Monthly look ahead! December 2015.

So, its finally here! The monthly look ahead for December 2015!

It’s come around fast, hey? I actually cant believe that it’s here, the final month of 2015! Just, WHAT? where did this year go? Who knows, all I know is that I certainly have a lot to look forward to!

Let’s see what though, shall we?

What I am looking forward to!

  • Advent calendars! This year we have one each! YAY!
  • Our 24 Day advent of activities!
  • Finishing off the Christmas decorations
  • Finishing off our Christmas gift shopping
  • Buying all the food!
  • Helping Willow write out her First Christmas cards!
  • Writing and sending our Christmas cards!
  • Finishing off all My Christmas Crochet projects! (better get a move on!)
  • Doing the Wrapping (YES! MY FAVOURITE)
  • Going shopping as a little family and spending the day in the city
  • Our Annual Girlie day out with my sister, Auntie and Grandma!
  • My birthday
  • Willow being on half term!
  • Christmas Eve lunch with all the family
  • Seeing all the family
  • Seeing Willow open her Christmas Gifts
  • Seeing Meirion open his Christmas gifts
  • Our first ever home cooked Christmas Dinner together at home, just us!
  • Seeing more family!
  • Giving the family members all their gifts! (We’ve got some good ones this year!!)
  • Boxing Day cold meat and mayo sandwiches (YUM!)
  • Staying in our pajamas all day watching movies
  • playing with lots of new toys
  • Having Kaboodle Dad home with us for more than just a day or two (A WHOLE WEEK? YES PLEASE)
  • and of course, seeing in the new year with my lovely little family!
So much to look forward too!!

What’s coming up on the blog?

I’m not making many promises this month since I plan on doing as many days as possible of the 24 Day Advent of Activities!
For anyone who wasn’t a follower last Christmas, I try to do a Christmassy thing with Willow each day leading up to Christmas Day. Last year I focused on crafts only but this year I plan on including activities away from home like days out and shopping trips. I also want to do some educational fun too, we will though, be doing a lot of crafting so brace yourselves for Glitter, paint stains and a whole bunch of Christmassy Crafts!

There will be some Adult Crafts this month too, and I will share my finished Crochet projects once they’re done!

Some Product reviews,
and finally

The Competition!

I’ll probably include other bits and bobs, here and there too but like I said, I don’t want to make to many promises!

so, What about you? What are you looking forward to for December?
Why not take part in the Monthly Look Ahead too?
I’d love to know!

As always, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Monthly look ahead! December 2015.

  1. The Speed Bump says:

    Sounds like an amazing month ahead! My December is so hectic with a new job starting, appointments left right and centre and me being generally disorganised so I have no idea what my look ahead would be, but your post has made me feel all wonderful and festive!
    (Also, am I having some kind of fit or is it snowing on your blog? Either way it is AMAZING! So wintery and lovely!) Xx

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