The start of a New Chapter!

This morning, I walked my Little Miss Kaboodle up the hill to her first ever day of Wrap-Around. From today onwards, She will be out of the house from 9:30am and I wont be picking her up again until 3:30pm! I’m now free in the days to get stuff done! I always planned on having a month off before deciding what direction I would Like to go, that still stands but I no longer want to search for a job. I am instead going to venture into the Craft Life and Hopefully make some pennies from my wares. That would make me very happy and I think I am able to achieve it!

With that said, For the next month, I am going to be taking part in not one, but two Blogging U courses! Blogging has become a life line for me and I have a passion for blogging as much as I have a passion for crafting. I want KaboodleMum to be central to my hopes and dreams. I want to learn and grow as a person and I am hoping that by participating in these courses, I will become a better blogger and Happier in general because I am Progressing with my ambitions.

I am doing Writing 101, to help me get a bit better at writing and I am also doing Blogging 201 which will hopefully help me get a bit better at blogging and understanding how wordpress works. That’s the first step in getting myself out of my comfort zone and reaching a potential that perhaps I don’t even know I have yet!

Its exciting!

Todays task for writing 101 is to add a poll to a post and get some feedback from my readers. This task couldn’t have come at a better time! I am hoping to improve myself and KaboodleMum and what better way to do that than to find out exactly what people enjoy about coming here and working with peoples feedback. I am politely asking anyone who reads this blog if they could please contribute to my improvements by adding their own feedback on the form at the bottom of this post…Please and Thank you, I would really love it if you could take that time for me. Thanks!

The next thing I would like to do Is work on blogging 201’s first assignment; Set Three Goals!
Again, this is a great thing to do while I am still at the beginning of my journey.

My three goals are;

  • Create a more welcoming and inviting space here on KaboodleMum, Hopefully, to increase followers and bring more interaction with others into my life.
  • Write more consistently within my categories. Potentially writing about certain categories on certain days.
  •  Interact more with my followers and with those of the blogs I follow.
Additionally, I would also like to;
  • Take all feedback given and use it to create a better space for myself and my readers.

The reason I write is to be more connected with people who share similar interests, are going though the same things as me and enjoy the same stuff as I do, by sticking to my goals I am hopeful that I can continue connecting with like-minded people and enjoy blogging for what It is; a place to be me!

if you don’t fancy taking the poll, you are more than welcome to sound off any feedback you might have about KaboodleMum in the comments section! I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say! there’s a couple of questions, I hope that’s okay! You don’t have to answer all, just ones you want but answering all of them would make for a very happy Faye indeed!

*there’s a spelling error! I don’t know how to change it lol, Sorry!

Thanks so much for reading and even more thanks to you if you took the time to answer my questions! I really appreciate it!

Love, Faye!


10 thoughts on “The start of a New Chapter!

      • donnainthesouth says:

        well, really, got the frame figured out – took me way too long for something that turned out to be so simple – not just find somewhere to fit it in my tiny house – a “con” for the “tiny” house movement – or else I just need to do some rearranging

      • donnainthesouth says:

        that’s what happened – once I quit thinking I wouldn’t know and started believing I could – after breaking it trying to take to “the expert” and forgetting I did still have all the parts from where I took it apart to take it there – partially because I found them, right in the jar where I’d put them when I took them off when I took it apart, which was a mistake I realized later after getting it back and then taking to – yay for Ace Hardware – just screw them back on it, just taken down, not apart – duh….

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      I have the same issue but I think now is the right time for me, I am still going to be home if my little one needs me and our finances aren’t changing with her out of the house so I can try and if it doesn’t work, there’s no loss!!

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