Advent of Activities! Day one, Salt dough!

Over the last two days, Miss Kaboodle has come down with a cough and cold.
She is actually quite poorly, all stuffed up and snotty. It’s not very nice to see and I kept her off school today because she was awake so much last night. She woke up at about half past 8 and she didn’t really get back to sleep properly until gone midnight. In the end, KaboodleDad slept on the sofa and she slept in our bed with me so that when she woke up, I could help her blow her nose when she needed too.

Still, we did have a nice time opening up our advent calendars this morning…


After having such a rough night and Willow being under the weather, I didn’t want to over do things and instead of doing anything too big, I justΒ got some flour and salt and threw them in a bowl together with some water and created a little batch of salt dough.

If you fancy making some salt dough yourself, find out how and what we’ve previously created here!

As always, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Advent of Activities! Day one, Salt dough!

  1. Problems With Infinity says:

    I think that that salt-dough idea is great for kids! As a child, the only food-related dough product I got to play with was peanut butter play dough and that always ended up with me gobbling up all of it before the end!!

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