Our Kaboodle Bonfire night!

Well last night was explosive!
(hahaha! I should have credit for that one at least!)

We had a lovely night last night. All the family came over, there was 12 of us here altogether!

Yesterday I made a beef stew in the slow cooker and on his way home, KaboodleDad, stopped off and picked up some freshly cooked loaves of tiger bread to accompany it.
My In Laws brought over a sausage casserole and my sister in law brought over some soup and crusty rolls.

We had lots of fireworks which were set off out the garden by KaboodleDad and his uncle. It’s the same every year. They take over the lighting of the fireworks, it’s difficult to decipher if this makes them the ‘men’ or the ‘big kids’ of the night, I think I’ll go with the latter *wink*

In my defence, I did hear Uncle G dare KaboodleDad to see how many fireworks he could light in a row before the first one went off! (he didn’t though, thankfully!)

I guess you could say they’re still young’uns at heart!

We did have a few sparklers to play with but I didn’t get a chance to actually take any photos of this! I’m gutted about that but I was also looking after Willow who was a little spooked by them. She was very reluctant to hold one so instead I held her! She was happy to watch the fireworks but she did request some ‘ear muffles’. She chose to wear a hat but even with that on she wanted to put her hands over her ears!  ‘I don’t like the big bangs mum.’ My nephew was fine, he was enjoying the fireworks and that was lovely to see! bonfirenight3

The kids spent a lot of time watching the fireworks together but they did have a couple of arguments. I think S licked Willow at one point and she was not a happy bunny.

“if you be a naughty boy S, You will go home!” was how Willow reacted to the licking incident.

I couldn’t really do much to avoid them arguing, between everyone they were each told to get along and stop stropping around. I think after an afternoon of being in school together and the charged atmosphere of Bonfire night, I guess they had just had enough of each other!

I have to admire my little community, there was a huge bonfire again and everyone was setting off fireworks. They whole sky was lit up with fireworks coming from every angle. There was so much going on! Some were huge and very loud and other were smaller and very colourful. We weren’t short of things to see!

Our fireworks were very entertaining, nothing too big or too small, just enough to enjoy the experience from the comfort of home. 20151105_182105

Of course I caught a couple of those on camera!


After all the fireworks had been let off we all headed inside for our tea. Some went for the casserole, some went for the stew, others had the soup and everyone was happy. We even got a birthday cake and some banners and surprised Uncle G with a Happy Birthday sing-song, he was surprised! We all had a slice of cake to end the evening before everyone started making their way home.

When I got up this morning, I was dreading the mess I had to tidy, especially the dishes! With 12 bowls and just as many spoons, along with cups from the drinks, I thought I had a mountain to come down too (because I refused point blank to even look out the kitchen last night!) Well, I needn’t have worried because when I came down I realised that the dishes had been washed! I was so surprised and elated, I asked KD who had done them and he said his Mum! I gave my Mother-In-Law a big thank you text and apologised for not noticing sooner!

She even cleaned my slow cooker!
What a legend!

As always, thanks for reading!
Did you have a good Bonfire Night?



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