Monthly Look Ahead; October!

As you all know I have been taking part in blogging 201. The course has now finished but from it I learnt a lot of new things. I enjoyed it, the help I got was, and still is, priceless. I am thankful to anyone who helped me and I’d also like to Welcome the new friends I have made throughout the course to KaboodleMum, I hope you all enjoy it!

So what is this post about? Well, during the course, we were told that participating or creating an event is really beneficial to bloggers and the people who read what they write. Initially I was off put, not quite sold on the idea, did I want to commit to an event? Did I want additional material to write about when I already have a lot of topics? Many questions entered my mind and I wasn’t sure about what to do. I headed over to the Daily Post’s event page and scrolled through, there are so many different events available, many of them were tempting, I quite liked the idea of photography challenges, writing prompts, lots of various different things jumped out at me but none of them really fit into the overall Parenting/crafty/life in general feel of KaboodleMum. I started considering creating an Event but I struggled to come up with an idea, I’m terrible for stopping and starting, I’ve epically failed at both of my attempts at a feature, I didn’t want to fail a third. I scrolled down more of the blogging events and found one by a blogger that I follow, I am Donovan, I’d actually seen the posts written by her, on her blog CoolBeans4, and thought that it was a good idea but it wasn’t until I saw that she had created it as an event that I actually considered taking it up myself.
The event is called Monthly Look Ahead, if you fancy taking part too, check out more information about it here. I thought that an event like this is something that I could make work for me and for my followers, I get to plan ahead and you get to know what’s coming, so rather than the original ‘what I am looking forward to’ feel of Monthly Look Ahead, I thought I could use it to also give you guys a ‘what to expect in the next month’ too. Ideal.

This post is my introduction to the new Monthly feature that you can now expect at some point during the last week of each month!


October 2015, What am I looking forward too?

  • Starting the Inside Out character doll, Joy. I’m hoping to start crocheting her within the next week or so!
  • Willow’s first school photos. I’m so excited to see her first school photos wearing her uniform. What’s even better is the fact that she can have one done with her Cousin. I think It’ll make a nice gift for some of our family members!
  • Willow’s first ever Parents Evening. This is exciting, the first of many to come!
  • Halloween! For Obvious Reasons!
  • Mobile Phone Upgrade!! OH YEAH!! (this is actually one of the first things I will do since I can upgrade on the 2nd lol)

What to expect on KaboodleMum!

  • Weekly Updates of our trying to conceive journey.
  • Choc-Lick Cookies. A Recipe.
  • Fall Craft Ideas: Lets get busy!
  • Halloween Crafts: Masks and Decorations!
  • Life in General, What have we been up to?
  • Crochet with KaboodleMum : The Half Double Crochet Stitch, The Double Crochet Stich and Turning Chains. Video Tutorial.
  • Crochet with KaboodleMum : A Free Pattern to make use of the new stitches.
  • Adult Crafts : How to Book Fold. Video Tutorial.
  • Product Review : Garnier BB facial Cream for Women.
  • (new) Kaboodle Approved Bedtime Book. A book review with the Help of Miss Kaboodle.
  • Parenting: Lets Talk about Pacifiers!

Okay, so there’s a lot to look forward to in October! I’ve got some super cool Ideas up my sleeve that I cant wait to share with you, so stay tuned and lets look forward to the next month together!

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As always, Thanks for reading! What about you? What have you got coming up in October that’s got you excited? let me know in the comment section! signature


6 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead; October!

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for creating it!
      It’s even better when it means I can star dressing up again! Lol, no it is, I’m really looking forward to this year because she’s got a little bit more of an understanding now! Eeek!

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