Monday morning catch up!

Good Morning!

Our weekend here at the Kaboodle house has been a good one, nothing too extraordinary has happened but then who needs that to have a good time? Not me, I know that for sure!

So, Friday was good for me, I got some cleaning done around the house and cleared up some of my crochet stuff, I had 5 project bags dotted around the place!
I sorted though them all and frogged what I knew I wouldn’t continue. Sad times but I know what I am like, I’m a pain in the butt whim-project starter and I barely ever finish any of them! I kept 2 projects going, a granny square blanket and a nautical stripes blanket. I have no idea when I will get them done but I am determined to finish them. I’ve set them aside to get them done.
Work on JOY has come to a halt for now but I will be finishing her this week!
Friday evening, instead of cooking, we treated ourselves to a McDonald’s, it was nice and we all sat in the living room and ate our food and afterwards we played some music and had a sing-along! That was fun, Miss Kaboodle had me welling up with tears singing along to a song from the ‘Home’ soundtrack.
I also started work on designing an amigurumi of Oh from Home (the movie), I found only one pattern for him on ravelry and I wasn’t keen, I think I’ll be able to do it but I’m not 100% at the moment. We will have to wait and see how that goes!

After Miss Kaboodle went to bed, I sat up and watched 8 episodes of Supernatural to catch up, I didn’t manage to finish the series Friday night but 8 episodes in a row was a lot of fun!

Saturday morning KaboodleDad let me have a lay in, that was nice. When I got up,  I quickly drank my tea and then jumped in the shower with Willow and we all got ready to go out, we only went shopping, nothing amazing, just our regular weekly shop. We bought ourselves some French bread and Pâté for lunch, it was lovely!
Willow and KD spent the afternoon between the garden and the house, and I sat at the computer getting some new font designs done for my Book Folding. I’ve already started doing work on a book as a gift for a friend’s birthday. I’m super excited about that! I’ve been looking at ways to decorate my finished books so My eBay watch list is full of embellishments at the moment, I think a craft haul is way over due!
Saturday night I curled up and watched another 5 episodes of Supernatural and finally got to the end of season 10. Season 11 has not long started so a lot of blogs I follow have been no-go zones for fear of spoilers! I think I will catch up tonight with the episodes from season 11 and then I can happily get back to scrolling through my reader with my eyes half shut!

Sunday, we decided to go to the beach for a walk with the dog now that the ban has been lifted. What’s even better is we decided to travel further than usual and go to a different beach a few miles away. This beach is amazing and huge so it meant we had lots of space for the dog to run and Willow to play.
We had been there a matter of minutes when Willow realised it would be a lot of fun to get soaked. Without any hesitation she started wading though the rock pools,playing at the beach
We didn’t even bring a spare set of clothing or a towel but she’d already managed to get wet to the waist, we just let her crack on with it. We stayed on the beach for a little while and them headed back to the car where we drank some hot chocolate. hotchoc11.10.15

We stripped willow down and I took off one of my tops to put on over her.
We stopped off at a shop to get some Sunday lunch essentials and KaboodleDad came back to the car with 2 pumpkins too! That made me very happy! We came home, put Willow in the bath while I sorted though some washing and KaboodleDad started  cooking lunch.
We chilled out while the lamb roasted and then I was summoned to make the gravy and then we sat down to eat our first home cooked Sunday lunch in what seems to be forever. (Probably over a year!)
After lunch, I sat down and designed a new hat pattern which I will be making a scarf for today and using as the next crochet video, I am also hoping to include a new video for making a granny square. Those should be available thought this week and next! After that then, a book folding tutorial!

Today, I plan to catch up with housework, do some more laundry and finish designing a scarf pattern! Busy, Busy, Busy!

As always, thanks for reading!
What did you guys get up to over the weekend?signature


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