Gift Ideas for 1 -2 year olds!

Now that November has arrived, I have turned my attention to Christmas, I’ve already  posted my Gift ideas for babies under 12 months, This week, we’re taking a look at ideas for things you could buy for babies and toddlers between one and two years of age.Gift ideas for 1-2 year olds.


It may be a repeat from my first list but I think we all know that clothes are a must at Christmas. Not only are kids between 1 and 2 growing at a rate of knots but they’re also developing their personalities, likes and dislikes. By now they probably have some favourite characters that they love from TV or movies, pick up some stuff that has these characters on. Kiddos love seeing their favourites on stuff they can wear, it makes the clothes more enticing for them, opening up the door for developing their decision-making skills and also, inviting them to explore dressing themselves and undressing themselves. Don’t go overboard though, just a few bits and pieces will do, anything more than that just stick to stores and brands you normally buy clothing from.

Cutlery, Crockery and cups!

Again I am looking at the practicalities of spending money on this sort of stuff at Christmas. Little ones between 1 and 2 have already learned to feed themselves by hand, now they’re ready to explore cutlery. Kids cutlery can come in all shapes and sizes, materials and decorated in many, many different ways. There will always be something you could find to suit your little persons personality. Again, at this age, they’re not using bottles as much as before but aren’t really ready for big kid cups either, pick up some non-spill beakers and maybe cups with handles. Personally I would recommend the Doidy cup, it’s perfect for kiddiewinks of this age. Buying plates and stuff is always practical, they will be able to use them straight away but they will also last them until they’re much older.  It’s worth picking them up at this age when the kids aren’t really aware of what is going on because they wont remember and they probably wont really care either. (sad to say, but, true!)


By now, your little one will be cruising, if not already walking. Getting them a proper pair of shoes is a perfect way to spend money at Christmas. Again, it’s a practical gift but It will be long-lasting and better for their feet if you shell out the extra on a proper fitted pair of shoes from a well-known brand. Yes, you pay more but the benefits of good shoes outweigh the price tag.


At this age, your little one will probably be much more confident in the bath, they may not need you to hold them at all times any longer. This paves the way for toddler friendly toiletries. Here, in the UK, we have a kids bubble bath brand called Matey. They make bubble bath suitable for kids, it smells nice and washes them as they play! Perfect. You can also buy new toothbrushes and toothpaste. Giving them as little stocking fillers makes them interesting and get the kids excited for tooth brushing time! Who can argue with that?


By now your little one will be developing their gross motor skills and fine motor skills on a daily basis. Books can help develop their fine motor skills, picking it up, ‘flicking’ through the pages, they’re both fine motor skills, which further develops their coordination. Not only that but literature and children we’re made for each other and they should have books around them *my opinion*. At this age, they will be able to recognise characters so it would be good to pick up books that include their favourites (much like I suggested with clothing). This will interest them, they will be able to recognise something they know within the book making it more appealing to them therefore, helping them develop physically and mentally.

Art and craft supplies!

This may not be something you are interested in, in the same way that I am personally but, your kids will benefit massively from having some art and crafts to explore. Finger paints, chunky chalks, giant crayons, they’re all great gifts for this age group. Again, stuff like that only helps to develop their motor skills, you can also introduce colours, counting and words, it all adds up in the long run. I personally think arts and crafts are a fantastic way to develop your children’s skills and knowledge, there’s a wealth of stuff online to help you get some ideas if you’re not normally a creative person.
Creative ideas for toddlers.


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without toys. I’ve covered a few practical ideas that will see your kids through and help them develop, but, kids also learn everything through play so it would be no good to not get any toys! At this age, kids are fascinated by boxes, so no matter what you buy, they’ll play with the boxes. Empty boxes encourage imagination, coordination and physical development, lots and lots of positives can come from empty boxes so when you find them playing with the boxes on Christmas day, instead of the actual gifts, let them. It’s when the boxes give up the ghost they will play with the toys that came in them.
A List of toy ideas;

  • Blocks
  • Duplo/mega blocks
  • Shape sorters
  • Bath toys
  • Push along toys
  • Dolls
  • Teddies
  • Pretend tools
  • Pretend household items
  • Pop up tents or play tunnels
  • Character based toys
  • Toys that make lots of noise (musical instruments)
  • Abacus
  • Foam shapes, alphabets and letters (can be used in the bath!)
  • Toys that sing
  • Toys that count
  • Toys that read to them
  • 2 piece puzzleschristmas1-2.1

I know my suggestions are vague but each child is different, it’s worth exploring the options available in each suggestion rather than me suggesting a single thing.

Big girl or big boy bedroom stuff.

We bought Willow a rug and some pretty lights and new bedding when she was this age. It was something for her to open as well as having a purpose. She was developing her ‘tastes’ and we used this to kit out her bedroom to accommodate for her toddlerhood likes. I don’t have particular suggestions for this category because it is so vast and you may or may not have already invested into your little ones bedroom. It’s just something I thought would be good to include as a suggestion.

upcoming summer.

Think ahead to things that might be beneficial in the summer. Willow was given a table and chair set that we knew would not be used until the summer but it still came in handy. (and still does now!)

christmas1-2.2Discounted bathing suits, paddling pools and arm bands.

Discounted summer clothing in the size they will roughly be.

Garden games and furniture.

Ride on trikes, bikes and little ‘cars’.

These are just suggestions of things you might find floating around now it’s Autumn. (We’ve bought Willow a new paddling pool! It was 50p!)

Okay, so that brings me to a close. I hope this has helped you gather some new suggestions for Christmas!
Is your child older? Don’t worry, I’ll be covering things to buy for 2-3 and 3+ next time!

As always, Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for 1 -2 year olds!

  1. Sheridan Johnson says:

    Love the ideas! Can’t wait for this Christmas, as she will actually be interactive and understand what everything means! 2 year olds are amazing! 🙂

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