Christmas organisation hints and tips.

Now that Bonfire night is out of the way I thought I would start working on some posts from my monthly look ahead. First up to cross off the look ahead list is my Christmas Organisation Hints and Tips!

Before the preparation of Christmas starts, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, how much you want to spend and where you want to spend it. This list I have complied is the same I use myself each and every year and without it, I don’t think I would ever manage to get my Christmas sorted!

Organisation is something I love and do on a daily basis, at Christmas, my organisation starts with a List Of Lists, Move over Twilight Sparkle!

This is where it gets crazy, It’s list inception! Proceed with caution! (Actually, don’t, please continue reading, you might find some useful stuff and that would make me feel like less of a weird organisation obsessed freak!)

People to buy for.

Family – Who?
Friends – Who? Is it necessary?
Children’s friends – Who? Is it necessary?  Can you buy for one and not for all or will you have to buy for people you don’t want to to avoid any issues?
Co-workers – Who? Is it necessary? Would it be easier to buy for your workplace rather than individuals?
Any one else? Is it necessary?


Family – Who?
Friends – Who?
Children’s friends – Who?
Co-Workers – Who?
Teachers – Who?
Neighbours – Who?
Random – (Milk man, Post man, Litter collectors, Gardeners?) Who?
ADD THEM ALL UP, HOW MANY CARDS DO YOU NEED? Should you buy packs for different groups in different price categories? (go cheaper for the kids/co workers? They get binned anyway!)


Starters – What? What ingredients are needed?
Main – What? What ingredients are needed?
Dessert – What? What ingredients are needed?
Drinks – Alcoholic – What? // Non Alcoholic – What?

NO WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING ON EATING OVER THE HOLIDAYS? Are you just going to do normal shopping and eat as usual or treat yourself to different foods? – What foods?

What do you want with it? (Crackers, cheese, pickled onions, pickle, sauces, sprinkles, breads, drinks, spreadables, pátés, fruits, sweet treats, ETC ??)

NO – What are you eating on boxing day? – Cater for laziness, we all like to slop about on boxing day. Think ready meals / left overs / quick and easy stuff.

YESWill you be providing food for them?
YES – What are their appetites like? What foods are you planning on serving, cold/hot?
What drinks? How long are they staying? Will they need more than one meal? Add Appropriate foods to your shopping list.
NO – Don’t worry.
NO – Do nothing.


Write an amount you’d like to spend next to each name – Add it all up.
Is it in budget?
YES – good. Go forth and shop until you drop!
NO – ask yourself;
*Is it  necessary to spend that much or can you get away with spending less on certain people?
*Are you buying for the sake of buying?
*Are you putting too much money next to names that don’t need the extra spending?
If you can’t alter your list, work out if you can find cheaper prices online, compare eBay/Amazon ETC.  Google the product, is it cheaper from somewhere else?
Can you swap branded for non-branded?
Go back over the list and alter the prices and see if you can get everyone in and under budget.


Get the house in ship Shape!

Mow the lawn – Weather permitting.
Have a huge clear outClothes, toys, shoes, anything you’ve been holding onto in the hope you would use but haven’t, old make up, old underwear, clear out tool boxes, clear our the shed, clear out any cupboards you throw stuff into to forget about. Got anything that can be donated? Give it away!
Have a deep clean –
Hoover in AND under the sofa. *THE HORROR!*
*Clean and Clear the kitchen cupboards – anything need replacing before you cook for Christmas?
*Clean the fridge.
*Clear out the freezer of all the stuff you wont eat now. (Like that fish finger that’s been floating around since April! BIN IT!)

ANY D.I.Y THAT NEEDS DOING?  Would it be handy to have it done in time for Christmas? GET IT DONE!


Get all your decorations out and test all your lights. Are they all working properly, do you need to replace any bulbs?
Give your tree a once over. Has it seen it’s day? Is it still fully functioning? If it needs replacing, look online for new ones. If it doesn’t need replacing, great!
Are your other decorations all okay? do you need to replace anything?
Are you thinking of buying more but you don’t actually need too?
Buying for the sake of buying? Put it back on the shelf LOL!



Who’s having what? – how much is it? Is it in the set budget for this person?
Do they actually need/want it?
Would they appreciate what you’re getting or would a gift voucher be better? (thinking of the teens and adults in that one.)
For the people with longer gift lists, Like the kids;
*do they need it?
*Is it necessary? are you being impulsive?
*Is it cheaper elsewhere? / Does it have a non-branded version you could buy?
*Have they asked for it?

And lastly, don’t forget your OWN list! Did you have to get rid of any clothes or shoes because they were worn out? Did you have to get rid of any make up or toiletries because they were out of date? ASK FOR MORE!
Do you need anything specific? have you had something on your eBay watch list for months? PUT IT ON YOUR LIST!
Men, do you need anything for work? do you need any new shoes, trainers, clothes or underwear? Any new tools? Put it on your list!
Anything you want for a hobby you have? Anything you need for the new year? ASK FOR IT!
My belief is that you should always have a list much longer than you expect to receive, that way people who are buying for you have the option to choose a variation of things that can fit into their budget and also, you wont know for sure what you’re going to get until the big day.

Christmas is about everyone, this includes YOU, Mr or Mrs In-Charge-Of-Christmas!
Never forget that Christmas is the time everyone gets to have something nice.
Make sure you get what something nice too!

Well, that was just madness! I hope there is something you can take away from my crazy, overloaded list!
Anything you would add?

As always, thanks for reading! signature


6 thoughts on “Christmas organisation hints and tips.

  1. Problems With Infinity says:

    You are so organized!!! This is exactly why I can’t do things in life! My christmas organization list is as follows:

    1) I wake up at noon on December 24th and am like “Oh no, I forgot everything and everyone again!”
    2) Randomly think of whoever I can think of and order them tickets to things online.
    3) Try to find open printing store, probably fail, then grab nearest sheet of paper (or a used napkin) and scribble the details down, then haphazardly wrap the used napkin in christmas paper the way a 3 year old might wrap a present.
    4) Get overwhelmed at the fact that I forgot presents for most people and have a panic attack.
    5) Lay in bed recovering from the panic watching christmas episodes of The Simpsons and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with a glass of wine.
    6) Wake up at noon on December 25th, pour myself a glass of mulled wine, and start writing my christmas apologies.
    7) Continually forget to mail them until mid January. Realize it’s too late this year and feel proud of myself for having them all ready for next year.
    8) Pour myself a congratulatory glass of wine.

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Lmfao! Well, you should follow my list! It’ll be the best Christmas you’ve ever had *toot! Blows own horn*
      You just lead the life of a care free person with no kids,that’s cool, enjoy it! At least it’s not and bad as waking up at noon on Christmas day with a hangover from hell because you hit every open club throughout the whole of Christmas eve and someone is playing Michael Bubble (yes I spelt it that way) at full blast, through their phone, while it sits in a glass bowl to be amplified and they’re simultaneously signing along while offering you a mouth full of sage and onion stuffing to ‘royal taste’ unbeknownst to them you’re stood there desperate for nothing more than a cuppa tea to wash away the taste of the last yaggerbomb you had, 3 ibuprofen and a valium to make you go back to bed and forget about how shit you feel.

      Oh to be not-a-mothet again!
      (Just kidding I LOVE Christmas way too much to even think about going back to that version of Faye lol.)

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