Monthly look ahead! November!

Late to the table with this post today, It’s nearing 9pm here but we’ve been super busy spending the last day of October Dressed up and Trick or Treating friends and family! I couldn’t just pretend that I didn’t have a Monthly Look ahead to write though, so here I am! It wouldn’t be much of a monthly feature if I only actually managed one before getting it wrong!

monthly look ahead november

So what am I looking forward to in November?

  • Willow going back to School.
  • Getting my notepads out and starting my Christmas prep and organise!
  • Bonfire night and our family get together!
  • Getting our decorations out of the attic and doing a stock take.
  • Buying new Christmas decorations.
  • Getting organised around the house.
  • starting our Christmas gift buying (properly).
  • Crafting for Christmas!
  • Finishing my current Crochet WIP’s.
  • Filming more YouTube Videos!

What’s coming up on the blog?

  • Kids Crafts Bonfire night themed.
  • Kids crafts Christmas themed.
  • Gift buying ideas!
  • Organisation Hints and Tips.
  • Christmas preparation Hints and Tips.
  • Knowing when to stop buying for your kids at Christmas.
  • Our Kaboodle Life!
  • Money Saving Hints and Tips.
  • Adult Crafts
  • Kaboodle Approved Book Review
  • Crochet tutorial – Triple Crochet and working in the round
  • Crochet Pattern
  • Building a gift list with kids
  • Product reviews.

I’m super excited to start getting Christmas 2015 started, any excuse to buy new stationary! (Not really an excuse, actually, I NEED it.)
I’m also really excited to have the family over on Bonfire night, this will be the second year we have had them all over and we’re planning on making up a big batch of beef stew with some crusty rolls and setting off some fireworks and enjoying the community bonfire with the whole of the family!

Exciting times ahead! Even more so when you consider that there is only 54 days until Christmas!!

As always, Thanks for reading! signature


8 thoughts on “Monthly look ahead! November!

  1. Amy M. says:

    It’s still October 31 here, so you’re just in time! Sounds like November will be good times for you. I have a lot going on as well. Family visiting (yay!!!) hopefully getting to use our fire pit at least once, Thanksgiving, and B’s birthday! Also decorating for Christmas, and getting a move on with buying gifts for people. I’m usually about done by now, and I only have a small hand full of things so far. It’s hard to get ahead when moving and getting settled into a new house lol!

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