Book Page Wreath!


Today I wanted to share another Adult Craft with you guys!

You could get the children involved in this if you fancied but I’d only recommend it for older children who can be trusted to stay safe near a hot glue gun!

How to make a Book Page Wreath!


This is beautiful. I know I made it so I’m slightly biased but, with that said, I didn’t go into knowing how it would turn out and I also struggled to get the pages right to begin with!

You could also do what I did and tem it up with some Book Christmas trees and do something different with your decorations this year!

Anyway, Here’s a video of me making my wreath!


I had a lot of fun making it but it did take me some time!

So if you fancy making this wreath, here’s what you’re going to need!

  • An old book, a longer one. It doesn’t matter if it’s paperback or hardback, the cover gets removed.
  • Scissors just in case.
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A pencil
  • A compass or an object that’s 8″ and another that’s is 4″ to draw around
  • A tape dispenser
  • A stapler (with lots of spare staples!)
  • A hot  glue gun (with lots of spare glue sticks!)
  • A mixture of stuff and things to fill the middle in with!

I would recommend watching the video, or a different one, when it comes to learning how to do this because it’s quite difficult to explain all the steps needed to do it in writing. I will say, it really does help to watch videos properly too, since I didn’t and managed to fail epically when I started mine!

So, as always, Thanks for reading and watching! If you do make one, please do send me a tweet with a picture or tag me in one on Instagram! I would love to see it!





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