Gift Ideas for Newborns and Babies under 12 months.

November has landed and with it, so has my compulsive need to discuss Christmas if and when I can! As mentioned in my Monthly Look Ahead, I’m going to share some gift buying ideas with you.
Today, we’re looking at what we can buy our newborns and babies under 12months!

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First ever Christmas

So what crazy ideas have I got for buying at Christmas for this age group?

Lets see…

You can never go wrong with buying clothes for babies. They’re simple, easy, and they’re important. You cant live without clothes and babies need more clothes than anyone. Don’t be afraid of buying lots of clothes, babies have no understanding or conception of Christmas and will have more fun tearing the paper, they very rarely actually look at what it is they’re unwrapping. Buy a bunch in the next size or two up, if that’s something you can afford, it will never hurt to store stuff until the time it can be used, especially if you have a very young baby.

Nappies. (diapers, to my friends across the pond!)
Yep, you read that right. Nappies. Why? Because They’re a necessity. If you choose to use disposable nappies then you’re likely to know just how quickly you can actually go through them. Buy the big boxes, wrap them, your little one will rip off the paper and disregard the box anyway, then you can just empty it and I’ve never seen a baby disappointed with a cardboard box, just sayin’. If you have a newborn baby, I wouldn’t even wrap them, just buy the larger boxes and store them, it’s money you’ve probably already budgeted and it will save you money over time. christmas1

Bottles. (if you use them.)
These days, you can buy bottles in many shapes and forms, why not have a little splurge on some that are gender specific? Buy some pink ones for your girl or blue ones for your boy. It wont hurt them to open something like that and if you buy the bigger bottles, they will last you until your little ones stop using them completely. If your child is in the older stage of this age group, explore the kids isle for sippy cups that are non-spill. Your little one will be using them before you know it, it’s a practical gift that will see them through into toddlerhood.

Cutlery and crockery.
Okay so the kids can’t play with them, but, they can continue using them for years. Again, it’s a practical present that isn’t necessarily for the kids but if you consider that at this age they have no understanding of what is going on and that they will forget that they ever opened a plate and bowl set you can get away with giving them as a gift. If your baby is about to start weaning, buy stuff to accommodate for this. Is your 11 month old starting to eat off a plate by himself? Why not buy him a nice set of cutlery that will see him through and help him develop? There’s more good to come out of gifting this kind of stuff than there is bad.

Introducing babies to literature is a must, in my opinion. And with the copious amount of children’s literature out there you never have to look far for something that is age appropriate in this category. You can buy soft books that are made out of fabric and have all manner of sensory aspects, you can buy bath books, stories, educational books, colour books, shape books, books that talk about emotions. Think about what your child is doing right now, are they exploring? Are they starting to pick things up? Books have endless potential, we still have books now that were bought for Willow when she was born and she still plays with them!

Newborn babies don’t need much, that’s why I say to buy things that they will actually use that will benefit both them and you as they grow. Which is something else worth considering, things they will grow into.

Older-than-they-are Toys.
Just image, it’s Christmas and you’ve got a 3month old who doesn’t need much. You’ve got 9 months ahead of you before their birthday, baby will do a whole load of growing in those nine months so use Christmas to stock up on stuff they will grow into! Look at toys aimed at 6 months+ pick some up, they wont be able to enjoy them right away but they will enjoy them when they reach that stage.

Age appropriate stuff.
Admittedly, I’m short of ideas when it comes to newborn babies and stuff they need, it’s not like you can go and buy a two week old something age appropriate when all they actually need is your boobs* (or your wife’s boobs, for that matter!). With that said though, they need cuddles too, and they need to be cleaned, pick up blankets, swaddlers, baby toiletries and nursery items.
*or bottles, this a judgement free zone!

The older your baby is at Christmas time, the  more options you have, think about what they could use to grow and learn, I’ve already mentioned books. If you’ve got  a baby on the brink of 6 months or older, buy a walker or a door bouncer, get them using those little legs! christmas3

Think of things that will help develop their motor skills. Shape sorters, stacking toys, blocks, rattles, ETC…

Is your baby teething? Buy them some teething rings.

Do they have a dummy? Buy them a new pacifier.

Are they learning to grab things? Buy soft toys that offer sensory stimulation.

Bath time toys.
I am a huge believer that bath time should be fun, why not pick up some bath time toys? Boats, balls, colourful and shaped sponges, a water game that sticks to the wall, rubber ducks and a bath book would all make great gifts for babies who are more alert.

A ball pit.christmas2

Has baby just started sitting by themselves? A ball pit is a great gift for those little ones who have! They offer a safe environment where baby can play and do their independent sitting thing. They also offer things for them to explore, texture, colours, sounds, feeling.

What’s even better, take the balls out and replace them with blankets and you’ve got yourself an inflatable naptime space.

Who can argue with having something inflatable to sleep in? I know I wouldn’t! (plus, it also doubles as a safe place to nap too, nowhere for those little wriggly bums to roll off and hurt themselves!)

When it comes to telling people what to buy for your little one, don’t be afraid to ask for money or gift cards. I know some people like to let others decide but trust me, you could go and buy something and someone pick up the exact same thing and thats no fun for you or them. Money can be put away for baby and gift vouchers have long expiry dates, you could keep a hold of them until the day comes when baby needs something and it takes a little of the financial burden from you. You’re grateful for the help and baby is benefiting from it.
It’s an ideal soloution.

The great thing about having a child in this age group is that you don’t have to worry so much about what is under the tree,Christmas4Babies from birth to 12 months don’t have a clue what is going on and spoiling them is unnecessary. Think practical and buy for the months ahead. You don’t need to think that everything you buy has to be a toy or something that only your little one will benefit from. Think of things you will need in the next few months and go with that.

I hope this has given you some food for thought, anything you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading.signature


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