Happy November!

I didn’t want to come barging in telling you how to and not to do the parenting, but, I did think I would share how I deal with the masses of sweets and chocolates my child managed to acquire while knocking on strangers doors dressed like Tinkerbell! pic

First of all, if you let your kids eat their sweets as they please, that is entirely fine, I have no problem with that, seriously, none! My mother let us eat ours as we pleased and I was a very happy child during the first week of November.
Sadly, for Miss Kaboodle, I am not my mother and as much as I hate to say it, I am very stern about how many sweet treats she has.

I never deny her anything nice, I never say she cant have anything nice either but, I do like to keep a lid on the potential deamonchild that comes out when sugary sweets are involved.
I can deal with a slightly hyperactive Willow, I cant deal with a slightly menacing version of Willow. You know? The one who will draw on walls and jump off very high things because she’s experiencing a sugar high?  I cannot, I repeat; CANNOT deal with the polar opposite either, the wailing, snot covered, sugar crashed version of my daughter is unbearable and I (repeat) cannot stand nor deal with her when she is scream-crying because she’s tired and cant sleep because it’s 3 in the afternoon.

I am, for the most part, a nice mother. I give lovely cuddles and I will pick the bogeys of her face with not so much as a grimace but I will not tolerate nasty or naughty behaviour in any shape or form. I also believe that everything should and can be enjoyed in moderation. I learned this the hard way myself, at the ripe old age of 24, I dieted for the very first time and realised that gluttony was indeed a sin I practiced more often that I care to recall. I changed all of that and on that journey I also realised that the bad eating habits I had developed were being passed on to my daughter. Without a second thought, I changed my outlook of food and started having a better understanding of it. Unfortunately for my little whump, gone were the days of grazing from breakfast until dinner time and in were the days of three square meals and healthy snacks in-between.

Like I said, I like to be a nice mum so instead of just buying goodies if and when, we picked up a jar and we fill it with sweet treats for willow and if she eats all of her dinner, she is allowed a sweet treat. Sometimes, I don’t offer the jar at all and give her the choice of fruit or yoghurt but for the times when I don’t, I offer her the choice of something from the jar. This works in two ways, firstly, it’s a motivator, it spurs her to eat all of her dinner and then she will get a reward, I’m not one for denying a little bit of dessert, even if her version of a dessert is 10 little jelly beans! picss
And secondly, it teaches her about moderation and enjoyment. By allowing her something nice after eating all of her food, and by limiting to something so small, we are teaching her that she can enjoy sweets without filling up on them until she is sick.
Something I think we are all guilty of!

This year, all of the Halloween candy has been placed inside the jar so that Miss Kaboodle can enjoy it for much longer than a few days! I like that we can do this and that it works for us, I know everyone is different, so how about you? What do you do with all the sweets in the days following Halloween?

Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading! signature


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