family. We had also planned a surprise visit to Build-a-Bear at the end of the day too, Willows first time there! We were more excited about doing that than anything!

We got the City and we started browsing straight away, we looked in loads of different shops and I took Mei to the Forbidden Planet shop. It’s a shop full of Fandom stuff and things and I just want to go there and look at everything and touch all the stuff because it’s so pretty and they have all the Fangirl stuff a Fangirl like me could possibly want! *BREATHE*
Mei was a bit underwhelmed, apparently I had bigged it up and made it seem like it was more that it was,  Uh, excuse me Mr Kaboodle, were you not in the same shop? Did you not see the Pokémon monopoly? did you not see all the funkos? Did you NOT SEE THE PONY TEES???? ( he actually did because I relentlessly pointed them out to him, loudly, while I gawped, and said OMG over and over. Not the words, actual just OMG.)

I digress though, we both enjoyed it in different ways. Willow just liked all the pony stuff and we very nearly spent a small fortune before deciding against it, as if Miss Kaboodle needs anymore gifts this year!

After that, we headed to Primark. That was a trial, Willow was beyond bored and it was heaving. It was a normal day for Primark but my god, it was boiling in there, I swear, so hot!

We did make it out alive though, with a much lighter pocket, lots of new clothes and two heavy bags to lug around.
After that I took myself on a little adventure to LUSH. I’ve never been in there before and I’ve never had anything from there before. As part of my Yummy Mummy Diaries, I had planned on treating myself to something special from there for myself and I checked that off my list on Saturday.
For anyone who doesn’t know what LUSH is, it’s a company that specialises in making handmade products only. They sell smellies and you can smell the shop a few hundred yards away. It’s gorgeous and I just wanted to buy everything from there! I couldn’t wait to have a bath with my bubble bath bar! (will update another time!)

After that, we let Willow have a go on a ride, she needed to turn her frown upside down after being in Primark and I think she did just that,


Although, I will say, it came back after we told her she couldn’t go on it again!

We did manage to get her smile back when we told her that we were going somewhere special, though.
And off we trotted to Build-a-bear.

Willow was unsure to begin with, the shop was super busy with people everywhere but a lovely lady who worked there came to talk to Willow and ask her about her visit. She warmed slightly and made her choice. I made mine and we waited in the queue for the next part of our journey.
Make A Wish. You get given a little fabric heart and you’re told to make a wish, Willow was unsure but she put the heart into the empty body and I made a wish and put mine into the body.
Next up was the stuffing. Willow put her foot on a little pedal which helped a machine blow all the fluff into the body and slowly but surely, her teddy came to life before our eyes. Willow then stood with KD while her ted was sewn together and I had mine filled. While mine was being sewn KD and Willow browsed and found a lovely little coat for her creation and we met up by the computers to fill out the birth certificates for our bears.
By then Willow had warmed to the place completely and helped me answer all the questions and fill out the certificate.

Then we paid! And our creations Officially became our new family members!

We made our way back to the train station, admiring all the Christmas lights that were lit up and flashing above us, on the way. Willow gave her Daddy a big kiss for her new furry friend


and we hopped onto the next train home.


I took a little snap of KD hidden amongst all the stuff and I shared a photo to Instagram,

can you guess?

I couldn’t wait to get home and get our new furry (and scaly) friends home!

I must say, I think they make a fine edition to the family!


Toothless came to bed with me that night too!

We had shopped until we dropped once more and bedtime couldn’t come quick enough!

Sunday, it was a family members birthday so we spent the morning maing cards and getting creative with Willow,


She was loving it after we had bought her, her own craft box and shee reign to use what ever she wanted!

The best part though, was when she was asked to fill out her relatives birthday card with her name, AND SHE DID!

For the first time ever she wrote her name all by herself! #PROUD

willows written name

(can any one spot my next tattoo?)

After we had done all the visiting and everything else that needed doing, we came home and KaboodleDad cooked us a lovely Sunday Roast and Willow and I curled up on the sofa. I actually cuddled up to my Toothless and fell asleep!

Bedtime came quickly yesterday!

Today, we were back to normality, my morning was filled with catching up on the housework (and hoovering up all the glitter Willow had managed to cover the place with!) and after that it was school time.
As luck would have it, my best bud gave me a text and asked if I fancied taking Willow to the park after school with her and her little girl. I told her that we would and waited to collect Willow.

Going to the park wasn’t the activity we had planned for today but it actually worked out really well and we were there for over an hour. KaboodleDad walked over With Lola and met us there and then I walked back with my friend and her daughter while Willow and KD made their way home in the car. I cant say much, there was a nice hot chocolate waiting for me when I got back!

It really was an unforgettable weekend, but after all that, it’s no wonder I feel like it should be later in the week! 

As always, thanks for reading!



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