Your first week at school!

A few days ago, I was given the task to write an open letter and I decided to keep a hold of it for this special occaision,

Dear Daughter, You, My wonderful little miss, are currently sound asleep in bed after your first whole week of school. You don’t know it yet, but you are on the best adventure of your life.

Your school years will honestly be the best years of your life. I mean it. When I was your age, I didn’t believe it either but when I look back, school truly was the best time and I honestly wish that you have the easiest time throughout school.

So how did your first week go? Well, baby bear, let me tell you! Willow

On Monday, you were so excited to get to school! It was your first day doing the wrap around and you couldn’t wait to get back up to the playgroup you spent the last year going to. I packed your lunch, you had cheese sandwiches, a little tub full of cucumber, some crisps, a ‘monster’ yoghurt and a Dora The Explorer Juice. I packed it all away for you while you sat and watched Bing Bunny and drank your morning Tea. You couldn’t wait to use your ‘home’ bag, your little face was a picture when I showed you it and told you what I had packed for you. You looked me dead in the eye and said “I’m gonna eat it all up, mum!” (you didn’t, you ate half a sandwich, some crisps, your yoghurt, drink and all of the cucumber!)

That day flew by for me, it was the first time you had been away from me for so long that wasn’t a night out with N+T! it was weird, I couldn’t wait to collect you from big school at the end of the day!

I thought that when I collected you, you would be very tired and lethargic, a full day of playing and stuff, she’s gonna be knackered! I thought, I even put the kettle on so we could come home and have a hot chocolate to celebrate your first day! WELL, baby, I couldn’t have been MORE WRONG! You burst out of school like a bottle of pop! “MUMMY!” you shouted, running out of the gate and into my arms! You had your lunch box in one hand, your M+M bag on your back and you we’re grinning like a Cheshire Cat! I was super surprised that you were so full of beans! I couldn’t believe it!

When we got home that day, you asked me to do an activity, so we played with your giant Hungry Caterpillar puzzle and you waffled on, little chatter box! It was amazing, It might not look like it but it was so much fun.

so, over the first week or so, you’ve come home with three stickers,Β one bruised and muddy knee, a few new stories and lots of new words, well, numbers really, you’ve really grasped the welsh numbers over the past few days and Me and Dad have been getting you to count everything LOLΒ  (is that still a thing? Are kids those days saying LOL still?) we get you to count and you always count in English first and then we say “Nawr yn cymraeg?” and after a little nudge, you sound off any numbers in welsh too.

You’re not a huge fan of us talking welsh to you, oh no. the minute some welsh comes out of my mouth, you tell me off, you say “stop it Mummy,” I think, at the moment, its making you embarrassed. At least, that’s the signal I’m getting. I don’t think it will last long because you are willing to talk welsh of you can but I think the change is throwing you off, at home, that is. I know at school you’re getting along fine because your teacher has told me πŸ™‚

This week has flown, you’ve gone to playgroup in the mornings like a dream every day, you absolutely love wearing your uniform! You cant wait to put it on, You do your school shoes yourself too and you alwaysΒ have the proudest little look on your face! Its amazing, you’re amazing! At the end of the days,Β  you greet me with that beautiful smile and my heart just swells, I am so proud of you Willow, you are the most amazing little human I have met! I love you so much and you make me very, very, VERY proud!
Walking home you’ve shown a bit of attitude towards me, mostly because you’ve wanted to go to the park or get an ice cream and I’ve had to tell you no, although I did cave in once and let you have a 50p cone of MR WHIPPY! You did love it and your face was just, perfection.

You’ve spent a lot of time this week away from me and at times, I have deeply missed you being around (haven’t missed your mess though! haha!) I’ve felt a little lost without you being here but picking you up has already become the best part of my day and I am hopeful that you will continue greeting me with that irreplaceable smile.

I will check you later, as you sleep, I will kiss your head and tuck you back in like I do every night. What ever age you might be reading this, and for all the times I’ve probably done your head in between now and then, just remember one thing, I love you Miss Kaboodle. You are very important and special and without you I wouldn’t be whole. I am so proud of you, even now at just 3 you have excelled yourself in so many ways and I truly am the proudest mum! I hope every week you have in school from now until you leave is as good as this week was for you!

I love you ten pounds baby!

Mum xx



10 thoughts on “Your first week at school!

  1. fufern says:

    This is so amazing faye! literally made me cry because I just thought it was so nice that your keeping things for her to read when she gets older !! love you lots xx

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