Gift ideas for 2-3 year olds!


By now, you’re probably familiar with the kinds of things I recommend. So the majority of this post will be very similar to my other gift guides for babies from birth to 12 months and 1-2 year olds.  So lets begin, As always, up first


I always buy clothing. You can buy a nice new outfit especially for Christmas day, you can buy clothes to grow into, pyjamas, dressing gowns, the list is endless! If you’re a super savvy shopper, you might’ve already bought end of summer clothing off the sale rail ready to use the following summer, if you have, wrap them up! Buying clothes for Christmas is a must in the Kaboodlehouse. Pick up stuff that has characters on it for children of this age, again, only a few but try to get stuff that has pictures of their favourite characters on it. By now they will be learning to dress and undress themselves, adding a favourite character into the mix will get those little ones that love to run around naked, more interested in keeping their clothing on! Or at the least it will get them to put them on, even if they’re only on for a little bit. Damn Naked Stage.
Your little one might be ready for potty training or already potty training, new pants adds to the excitement of being dry! (As well as keeping you stocked up when those little accidents happen.)


By now, you might have a little runner on your hands. Pick up shoes, or trainers, that give them support, fit them well and wont get torn to shreds when you take them out walking. Good shoes can be pricey but there are lots of sport shops around that do great offers or even have good prices for kids trainers. Keep the good shoes for more formal occasions and deck your little ones out with some suitable running shoes. Good trainers, a branded make, as pretty as the character ones are, avoid them if you can. Go with a reputable brand that make good footwear. Adidas have a great range for kids with a built in adiFIT Ortholite insole which are great for keeping the kids feet healthy as well as offering support.
Also, slippers!  Who doesn’t love to get some new slippers at Christmas?

Ride on toys.

Kids at this age are too small and young for pedals so you want to think about getting something that they can push along with their feet. Toy shops often stock stuff like this. Having something that can keep them entertained now that they’re more mobile will be beneficial for them, and you! They will be building on their physical abilities while simultaneously burning off some of that energy they have. There’s nothing more rewarding as a parent than having a kid who’s tired, going to bed and falling asleep because they’ve busied themselves so much they’re ready for it! Miss Kaboodle has a pink motorbike that she can push along with her feet, she loves it and it gives her lots of playtime. Sometimes, she even gets away with riding it in the house!

Educational Books.

By now, your little one will be developing themselves. They like to walk the walk but they cant yet talk the talk. Books about colours, shapes, letters, numbers and emotions are all good buys for this age group. Not only will it give them the mental stimulation that they crave but it also gives you the chance to continue your bond with your child. There is something very rewarding about sitting down with a book and your baby, no matter how big that baby is.
Don’t forget the fairy tales too!

Educational games.

Okay, some people would agree and some would disagree with this idea. I say it depends on where your child is in terms of age and capability. I’ve personally used apps and games since willow was a little baby and I continued with this when she was in this age group. We bought her a LeapFrog LeapPad2 and some games. Admittedly, there isn’t a lot available for those UNDER 3 but, I like to think that anything I give her, will serve her for much longer than a year. These things are designed to target a wide age range, most games go from pre K and up to 7 or 8 years old. They’re durable, easy to use and last ages. It’s a toy that grows with them.

You don’t have to think that all educational games come in electronic forms. Educational games come in many shapes and sizes, puzzles, matching cards, alphabetic and numeric games all teach your kids something. Don’t think that you’re limited to getting stuff that comes with an App Store because you’re not. My personal favourites are things like picture dominoes, four piece puzzles, colour matching cards(which we made ourselves later in the year.) and BLOCKS.


I’m not talking Lego. I mean wooden blocks. These beauties don’t just stimulate their imagination, they can also teach colours and shapes. The older your little one gets, the more they can teach. Counting, shape sorting, size sorting, colour sorting, it all enhances their ability to recognise differences.

Interactive toys.

There is no way on earth I could recommend anything specific when it comes to interactive toys but I do find that the ones that do something when you touch them or push a button the best. Willow was given a Rudolf last year that dances and sings when you touch his paw. He still has pride of place in her toy box and is played with on a daily basis. Every child is different, Willow likes toys that sing, you child might like toys that talk, or move, like robots or interactive pets. Go with what you think your child would love.

Character playsets

Kids love Cartoons. They will have their favourites. Give them the fuel for their imagination and they will love you for it. september-december2014 154Willow loves My little Pony and naturally, they we’re bought last year as gifts for her. She still loves them, she still plays with them. I often hear her playing with them and making up conversations between the characters. She was also given a Doc McStuffins playset which she used to give every toy (and everyone) a check up with.
What does your little one love? Search online for toys that fit into the things they love.

Arts and Crafts supplies.

Again, this is a personal preference and might not be for everyone but arts and crafts go a long way. It’s a huge part of our day to day life here at the Kaboodlehouse so naturally we stocked up at Christmas time last year, something I wish to do each year. september-december2014 141

The list doesn’t end there!

Here’s a whole bunch of other stuff you could consider;

  • Play Doh
  • Cooking utensils (their for when they ‘help’ you out the kitchen)
  • Toiletries
  • Bath Toys
  • Tents
  • Play Tunnels
  • Teddies
  • Bedding and bedroom accessories (thinking about the favourite characters in this.)
  • DVD’s
  • Dolls
  • Prams
  • Push along cars
  • Pretend tools
  • A town rug (one of those ones with roads on it)
  • Trikes (with handles for adults to push)
  • Footballs
  • Fancy Dress items
I know a few of the things on this list are repeats of stuff that has been mentioned on my previous posts but lots of stuff that can be bought for a 18 month old can be bought for a 2/3 year old. They wont find something like a shape sorter any less stimulating as a three year old, they will still find them just as fun, only they will have a better understanding of how they work and they might even be able say the words, recognise the shape and/or colours.
The best advice I can give is to stick with what you think is best! Only you know what your little one will benefit from receiving this Christmas.




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