Procrastination in Kaboodleville

I have been a bit absent. It started with the Paris Attacks. I didn’t want to continue posting about Christmas out of respect, I’m pretty sure there we’re millions of others who felt the same. A side affect of that though, was messing up my schedule. I don’t really mean it in a bad way, but when I didn’t have a blog post to fill what little spare time I did have, I somehow got onto thinking about giving KaboodleMum a make over. New images, New fonts, New widgets… I was in a design frenzy!  I love it, when my mind starts racing with a new idea but there is a downside too; I don’t get anything else done!

It’s not too bad, now that I have finished doing the changes, well, I tweaked some more in the customiser again this morning but I think that I’m finished now. Or at least for now, I just want KaboodleMum to look and feel nice, with a slice of personalisation.

I’ve updated pretty much every aspect but I still have some things I could add, possibly, I’m leaving them at the moment because I don’t want to go overboard while I’m having such an overhaul already. As always though, I am open to suggestions so if you have five minutes to check out the new look, I’d love a little feedback!

Anyway, it’s not just blog wise I have been procrastinating. I’ve been doing it everywhere. We’ve been late getting to school everyday this week! Not late-late, just as all the other parents are walking away from dropping off their kids, we’re walking in! I don’t know why either, I’m not doing anything particularly different, it’s just one of those weeks, I guess. Seriously though, you should see my washing pile! URGH.

Officially, I am roughly 9 posts behind! I had a bumper filled month planned and had I not fallen off my own bandwagon, I would have kept up to date with them too. I am going to catch up though, with the ones that can still fit in, there’s  no point in me writing about last weekend now, when tomorrow it’s the weekend again, that would just be silly! I will try to get as many posts that I had planned done in time for December, I wont be doing much catching up then because of all the planned stuff I have for December anyway! Plus, I’ve got to give myself the time to actually do Christmas too, which at the moment, I have managed to procrastinate all over as well.

I’m not behind, I’m just organised. All my lists are done, I know what I need to do, what needs to be bought, what has already been bought, ETC… I just actually need to do the stuff that I’ve written. I’m kind of glad my ProcrastiBug has gone now because this weekend I am going to sort as much out as possible to get over the last of the lazy!

I think I’ve been mollycoddling around so much lately because it just doesn’t feel festive yet! I don’t know if its just me, I mean I feel excited for Christmas and stuff, but, I cant help but feel like it is still AGES away! I feel like this time last year I was already wearing my Santa hat and ready to put my decorations up but this year, I’m just a bit…. MEH…

I dunno, the irony is that time is actually moving at a stupidly fast rate, It’s the weekend tomorrow and I still feel like it should be Wednesday! I’m glad though, I know this weekend will be the beginning of it for me. We’ve already got our plan, we just need to execute it now and I’m pretty confident, the moment I start buying all my new decorations, I will start to feel pretty festive!

Actually, just the thought of it gives me tingles of excitement. Perhaps I’m just imaging that I’m not feeling festive and really, I am, I just haven’t seen the Coca Cola advert to confirm it yet. (SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS IT?)

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming….

Admit it, you sang that.


I should, for the fear of not being able to get anything else done this afternoon, stop writing, so I am going to bid you all a fond farewell before I head on over to YouTube and load up my old Christmas Playlist!

So help me, I will feel festive. I will, I will, I will!




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