Crafts you can decorate with!

Ever since we decorated, I’ve been desperate to get some pretty things up on the blank walls of the dining room!

After several weeks of procrastination I finally got around to picking up some canvasses for the  projects I had planned for willow and I!

  In the end, the only thing I did with this project was cut the tape and tidy up the edges, Miss Kaboodle chose where to place the tape and painted each of these herself!

She Loved doing these, I feel gutted that I don’t have wall space for more!

We finally got them hung up over the weekend! And Yesterday I finally finished one of my latest creative makes… Our little owl Family! home decor, using kids art work as decor around the home, how to use up spare canvass

Here’s a close up of our little owls…owl, felt crats, felt owls, handmade felt object, handmade, owl crafts, family tree, decorI’m totally in love with these little lovelies! They’re just the finishing touch I was craving for our family dining room!

I’m hoping this design, the little owls sat on a branch, will be something that makes it to my etsy shop over time! What do you think?


I’ve also been working really hard on a crochet doll, the first of five, I am planning on making for Christmas for Miss Kaboodle, my progress can be seen on Instagram, Twitter and Ravelry… The Pattern is for a Disgust doll (from inside out!) I’m planning on making all the emotions in time for Christmas day ( well, Christmas Eve actually, give myself some time to wrap them LOL!) Click the links and see the progress! IF you want, Hit the follow buttons too and continue to watch me create the rest of the emotions!

If  there are any readers willing, I have a couple of POLLS at the end of this post, I’d really love it if you could take the time to head on over and fill out the forms, no obligation to read the post, just scroll though all the drivel and leave some feedback! I really Appreciate your time! Thanks!

As always, Thanks for reading!



22 thoughts on “Crafts you can decorate with!

  1. thecraftofafox says:

    This is such a lovely blog. Myself and my hubby to be are always talking about the crafty things we’d like to do with our children when we have them 💜 I think putting that pattern on etsy is a great idea, it’s adorable!

  2. Amy M. says:

    I LOVE those wall paintings you made!! I feel like I’d love to do some in shades of blue and green to go up my stairway for a little pop of color. Thanks for the great idea! Also love the owls! So adorable! I think they would do great on Etsy, and maybe you could branch out and make other types of animals as well! If you could do one of cats, I may want one lol!

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Omg! I have been dying to do cats! I want to make one that looks like a little cat (or two) sat on a shelf looking out of a window or something… Not sure, I’ve been drawing cats looking out of windows for months lol!
      They are great fun, my sister made some too, she decorated her to match her decor and even went as far as making some sections covered in glitter!
      They’re so much fun and if it’s something you fancy doing, I totally recommend it!

      • Amy M. says:

        Are they just made from felt? If I had some more time I would, but I want to finish getting this house in shape before I start on more crafty stuff like that!

      • Faye Elizabeth says:

        Yeah I don’t blame you, get other stuff done first and then there’s no way to feel guilty then lol! Yeah, the only thing that’s not felt is the little path on their bellies which is a little bit of cotton material

  3. any1mark66 says:

    Ok feedback. Your crafts are indeed cute. I have used a reverse dark background light you’re ti better show pictures. Maybe use a heavier font ti make letters sharper. On my phone it looks like faded grey. Older readers may not see it as well. Try looking at your site on different screens. I’m on my fourth theme

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