Kids Crafts! Firworks in the sky.

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Good Morning!

Hands up if you are excited for Bonfire night! *throws both arms into the air*

I am very excited for this evening! I love bonfire night, it’s one of my favourite nights of the year and since we moved into our house two years ago this week, it has gone from good to better. We always used to make an effort to go somewhere for Bonfire Night but we quickly realised the first year we moved in, that would be unnecessary because everyone from our community comes together and builds a massive fire and sets off loads of Whoosh-Bangs (that’s fireworks in kaboodleish).
We had only been living here 2 days when it happened and I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of our ‘event’. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was very welcoming.
Naturally, the following year we were going to stay home and enjoy our community again, only last year we decided that we would invite all of the family over too! That was it for me, I was hooked. That night, one year ago today, a tradition was born and as long as I live in this house, I will always try to have an annual family get together here.

Today, I have a long list of stuff to do that involves cleaning up the garden and the house. Putting on some food for everyone to eat and making sure everything else is sorted too. (this means making little dens for all the animals so they have squishy places to hide!)

First though, to celebrate this fabulous day, We’re sharing another Kaboodle Craft with you!

Fireworks in the sky!

fireworks in the skyWhat you will need;

What you need to do;

toilet roll tubes cut into sprays, paint, paper platesCut the toilet roll tubes into sprays, cut them at different lengths so you end up with different sizes. Use as many as you like, don’t make the same mistake as me and make one for each colour, kids don’t get it, they just use whatever one they want in whatever colour they choose! Those damned kids with their lack of OCD!

Put the paint onto the paper plates. Again, use an many colours as you like!

Using the toiler roll tubes, dip them into the paint and smoosh them in a bit to flatten them, pick them up and them splodge them onto the paper,

fireworks in the sky crafts, fireworks, bonfire night crafts for kids

Very well demonstrated, Miss Kaboodle!

Keep repeating the same thing with all the different colours until you are happy with your ‘display’! firworks in the sky
We had so much fun making these, well, I say WE what I mean is, Miss Kaboodle had a ball while I looked on and took photos 😉
It’s easy to look at this as just a fun craft but there was more to it, Willow chose how many tubes to use, what colours to use and then when it came to it she also had the choice of what tube to use and what colour to use to paint with. This was very much an exercise for her mind as much as it was fun for her to do. She was able to use confidence and decision making. I think it’s an easy, non invasive way to get kids to develop their decision making skills, something that can often be challenging.
I like that crafting helps Willow develop!

 (and I get to stick the evidence of her growth on the fridge too! It’s Win-Win!)

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