Kaboodle life!

Morning all!

How is everything with you?

We’re pretty good here at the Kaboodle house. KaboodleDad has had a few early starts this week, he’s been out of the house by 5:30am. It’s not been very nice waking up and him not being here but it has been nice having him home in time for the school run. Willow loves having her Daddy pick her up from school. She gets very excited!

We’ve been having a bit of trouble with the chickens, they’ve gotten very big in their boots and spend most of the morning, from 4 am to 6am, screeching as loud as they possibly can. It’s made us come to the decision to move them elsewhere. We’re not getting rid of them, they’re part of our family, but it’s not fair on our neighbours, who all have children and jobs, to be woken up by our chickens making a racket at 4 in the morning, it’s just plain rude. Meirion’s Mum has an allotment which has ample space to accommodate them, my In-Laws want to get some chickens too so Mei has been up the allotment building a pen for them. We’re going to take our coop up there to begin with and when My In-laws pick up more chickens, we’ll upgrade the coop too. Even though we would love to have them stay at home, it’s really unfair to keep waking the neighbourhood, I’d rather the chickens had a home away from home where they are free to roam and wake up (and be as noisy) as they like without disrupting anyone else’s days.
Willow has also developed a fear of the chooks. It’s been horrible not being able to play out the garden with her because she point-blank refuses to go out there if the chickens are out of their pen. We bought her a bike a few months back and she wants to ride it around the garden, the chickens want to investigate and she just freaks out. It’s just better if we move them so Willow can have the freedom of the back garden without being fearful of the chickens, “they’re gonna eat me Mum!”. If I put them away while we’re out there, they screech and make more noise to get back out again so I cant win.

Last night I finally got around to starting my Christmas lists. I’ve so far managed who to buy for and how much to spend on each person. I’ve also managed to get a few gift ideas jotted down but not for everyone. I’m going to be sitting down in the evenings from now on getting my organisation done so that by next weekend I will have a clear idea of what I need to buy, where I’m buying it from and how much it’s going to cost me. I’ve also made a mental list of all the things I am hoping to get done around the house before Christmas. I want to clear out a lot of places and have a good sort out of all the stuff I’ve been hoarding. Since we decided not to continue with the clomid, I don’t want to keep a hold of all the baby stuff we’ve got dotted around the place. I want it gone. Even though I am comfortable with my decision to stop trying for a baby, it’s still a bit tormenting. I just want it all gone so I have the space for other things that I actually can have, like lots and lots of craft supplies! (just kidding!)
I just want that space to be free so that the house is less cluttered, Christmas always bring new stuff too, so it will be nice to have room to accommodate for the new stuff.

Willow needs new bedroom furniture and we want to decorate our bedroom so we’ve asked everyone for Ikea vouchers this year. We’d rather have vouchers or money towards getting our bedroom done than anything else. It’ll be nice to know that our Christmas gift from everyone will contribute to us having a nice new bedroom. It’s exciting!
We’re going to get willow her new furniture before Christmas, she needs it, one of her bedroom drawers has broken and I keep finding cats asleep on all her clothes! It’s funny to see, it’s not as funny to have to re-wash clothes that haven’t been worn!

There’s a lot of ‘sorting out’ in our short-term future! Once the chickens have been moved to the allotment, we will also be having a huge sort out of the garden too. I don’t mind so much, I love getting the house organised and cleared and clean. I love it! (That doesn’t make me sad, does it?)

I’ve been working with a new company this week, they’ve got a competition coming up and I thought it would be great for my readers to have the chance of winning. The competition is to win bedding, for life! The winner get’s a £100 voucher every year for life to spend on bedding with this company, I checked out their site before getting involved and their stuff is just gorgeous! Especially their kids range AH! so pretty! It opens on the 1st of December so there’s a little bit of a wait yet but as soon as it’s open, I will be sharing all the details with you! Exciting!

I’ve also been in talks with a couple of other bloggers about collaborating over the holidays and working on posts to share in the new year, still work to do in those areas but exciting non the less!

My crochet Christmas projects have finally landed on my hook, I’m just over half way through a scarf I’m making for my friend’s daughter, I’m going to make a matching hat and then I will do it another two times with different colours for her other two children. They’re Christmas gift this year is a trip to Disney land in the new year, I thought a hat and scarf set, Disney themed, would be nice gifts for them so they can wrap up warm when they go to meet Mickey!

I’ve got a few crafts lined up for the next couple of weeks but I’m saving most of my projects for our 24 day advent of activities! I’ve also started picking up stuff for my own Christmas crafts which I will be sharing throughout November so that we can all be inspired to craft this Christmas!

Exciting times ahead for the next few weeks!

What have you got pencilled into your calendars between now and Christmas?

As always, thanks for reading!


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